November 3, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you this morning. Today is a decisive time in your history in the United States and gives us the answers that we have all been waiting for. Or will it? There is much potential for delay but you can never underestimate the hand of the Master Scheduler and what He has planned. We wait to see how this day unfolds for you and know that the overall end result is what is needed. Always allow for God to work with his own methods and in his own ways to bring you to where you need to be and not where you think you should be. He is the Master.

We have done what we could regarding violence and continue to work on this and hope that your efforts to change the time line of property destruction have been changed. Do protect yourselves and this means staying away from potential volatile situations. Just because something is predicted does not mean it has to happen. Think wisely on the outcome you would have regarding peace in all things. This is the ultimate environment.

We go now to another subject and that is the one of deportment. Personal behavior in one’s dealings and especially in the area of business. Be above board in all transactions and do not let fear become involved in your business dealings. Mostly this will be involved in money but also in quality of service and goods. Many are tired of the lack of simple things like quality of service which seems to have gone by the wayside in favor of quantity and speed. If necessary retrain and I know some of you hate to hear this suggestion, but slow down. You think your business revolves around speed and actually some businesses do. When greeting others let it come from the heart and be sincere. Do you really care about the work that you do and would you like to give the best possible service to others for you never know what they are going through and how badly they may need your kindness. Try not to pressure your employees either overtly or subtlely. Set your standards with wise council and see that they are equitable. Be consistent with all things and with all employees. So many of you now promote this type of service from the standpoint of sales and profit only. Try to incorporate the purpose also of caring for your customers with sincere words and actions. This will make a difference in everyone’s lives. I have seen many go out of their way to give someone a helping hand and others take from their own pockets to purchase for someone else or to give money to those in need. This is the time we are coming into now and for this to happen that feeling has to impact all. Service to others does not mean it is taking something away from you for you will receive from it also. Times are changing and this is what you have asked and worked for.

Now may we speak of right action. We mean in the revolution that has to come with the education of children. For everyone really but now we speak of children. There is a theory that instead of pounding thoughts into a child you must see that the thoughts are brought into their minds and grown there to maturity. So many of your concepts now are not what they should be. Mainly children learn from example and teachers have a lot to overcome from the rest of the day a child is not in the classroom. This has to be a combined effort between environment, parents and teacher and this education not dumped into the lap of the teacher alone. How different it would be if the concept of an idea is reinforced in all 3 areas. This is a real education. As it is now there is conflict in the concepts because they differ from classroom to their TV screen and examples in their environment. Which one do they live by. Notice what type of adult is the result from an inadequate learning experience from such conflict. How is it to be processed when a child is taught to be kind and giving to others and their examples are the opposite when out in the real world.

Also review the subjects taught in schools and see that some are not as they should be concerning choices of gender. The road being traveled will lead to confusion when taught one thing at school and another by parents and family. What a recipe for mental disaster in life. Parents do involve yourself in your child’s education and find out what is being taught to them in the classroom. Is it what you want your child to know or take in as truth? Find out how these things are changed and let your voice be heard. You would be surprised to know the amount of pressure your children are under before they even become adults and this should not be. Students now in the Universities are learning to give the answers that please the teachers and professors and not what they believe to be the truth, just so they can receive a good grade. Different ideas are good and the real world is full of them but so many are false. We are pleased to help you find the truth in all the misinformation.

We are now on the road to recovery and I know it doesn’t look like it but this energy will serve its purpose and bring about the conditions for reorganization, reorienting and transmuting that energy into what is balanced and compatible with all that is. The process is ongoing now. It is possible to begin to see the wisdom in confronting these things out in the open so all will know how they were hidden from you. It is the only way at present that it can be done. There is so much more that will be revealed to you.

I will leave you now and hope that you will decide your next President in peace. There is still a lot up in the air. I go in peace and hope that you would also.

I am Prosper

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