November 6, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you this morning. We see much improvement in the time line where agitation was concerned. Your prayers and bringing in of Light has done much to promote peace in this process of your voting. There is still much to deal with but you have done well with your Light work and we hope you will continue to do so. Opinions differ strongly on the issue of your two candidates and it is not over yet but times are changing because of the transition period into ascension and the advancements we have talked about for years now are taking hold as the new energies are here and continue to come in. We cannot tell you how this will all play out but only that God’s will is in play here and His wishes will be honored in the final result.

We would like to talk of renovation. We are speaking of your mind set now and not a physical place. When Light comes in and all molecules are changed in your body, the same Light and the codes it brings with it affect the thinking and you will start to see all things in a different frame of reference and may not even realize this is happening. All things are working together to bring about this new world and we mean in your body, in your environment and in your mind. You will not start to view things from the same platform you once did and you will see all from a higher elevation of thinking and this means from a standpoint of love. It makes a world of difference in the end result or conclusion of you thinking and this means in your actions. Think of it as a student going into the next year of learning and how you view things with a much better understanding of things. These energies that have made their way into your consciousness have much more potential for change that you realize. This is predicated on the understanding that you allow them into your being and are in a mind to progress and give permission for this to happen. You have the right to refuse and some are doing this with results that are not what was desired.

Having moved up in all ways little by little with the advancing and healing energies at some point you will be able to look back and see that you are not in the same place you once were. You will continue to grow and make progress and at some point you will wonder why you ever thought the way you did or why you did not see the advantages of higher thinking. It is more difficult to see when it happens in small steps. These energies have been customized to bring you where you need to be in increments so that they were easier to assimilate into your being. They will continue but now they are stronger and carry different information and structure for more changes at the level you are now and will bring you even higher. You determine how far you go but the energies are there available to you. All things are working together for your advancement and learning and this is pretty much how it has been all along your path. As you open up to understanding you allow or let in different vibrations which advance all aspects of your thinking and receiving of more energies and the process continues. There are some who make leaps and bounds but most are in steps and all are subject to certain requirements before they continue to receive. We all and I am including myself here, must do the work and the study and the understanding of current information before we can take in more. There is no skipping of steps or advancing ahead of time or bribing officials for easier advancement and graduation so to speak. It all comes on your personal level of understanding of the past information given so that you qualify for more. The work has to be done.

At some point you will stop and view things from a point of thanksgiving and appreciation for what has come to you. You will most likely look around and see those who have not gotten as far as you have and hopefully you will not look down upon them. You will be grateful for all that has been given to you in the way of understanding and you will look forward to receiving more. There is much more. Spend time in new information and set aside time on a regular basis for learning. You do not know it all yet and neither do I. Everyone is on their journey and with this understanding you will have more love and compassion for all who journey along life’s path to understanding. Try to be at peace with those who have not yet learned as much as you have for there are many above you who have love and compassion for you at your level of advancement. Learning increases the desire for love to go out to all others and not only people but to all things in Creation. The more you learn the more you give out of your love energy for all things. This is what you are in the process of doing now. You are not the same beings as you were 5 years ago and the capacity for giving out of love has increased tremendously and therefore your world has received the blessing of your advancement and that giving out of love is expanded even further than your earth and has repercussions you do not yet understand. It is like a flower in bloom when love is increased and shared in the collective consciousness. We can see it from our viewpoint and that is what is behind our comments of advancement. The love energy continues to increase and you are understanding how that shared frequency is creative in nature for all to partake of and this helps pull others up and helps them along their path.

Let us now speak of responsibility. When you came into this energy of Gaia with a mission before you it seemed a big task and it was. Now from this point of view you can better understand why it is the nature of things that you make the way possible for others to advance with your accomplishments. You change the environment and conditions with your own advancement and this changes the conditions for others and their thinking is also changed or at least the opportunity for change is made available for them. Others are given the opportunity for upliftment when before it was not there but now you have made it possible for them. This is what we have been trying to impart to you is that you are doing more than just improving yourself. You came in with a purpose and understanding that this would be done and there was a promise that you gave for responsibility of completing your purpose not only for you but for so many others. You are a vanguard of type for making way for others to come along on the light and understanding that you have worked hard for and gone through trials for and because of this work IT IS BEING DONE. Some of you are just now coming into the understanding of your commitment in this whole scene and why you are here. It has come together in such a way that it is taking advantage of the connection you have with all others on earth and when the Light Workers join together in this increased light they bring in, that you bring in, it is doing what was intended and bringing so many with you. Do continue for you are on the front lines of change and we see with a higher countenance from our viewpoint that this is being done whether you realize it or not. Your efforts are responsible for your part in this ascension process. You will understand more as time goes on. But for now the love you possess is having great effect on the opportunities for your fellow man. We hope you can now begin to see and know that.

This is the message I wished to give today. You are fulfilling a responsibility even if you were not aware of the plan in the beginning and you are now coming into the awareness of it and its importance. It is all going according to plan in the way the energies and vibrations work for all of you on earth. All benefit from just one person letting in more light and sharing that God given light with all that is. We are moved by this process and by your giving of your light with others.

I leave you now with these thoughts to ponder and I go in peace and hope that you do also.

I am Prosper

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