November 2, 2020

Let us begin. It is with consternation that I come to you concerning the advance of devious plots world wide. They are flourishing in spite of all the light coming into the earth realm. One of the strongest pushes that I have seen yet. We keep thinking the dark will recede and give up because of the final outcome but that has not happened. Our readings concerning their energy have not diminished and they are going ahead with their plans for destruction of property and harm for human life. It is their desire to use others as much as possible and save themselves so they can continue to cause havoc.

We see them going without rest and sleep to plot and plan their execution of destruction mostly in the US but there are other plans in other countries also promulgated by the dark and their followers. Some of the followers have no idea who they are consorting with. You will receive help regarding this plot they have devised but it is not a total annihilation of their efforts that we can provide. So much is left up to you and your law enforcement present at the scenes. Time draws near for you concerning this issue and we continue to advise you to be alert and be aware of what is going on around you at all times now. We wish we did not have to being this to your attention once again. We were hoping this issue would fall flat on its face and be no more having been driven down by the amount of light you are bringing into your earth.

Let us now talk on love and the consequences it can bring about. Love is a much used word and I don’t think anyone has accurately described it except the angels on high and above. It encompasses so much more than you have ever thought. It is a situation and condition that is limited by the dimension you are in at the time. As you raise your consciousness and advance to the next dimension all meanings and teachings take on additional energy and meaning. So as a 3D resident love means one thing. Then as a 5D resident it enlarges the meaning and the feeling to mean even more and so on as you advance in your learning and into other dimensions. This is why we tell you that you are yet unaware of the meaning of love that comes from your Father and Mother God.

It is this way with most teachings and this includes the teachings of Christ in your Bible. You will get one meaning while reading it for the first time and as you increase your learning and wisdom you will get more meaning from the same information as you read it again. Most all words of wisdom are layered with information which comes through to your understanding according to your ability to receive it. This is why it is a good practice to re-read the words and information you know to be credible for it releases its layers of information and meaning to you as you advance down your path of learning. Don’t ever think of words as flat print on a page if it is given from an understanding and point of wisdom. Most channelings now given from Masters and high sources have much information and vibrations contained in the words which are seen on the page. Ask that you receive to the full extent that you are capable to receive for there are unmined riches available to you and if not now then later. I kid you not. It is the gift that keeps on giving if you will go back and read again until all of the word’s gifts are released to you and you receive them as a cherished gift that they are. We are only speaking of higher information given by beings of greater light and there is so much coming in now that is laden with not only messages but of healing codes and vibrations. Take advantage of these gifts which may at first be unseen.

Let us talk concerning spiritual gifts. So many of you ignore or do not recognize the abilities you have residing within you. For one thing you never consider that you are worthy or that you have been gifted with them or their ability to grow. You plod along in your daily activities and put aside any spiritual gifts you have had or that you have now been given and I am speaking here of psychic ability, telepathy, healing and such like. There are things now alive and some have come about by the DNA changes and re-connections that are available to you. Your meditations are a good place to start to get answers to the abilities you possess. Open the doors to the possibilities you are gifted with some of these abilities and accept them with gratitude whether they are new are whether they were once known to you and have now been returned. Some of you are walking with riches in your pocket and you are unaware of it. A bank account with deposits in it and you can write checks on it and they will be honored. Pick up your phone and call yourself and ask to be led to your abilities and explore your possibilities. Try this out and this is the only way they will be fulfilled is if you practice. They will not fall into your lap fully experienced and at full power and potential. Start new and develop them by practice and this includes success and some failure. Learn what a powerful being you are and what you can become for all is from the God source and this is the time when blessings and gifts are being given to fulfill the promise that has been given for your time ahead. Believe it is not only coming but that it is here.

Let us not fail to mention your desire and longing for the time of peace and understanding of the laws and their meaning which apply to all in your life. Avail yourself of the laws and teachings of Father God and that is one of the commandments given for your life. To study and read and give of your time and effort to learn and re-read those words which will reveal the layered meanings into your consciousness as you give of yourself to obedience and the understanding of meaning. It builds upon itself into your being and enriches your experiences as you advance and travel down your road. We cannot give you understanding. It has to come with time and effort on your part to want to know truth and how it applies to the decisions you make. Do not get so consumed with the demands in life that you give up improving and learning and you spend all your energy for your family and leave none for yourself. This is a common error so many are making thinking they are doing the highest good because they are of service to all others and they forget about themselves. We encourage you in this effort to learn.

I have given you much to consider in your education for so much is left up to you. I can expound for hours at a time and it will come to nothing unless it goes into ears that are desiring to learn. I leave you now with hope that you will consider my words in peace and understanding.

I am Prosper

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