November 5, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you with an understanding that your journey here on this earth plane is changing into the higher elements that have been ordered by Creator. There is a formula or schedules to go by and they are being followed. A template so to speak of how things will progress and unfold. Of course there are many variables but once Mother Father God has decreed a thing it is to be followed and you/we are keeping up nicely with the progress prescribed on the outline of things to come.

So confusing for you to be sure because what you are seeing with your eyes and hearing with your ears is anything but orderly in appearance. Most confusing for you to understand I am sure but going according to plan I assure you. The volatile energies have been somewhat lessened but still remain in essence and there is that to contend with. There is still much to get through but behind it all the truth of progress prevails through all the chaos. There is Divine Wisdom in the design of this transition and do keep this in mind when contemplating what is going on before you. As we have said many times things are not what they seem. The intelligence and order behind the scenes of how things progress is very orderly, alive and functioning well. This has been mandated and will be carried out in spite of how it looks on the outside.

Now we come to your election and all the complexities involved. You have a very complicated system in place for your choice of leaders. I’m not sure it has ever served you well in the past. Things should be more streamlined and simple in your future along with a lot of other things. This picture you are seeing today will pass and a new system will be implemented. Do not look for overnight change and you will have to work to get this done but it is coming none the less. Welcome it and the many other changes in store for you. Your government, the way it is set up now is quite wasteful with your money and many services are either redundant or not needed at all and could be abolished. Many of the departments controlled by government could be released to the state for their decisions. There is too much oversight and that gets in the way of progress. One does not trust the other to do the best job possible.

We see trouble with counting ballots in many ways. We leave it for you to figure out for you are the ones who have created this system. There have been those in the past who were Divinely driven to do the right thing and they sacrificed to see that previous elections were conducted in truth as best they could. The problem is that these Divinely driven people are so few and they cannot be in every place at the same time. Software is vulnerable and directly corresponds to the people who find a way to manipulate it if possible. Continue to pray for your voting process in that it remains in peace throughout the entire process.

Now may we talk of involvement and we are specking of intelligence here. What I mean is that all people do not educate themselves on political issues and representatives. Most do not know what is at stake and which candidates represent what values. You have highly informed and educated people voting with uninformed and uneducated people as far as the issues are concerned. Many have no time to inform themselves of the problems facing the country and how certain individuals running for office feel about each issue. This is the involvement I speak of; those who know and those who don’t and they both have a vote. There is no requirement that voters have to know what they are doing in any election from local on up to and including President or leader of your country which ever that might be. We see this as a big problem.

In the future we ask that you inform yourselves of the issues and the thoughts of candidates who are running for any office. Find out somehow how they feel and I have to give credit here for your internet and web sites that post candidates and their platform concerning their beliefs on the issues. This is a most informative way of getting to those who care enough to look for the information. The problem is that few take advantage of this offer of information given. Then there is the issue in the past if chosen will the elected person be able to change things or get things done that they plan and have proposed in their campaign. The pressure that is put on individuals once in office is quite large and there are consequences of opposing the status quo. It is complicated as I said.

Much has to be changed and will be. Do not give up your faith that your days will change and your future will bring forth the improvements that are utmost on your list of wants for a better world. Even if it does not look like it now you are headed for a new world and it is the one that has been promised to you with your work and help.

Speaking of involvement. There are so many now that are not actively involved in the running of their country and I mean mentally involved. It is all they can do to keep up with working and paying their bills. There will come a day when you will be informed of what is going on in an honest and truthful manner and you will know so much more about how you want your country governed. So much so that you will look back and wonder if what happened in this your now how it was ever allowed to take place. How did you ever get so controlled and how did you ever put up with certain aspects of being uninvolved. Every adult has a part to play in what will happen and in order for this to work they need to be informed. More order along with truth and honesty will come. Keep up the prayers for your country, your leaders and also that each adult will play their part in the governing of your country.

I leave you now with these thoughts and your part in all this. No longer will it be acceptable for you to sit on the side lines and just watch. I go in peace and hope that you will also.

I am Prosper

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