November 10, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you this morning in your time. We here see that so many are using prayer and light to mitigate the inclination for violence and disturbing behavior concerning the election results. The real test has not yet come and we are curious to see how you will react when the truth of the election shows how it was actually conducted. There was much manipulation involved and when this is proven the mind may have a difficult time in believing what has taken place. The real proof will come out but there will be those who believe that this is a purely party manipulation to discredit the whole election in favor of the other candidate. It is a strange situation where the truth will not be believed. We await for the outcome of this false and fraudulent election.

The prayer work and light work that has gone on has changed so much the outcome so far of the aggression that has the potential for violence. Of course it is just beginning now that the evidence is being documented and the result in the individual voter, or non voter as the case may be, will surely change somewhat when all this does come out and is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. How will they take the news. We think it will not go well but human behavior is difficult to predict in almost all cases of this kind although probability will help. The most important part that we see is that those who have preferred peace in all results of the vote count have made a very large difference and have contributed to the overall result in peace so far and we ask that this work you are doing be continued for the next and telling part of this procedure. A most unusual set of circumstances where we can almost measure the grand result from the light workers, light carriers and the prayers and the direct response and effect this has on the energy prevailing at this time. Most interesting situation to be sure but you are not so much interested in the scientific measurements of this but only that peace be maintained and prevail.

You have had enough experience by now to see that peace is a much better option than hate or aggression when confronted with a disappointment. You have seen what hate does and how destructive it is and how peace and love are a much stronger power because of their Godly source and that they are creative for further loving incidents to happen. You are now standing strong in your beliefs and they are backed by first hand experience and information and you have proven this to yourselves that this is the much favorable way to live your lives. Unfortunately there are those greatly affected by mind manipulation and repeated suggestion which has influenced behavior in such a drastic way that the outcome is paramount and all avenues should be taken, no matter what, to come to the result that these mind altered individuals will stop at almost nothing to get the result they desire.

Motivation is the key here in both sides of this equation and I do not mean both parties. I am talking about the larger concept of peace versus violence. An amazing thing to watch people learn over time how God does give to all and how powerful love is. So many have been used in this long term scheme for so few to have it all and the victims of this manipulation hardly know they have been used for devious purposes. A large part of our purpose was education and showing you how this has been done a step at a time over years of programming your minds to accept concepts of behavior that years ago you would not have accepted. More of you are aware of this plan and those numbers are growing each day. Partly because you have been given enough information that you now look for more and seek it out by various means whether it be research, meditation or group affiliation to pool information. You have gained wisdom during this process and seek to work openly to stop this control, not only of yourselves but of others and are endeavoring to set others free or at least make it possible for them to also see what has been going on all this time.

The time has come that many no longer can be led down a certain path. They are forever free now to see things as they really are and this is the group that understands the power of love and light in each and every situation. Love is always the answer and has been. If these that are aware of this power were in control now there would be no more war, hate, aggression and manipulation of anything for ungodly purposes. This is the goal and this is already seen by most of you longing for this in the new world. The creation of thought into reality is happening for you but in the meantime there is this election results to deal with and has to be played out to its conclusion by legal means. The exact behavior of all involved is a variable and remains to be seen at this time. We hope that you do continue to use this grand power of love and light for it has been so evident in not only what has happened but what has not happened so far. The results are in; it works. We are not saying all will be lovely from here on out. To the contrary there is still the potential for less than desired behavior from many. It will take awhile for even the most obvious truth to be believed by some.

Now may we speak of propensities for violence and this is concerning those who have been changed in a negative way by the many means of the perpetrators of control over you. It is definitely there to contend with and many may strike out in various ways to get back or exact revenge for what they see as unjust behavior by those who want only the truth to come out. A definite way of seeing things in two different perspectives from the same truth. How complicated things can become in a hurry when this happens. Something that should be so obvious to all can be received through different filters and different conclusions can result. It is this condition that will cause the conflict and the problems in resolving this challenge at hand. It has begun and will take awhile for all this to come out and come about. The resulting issues brought to light will not be the happy ending it could be but only the beginning of the differences of opinion or should I say the continuation of the differences of opinions.

Be confident that all will lead to the desired outcome in the long run and God is in charge of what is happening in this transition that is taking you from the dismantling of the old ways and dark control to the new ways of the new Gaia and the ascension that is so desired. The process is ongoing now before your eyes and most of you in no way imagined it to happen like this many years ago when we first told you this change to the new world would happen. You can see for yourselves how it plays out before you.

I leave you now to observe and continue to witness the evidence of God’s love and how it does change things. You are the workers you have been needing for so long and you have stepped up to fulfill your calling and mission. Please continue in the same way for it is a most delightful thing to see and also for you to experience. The desire you have for obedience and determination is alive and well and you are working at full speed. We are most impressed at how this is unfolding from your efforts. You cannot control the actions of the dark ones but you most certainly have learned and are using this wisdom to carry out the biggest result for love, light and good.

I go in peace and hope that you will continue to create the world you desire to have.

I am Prosper

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