November 4, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you this morning for truth prevails and is coming out with revelations in abundance. We see many new revelations revealing themselves for you to take in and they are all necessary for your understanding at this time. There is always an optimal timing for things to occur and this is it for much hidden to come forward and there will be many avenues for this to take place. Surprising things is an understatement for the truth that comes out and it will take awhile for all of it to sink in. We will take readings so see how it is being handled by you and ask that you give it time to process in your minds.

One of the fronts that will be revealed is the identity of key leaders that are not who they seem. Some will be key figures known for good works that are deep into dark deeds and some who are questionable will prove themselves working for the Light and promoting good deeds in their private lives. Things are not what they seem and this will be proven in the next few months. Hold onto your hats for some of them.

You are in the results of your Presidential election in the US and we see that it will be awhile before a definitive result will be acknowledged by both parties. A contentious set of numbers regarding all votes but a focus on mail in ballots for sure. It will be in question and even when the results are not it will not be accepted by the majority of the voters. It will remain in question.

Now let us talk of incompatibility and that is in your spending of your tax dollars. The lies that are told about where this money goes are so piled up it is hard for even the lie tellers to keep track of what they have said to you. To make matters worse the places where some of the money ends up and those in charge are not that all compatible with the other people in charge. All these incompatible regulators are competing for your tax dollars in a never ending war of self importance. Such secrets to be kept and a large one is your Secret Space Programs that have bases on other planets. We see large established bases on several planets and one being Mars. This is a major place of selling of earth goods to people from other planets and is a huge port for these types of transactions to take place. Earth is so desirable and her valuable minerals and other things have been fought over for a long time. This is where some of your tax dollars end up is in the building and manning these merchandise exchanges. It take many people to work there and they all sign a non disclosure document under penalty of death. We are not sure if they understand the penalty and they may feel it is only legal action but we see that death is the final penalty if they speak of these things.

The moon has been manned also but is not the hub of trading and selling like Mars continues to be today. The moon has a lot of activity on the dark side and most all underground so it is well hidden from view. Many secrets like these vacuum large amounts of money from your tax coffers and it takes many skilled accountants to manipulate the books to hide these figures and these wages are also draining your tax dollars. You are paying to be deceived and providing a good living for quite a few to lie to you. All this will eventually come out into the open but this will have to wait in line for the other big items that will be revealed first and they are coming soon. Some you will not believe at first or may never believe. You will see truth come out like dominoes falling and it will almost be too much for you to take in. We see this as necessary. It is the time of truth being revealed in this optimal truth revealing time.

Let us talk of the energies that are coming in now. There has been a big wave of love energy arriving on earth and it has been received well by most. It affects all of your body makeup and enters your heart and mind and changes the way you feel and look at all things. Make a mental note to accept this love energy from Mother Father God and take it into your being in all bodies and process it to the best of your abilities so that the maximum effect will take hold and bring you into the greater vibrations of ascension. Not only that but it is preparing you for receiving more energies that will come so they will not be such a shock and major adjustment for you. They build upon each other in preparation for the next to come. It is a well thought out plan and a major part is your acceptance of them and with gratitude in the receiving of them. There is such wonder in the plans of God. Do incorporate Him into your lives and into your meditation concerning the taking in of His Light and Love. There is such glory in Creation.

We come to an end now and ask you to busy yourself with the taking in of new vibration and the taking in of new revelations which are to come. A further time of adjustment and you may be thinking that by now you were through with changes and adjustments. It is not to be. Remain steadfast in your faith that all is leading you to where you need to be in balance and understanding.

I go in peace now and would hope that you will grab hold of your hats and hold on for the next step in this transition time and path to your ascension.

I am Prosper

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