November 7, 2020

Let us begin. I come to you this morning in your time to tell you that all is well no matter what you are seeing and experiencing at the moment. Creator Source is strong in this change and the upheaval that is happening now is part of the turnover process that has to happen for the ultimate outcome that is desired. It is happening now and will become more agitated before it is over because so many things concerning transgressions will come out into the open and be shown for what they are. Many had their hands in this travesty against the American people for a desired outcome that was devious and had no best interest at heart for anyone except themselves. They were blatant in their activities and fell into an open trap and will be shown for what and who they are. Opportunist with greed of the highest level so much so that they failed to cover their fraudulent work during this election and they will be caught and it will take off from there. It will become more complicated from then on due to the fact that the Democratic supporters will not believe even with evidence shown to them that this could happen.

Unfortunately it was and is true that a few at the top pumped millions into a scheme that may have been a success if forethought had not been used to show in detail any dishonesty that was perpetrated against the voters. This has gone on in the past and in some cases been successful in spite of all good intentions of well meaning people to bring the best results to the United States. This is going to be a rough ride from now on throughout until the end when there is no other option but the legal process to follow through. It will be difficult to convince many that this was done in spite of all the evidence to the contrary. We will just have to wait and see how it all plays out to the finish line. You will have a front row seat to all the interviews, opinions and commentary in abundance but know that behind all the usual rhetoric the truth will remain and stand for justice to be done. It is the only way that this can be reconciled in a fair manor. The energy present in these actions is Divinely ordered and will prevail.

Now may we speak of transgressions and how this is handled by law and design and we are speaking here of God’s law set down long ago at the beginning of your time since you are so closely associated with the time influence. There were certain energies set forth to keep things in check concerning actions against God’s laws and they have functioned quite well and in perfection since that time. An equity of events that takes place that always brings back to the one an energy of correctional nature so that the corresponding between incorrect action can be associated with the energy that is returned to them. In some cases this connection is never seen or understood. The transgressions against the law set forth will always set about the corresponding reaction which will always return to the perpetrator in like kind. The sooner this connection is made the sooner the learning is understood and correct action is preferred. A self repairing system so to speak. So this works with good deeds and actions as well as any transgression. There is also the factor of intent that plays into this reaction. It is given into the energy of the action or thought and is important in either good or bad actions or thoughts. It is the way things work and is always done that way and is automatic in corresponding return.

Learning is a long process and this action and reaction energy rule and law is one of the most helpful energy returns in the learning process that you can use. Do not think of this as a bad thing when it gives you such a good view of what happens when anything is done, be it good or bad. A free learning tool that shows you first hand the consequences of your actions in all cases. Use it wisely and advance yourself in your thoughts and your actions. Set out to give out love and service to others and see how your life is so much more in line with the God energies. It makes it easier for good things to happen in your life when you are aligned with the God force energies and allows you all manner of good things to be shared with all those around you and all situations around you. Your energy can do so much to improve everything concerned with you. Do not overlook the possibilities this can produce during your day and know that you as an energy being have much more effect on things than you realize. So learn this lesson of the law of returns where your energy of actions is concerned and use it to your advantage for doing things that give of your love and light in all things.

Now let us speak of introspection and assessment of your life. It is difficult for you to see any advancement when looking at your life because the learning process is slow in most cases and takes time. You are meant to advance and not be stagnant. Do take time to learn of God’s laws and desires for you as we have spoken of this before. Do you ask what is desired of you and what is your plan for this life? You come here with things to accomplish in this life time and clues will be given to you so that you will know what they are. How much better it is when you actively ask to be shown how you should live your life and what your challenges will be. Live each day in the direction of intent that God has for you and go about your day with thanksgiving in the knowledge that you are doing what you can to live according to your purpose. Life is just not to have fun with no purpose in mind other than to gratify one’s self as some think. There is intelligence in your purpose and reason for being here and has nothing to do with your thinking that the power of your life resides in money or position. Learning comes from trying and doing. If you do nothing you will not be learning. It is easier at times to stand back and let others do everything. There is someone always in need of the talents you were given no matter what they are. Be of service to others and when you take time for introspection you will know that learning always comes with service to others for you are using the energy God gives to you in a manner he has directed.

I give you these things to study and think on and hope that you will go far beyond what I have said and continue to learn more at every opportunity. This is life that you continue to learn and advance down your road toward God’s intention for you. Find your purpose and calling.

I go now in peace and hope that you will also.

I am Prosper

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