November 11, 2020

Let us begin. I come to you with joy in the knowledge that you now have a grasp on the evidence of your Light work. Seeing is believing and in your case you see that what you do and the reason you are here is solid. This was the plan from the beginning. It took awhile for you to get the hang of why you were here and what it was that needed done. The big hurdle was getting you to believe that you were worthy for this work and that you were actually capable of doing it. Now that you have overcomed that hurdle and have worked in earnest to get certain things accomplished I can show you how much you have changed things and how far you have come. We are thankful for your growing into the purpose of your commitment and agreement. Yes, you signed on the dotted line whether you remember it or not. These agreements are binding and in some way you do remember on a different level how important it was that you follow through with all that you came to do. This transition part you are in now is no exception and we are happy to see that you are a force to be reckoned with now in your work and see the importance of continuing the bringing of light and love into this exact circumstance and time frame that is going on. It is not over and there are certain vibrations that are painfully needed at this time.

Please continue what you are doing and it is imperative that you continue to follow through with your work. Ask that you be led in your efforts and certain ones of you will be asked to bring down and anchor specific vibrations as they are needed and placed where they will benefit the most. You are specialists in your own right and no one can take this experience away from you now and it will go on your record as you having accomplished the earth experience. You know the tee shirts that say I survived the ????, well you deserve one that says you have survived the earth experience and all, even in other far away places will know what you are talking about. This is in no way a boastful moment or cause for you to stop what you are doing and take a bow but do proceed with your work for this grand finish.

A grand finish is just what this is for the dark remaining here at this time. They have been conquered with a most powerful light and your determination to end this prison condition that existed for so long. Yes, it was a group effort and you needed our combined help but the work you have done after going through what you have experienced speaks highly of your fortitude and determination to extinguish the efforts of the dark and the minions that were left. In their importance of self and pomposity they thought they could continue and have even now perpetrated outlandish overt crimes that will be evident to all once pointed out. They are finished and this news is just now sinking in on a grand scale to their consciousness. This is their fighting to leave the stage actions and in spite of all the truth that has been given to them and the opportunities they have been given they still want to bring about havoc in a grand move here at the last. They are determined but for the wrong reasons and if that energy could have been put to good use, ah, but it was their freedom of choice up until recently and now that has been over ridden by the imperatives of Mother Father God and they shall be no more. They ARE leaving the stage and will be off to their judgment and penalty phase of this adjudication. There is no way out.

Now may we speak of formidable opponents and the force that God is and how foolish it is to go against it. Maybe opponent is not the right choice of words when speaking of the force of creative Light and the love that is brought with it to bring about the manifestations that God creates. The thought process that turns into reality is not easily understood and is a most mindful study for us and you could devote your whole life into what constitutes the creation process from the basic energy into the thought and than into creation. An interesting coming about of mindful intelligence and concentration that has intrigued us from beginning until now. We are in awe of this process and have known enough from the beginning to respect it and never to go against it. The dark entities from those in charge to the minions below have done just that. Those in the past who have chosen with their fee will who have done this have not fared well and have paid the price. There are many other factors that come into play in certain instance of this transgression but we will keep it simple here for your learning purposes. We strongly suggest that you follow the dictates of your heart in God and your life will be so much more fulfilling with love and light that you will be a channel of goodness and service to others in a grand way. You only have to see what has happened up to now to know that those on earth who have gone against the wishes of the Father have already suffered and who knows what is before them now. We choose not to dwell on this outcome for them as there are others who are in charge of this very thing and are practiced in their work.

We would like to speak on specifics of human behavior now that the new earth is in front of you waiting on the work of bringing about the detailed environment that is desired. You will come to see that you will all be led to certain areas where you can be most helpful and involved in the necessary changes. Open your heart centers and ask that you be led to the area that your talents can be used in a most constructive way for the correcting time of earth. You will be shown what needs to be done and that is where we come in. We are here to assist you in recommendations in the best way that what you have chosen can be accomplished. Do not hesitate to call upon us for we can still see from our vantage point the things that need attention and how to go about bringing the changes to the most efficient conclusion with the effort you possess. It is a beautiful sight that you have in your collective consciousness of the new earth and we are pleased to see what you envision for the coming times. Consider now along with your continued light work the earth you have dreamed of and wanted for so long for it is now the time to start thinking of the work to get it there. The desire you now have will continue to coalesces into the road you will travel in getting this done. This effort continues now into its blueprint for reality. This is the next step after this act of the play is over. Think on these things of choices and be led by your answers that are received from your questions of how can I help.

I leave you now in this time of new dawnings even though you may not see it yet. There is still much to go through in the dismantling of what was and the disappointment of those who will not get what they wanted. Who knows how they will react from here on out or what they will cause others to do before it is all over. Remove yourself from the destruction and hurt they feel over having lost in such a big way after so many years of their reign. You are part and creator of the good that comes out of this and do not belong in the past anymore. You are emerging into that which has been promised to you and now it is time to partake of that vision for your life.

I bring these things now for you to consider and I go in peace and hope that you will not partake of the turmoil that is in front of you. Rise above my people of Light for this is where you belong now.

I am Prosper

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