November 8, 2020

Let us begin. It is with great joy that I come to you this morning. We see that Father’s plan is indeed working and things are progressing down a path that no one would have imagined a few weeks ago. There will be an end to corruption and your promised time will come. We, of course, have far reaching eyes into what will be for a prevailing time line and outcome. With most time lines it is possible to change them for a different outcome but this one was made in Divine workings and it will be accomplished.

We would like to speak to you concerning what is to come in the way of events leading up to a rather large wave of God frequency that will touch the hearts of everyone. Up until now waves have been sent with ever increasing vibrations for the steps to be taken leading into the next wave of advancement. There is so much that has to be done with each wave including physical changes and mental re-orientation. It cannot be done all at once or in larger amounts. At some point the DNA has to be repaired or reconnected and this takes time or all the abilities would come tumbling upon you and that just wouldn’t do. It is confusing for you even now when done in small increments. The body also has to be changed a little at the time concerning the cell level. Everything was made for you to arrive at this time with as much done as possible without having you just walk away or refuse to go through any more changes. All planned for you to face and receive the God frequency or wave when it arrives.

Until then continue to receive the energies as they come and allow them as best you can. Many are processed through your sun and given to you with the light that comes. Many of your energies come from your universe as a gift and we have asked you to receive your desired needs from your universe with thanksgiving and many of you do just that. As you might know this has been a very long process which was custom made just for you and Gaia to work your way to ascension. Not counting the many complications and roadblocks the initial structure of the plan has gone well. The interference with the plan has had many attempts to derail or stop it completely but the plan has continued with your help in the matter. There were times along the way when we were concerned but everything has led us to here and this day and that is why I come to you in joy. Your continued work has proved so necessary for this to succeed. It has definitely been a group effort and all has been recorded for future reference. We hope the obstacles that were faced and overcomed will not ever face anyone else or any other planet.

Now may we speak of communion. There are words in your Bible concerning partaking of the body of Christ and the blood of Christ. This in deed has a meaning of also taking this into your mind or thinking and with reverence and respect realizing the meaning of the death and resurrection of Christ. There is much wisdom in your teachings and the death and resurrection had to be and did fulfill the purpose. One of the things that was shown was that Christ did live on after when he did appear to those who saw him and his message was not fully understood at that time. The communion is to be done in remembrance of Him and was meant to keep the thought of the life of Christ in your mind and the reason He came and to remember His teachings, which were not understood well at the time either. He will see that His teachings are taught and understood clearly when the teachings begin concerning His life, His purpose and His death and return. He never wanted to be such as symbol as He was made out to be but wanted his teachings understood on a large scale and this did not happen to the degree that He had planned. This will be corrected and that time is coming.

Before that happens there will be announcements, disclosure and truth which will be a lot for you to take in but it is scheduled to happen and there is no way this is being taken off the table. It has been blocked, stalled and denied many times and the time has come for this to happen. We have done all we can to prepare you for the truth that is to be revealed and it will come. There is not much more we can do to prepare you for the things that will be revealed and it has to be told so that you can process it and progress in the best way possible. There is a certain order of things for this to happen and even though it has been prevented before it will take place.

Now may we talk of processing this truth in your minds and there will be as many ways this will happen as there are ears to hear this truth. Each of you will take this information in and either deny it or try to make sense of it in your own way. Do not think there will be only one way of having this to make sense to everyone. Allow others to do this in their own way even if it is to just deny it altogether. It will come to them eventually as all truth does. You will have a chance to hear it all and have access to it completely if you so choose. Unfortunately it may come in a manner that is faster than you would like but this is the time for it to come forward be it uncovered or worked out in some way by others and told by them. It will see its way clear to be revealed. Have patience with yourselves and with others for this will be a difficult thing for all to go through. Some of it will take time more so than other parts of it. There are several areas of disclosure of what has happened that will be uncovered or told. There has been so much going on that cannot continue and much of it has been found out already but it has just not been the headline news. This will change and proof will come.

I leave you now to prepare for truth in the best way possible. Think on these things. I go in peace and hope that you will continue to go in peace also.

I am Prosper

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