November 9, 2020

Let us begin. I am coming to you this morning with changes on my mind and they have begun for you in big ways. I see things of the old falling apart rapidly and the old system is collapsing with pieces flying here and there. A big dismantling of corrupt ways and money power that bought everything and took it away from the people. This is not going well with those who are loosing everything with their lies and deceptive ways and this goes for their helpers on the side lines also. It has been a long time coming but an answer to so many of your prayers that we here are rejoicing in it all. We are not vengeful about it but do find delight every time people are liberated from deceitful ways and this has been going on for so long. The part that concerned us the most recently is knowing their plans for your future. So blatant in their deviousness that they started to drop the pretense of being lawful and just started being the true characters they actually were and thinking they could get by with it. Only half hidden hoping you were already defeated and so beat down that you would not hold your head up and fight.

The beginning of their ending and they are in a panic. The fact that they have a temporary reprieve is encouraging them on but it will be short lived for legal procedures are in the works even now to bring forth the evidence needed to set things straight. The vote was inaccurate and so much so that it will make a difference in the outcome and this does in fact need to be investigated. I have stated before that all is not what it seems and this is a perfect example of another situation that has been manipulated in favor of control and for those who hold the strings to the money bags. There is not an accurate count of how much money was spent on trying to buy this election but it was in grand numbers from our point of view. It was not a true representation of the vote and wishes of the people and this cannot stand. The time of getting away with defrauding the people and getting away with it is over and that is what we celebrate here.

Our phone lines are open and we are taking request for your suggestions on how to enjoy your new liberated lives. Our questions to ourselves here is will you know how to act for you have been in bondage for so long. Now you can work on bringing about the type of governance you want for your country and for your children in the future. Things are beginning to look much better and they will continue to unfold and you will see for yourselves how this will come about. There is still the turmoil to go through working this whole thing out and uncovering all of the sludge below and it is deep. The plans had developed for quite some time.

Now in our exuberance we change to productivity and results of hard work and plans that do not include treachery and fear of death if you do not follow the dictates of the moneyed few. A whole new world of opportunities awaits you. We see industry proliferating and producing new products that will make life easier and surprising at the same time. Minds will be open to concepts of amazing ideas. A feeling of burdens being lifted will eventually come about when you do realize that things have changed. This is world wide. You will learn how to co-exist with other countries with a more peaceful attitude. We are anxious for you to see the many ways you will branch out in your new freedom and one of the first ways you will experience will be that of monetary freedom. The plan that has been in progress for so long now and has been delayed many times is till in the works and gets ever closer to the final benefits for each of you. We strongly suggest you continue to expect this to happen for it is a strong time line in our viewing for your enjoyment. We know things have happened in the past that almost shut it down but it has always been alive and never taken off the table of things to happen. We hesitate to encourage you by saying soon for this has such different meanings for you than that which we see here. It is the grand wish for this to happen for so long now. When it does you will know a freedom for the first time in the area of being able to obtain what you need and want for your life. We are looking forward to this for you and have been.

Now we speak of expectations which you have been slow in thinking so much is really possible. You have been beat down for so long now that you hesitate to expect such possibilities for yourselves, even though we have spoken of them for quite a while now. The better times for you have been taking shape and coming about in thought and manifestation slowly but they are coming about in reality now and in a physical way. So many obstacles and resistance was encountered and had to be done away with for things to continue to progress. It has been a grand defense you have put up by bringing in more light and continuing to believe in the power of love that those who lacked this light were beaten even before they realized it was happening. Now that they have and have seen their own defeat it has gone down so terribly with them that they are lashing out in all directions and taking down all manner of things with them in their last attempt to destroy and damage all they can. Your expectations for your future were not in vain and you did not give up for you had become so tired of the lives you were having to live and the never ending struggle every day just to make ends meet. Your fortitude has amazed us at times and we will not forget your continuing on against such big odds. We were so dedicated in helping you all we could.

Now the dawning of a new day is beginning right after the setting of the old day and it looks even brighter than we ever imagined it would. Take heart in this upheaval of events before you for it foretells of wonderful things to come. Maybe the darkness before the grand light of the new day. We see it so clearly here but it is not yet in your actual vision yet. It will be.

I leave you now and go hoping you will think on these things and begin to believe in this time of celebration that we speak of here at our station. We know it may not be what you see but the end is inevitable for you. I go in peace and hope that you will also and maybe a thought of celebration is there too.

I am Prosper

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