November 12, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you, even though you are not seeing what I am seeing I do have a good view of that which is happening behind the front. We now believe that we are in full swing of the take down of that which was and it is truly coming apart as we speak. So much has already been done in that respect and it is like the dark left overs are scurrying trying to find a hiding place and there will be none. They are in such a desperate run now that they are forgetting to do harmful things as they leave and this has not happened before. Their fear is overtaking them and they were unaware of how they would feel at this very end. They had no idea their choices would lead to this. Sad really how fearful they are and for good cause. The enormity of the situation is falling upon them like a brick wall.

There were so many opportunities for them to change their ways up until most recently and they somehow kept thinking they were in control and how they came to this conclusion I do not know. It was beyond reasoning for me. The end that we, and others, warned them of has come about just as we predicted if they did not change and somehow it is a surprise to them in its intensity of manifestation. All along they thought that once again we would relent and give them either more time or another chance. There is a Divine timing of all things in creation and this time has come.

Some of you are surprised also for different reasons. Things have been postponed many times or did not happen when we thought it would because many have gone back on their word and you gave up on what was predicted and we can understand. As I said before there is a Divine timing of all things and now is the time for these things to happen. Those we were dealing with on earth did not follow through with their agreements and this delayed things considerably in many areas. We had no control over their actions and above all would not have disappointed you in any respect from what we desired. It was unfortunate that we lost some of your faith along the way and hopefully it has been or will be restored.

There is much afoot and trying not to sound like Sherlock Holmes we now declare that large things are looming and facing us. There are continued efforts in the legal arena for forced truth to come out and it is unfortunate that it takes this much for some to reveal their wrong doings but it is so and that means time needed for this process. Along with that you are dealing with any left over past issues that have not completely been dealt with and they are coming forth at present to be completed and dropped or processed into different energy. When left this long under these circumstances they become more difficult to transmute and are stronger and need your attention in bigger ways and this is taking up your time and energy to get this done. Usually these are big issues. The little ones you have already done away with and gotten rid of.

Along with all this we have Gaia and her earth changes coming up now and these adjustments are needing to take place and if you will consult the energetic readings of plate movements in the form of tremors you will see they have increased. How much the earth will shift and equalize is not known at present and is hard to predict exactly but close approximation is known and there are a lot of adjustments in front of you also. The ramifications of these movements concerning food and water are not known but this is one reason why there needs to be a supply of water and food for your family that you have stored just in case transportation of goods is interrupted.

So as you can see you have a lot to deal with now and coming up and this is in addition to the ascension symptoms your body is adjusting to when getting used to the new vibrations which have come and will come. We have tried to assist you with information on these issues as much as we could so that you would know what is going on. Some issues just cannot be stated exactly and there will be surprises and we hope that you remain in the state of faith that all is coming to fruition as need be and the fluctuating energies are resulting in the correct outcome as directed by God. He is in control and all is proceeding as He wishes and directs. This is just a huge transition period because there was huge amounts of wrong doing on the part of the dark and this all has to come out into the open and be converted into truth so that you also can process your part into the new world. A very complicated process of energies and processes and people being informed to be sure and all put together and coming about under Diving direction.

There are many speculations coming about now in the form of probability and time lines and these are proposed by different ones and some of them bear thinking about and some do not. We encourage you to be discerning on these proposed ideas and bear in mind that no matter what is declared to happen it is in the best interest of all that you continue to bear your fruit of belief that prayer and bringing in of light and love are the best actions you can take and benefit all. There is no way to go wrong with these actions. The need for this to be done is extremely high at this time and do spend more time on this bringing in of light and peace to your area and to the world. There is no place on earth right now that this is not needed and you are the devoted Chelas that are in a position to give of this service for all and for Gaia. We use your willingness to be of service by channeling more energy through you when you are in this process and we customize the energies that are specifically needed that can be shared through you and your abilities. It is paramount that this be done as much as possible at this time.

Now may we speak of special abilities. There are those who have been working for some time now with the earth itself and this is with earth energies. There is a delicate balance that needs to be maintained in different places which have become unbalanced and these individuals has given of their time and talents in being used to bring about the most complicated energy patterns in changing undesired energy into that which is needed. A most complicated process that has taken years and constant attention to detail in reading what is existing in all areas. These must be compatible with all else and this service has been indispensable in nature. All have talents and all who agree to be used have been and are being used with our help to bring about the desired environment in all areas of existence. You are not yet aware of the diverse service that some are providing all over your planet. There are those who have been working with air quality, water quality, earth energy, light energy and much more. Some of the most surprising is that work being done by entities in your large bodies of water as with whales, dolphins and sea creatures.

So you see this has been a huge coordinated effort from so many that have brought you to this point today and these numbers of helpers, including man, has increased over the years as man has become aware of what was needed. There were not as many to awaken as we would have liked and hoped but the incoming energies will awaken so many now and they can begin to help and be of service and giving of their desire and talents to bring us further into the world that you want. A very long term plan that was brought about by so many workers who had to go ahead on faith because so much was hidden from them at the time. So many tears of frustration have fallen by light workers who faced rather large challenges but we did all we could to encourage everyone to continue and we come to now when the next weeks of very large changes are apparent to everyone.

We encourage you to remain in your truth and in your faith in the coming days. Let us continue to encourage you and help you and do not hesitate to call upon us with your needs no matter what they are for we hear you. You would be surprised at how many conversations we hear when you speak to us and give of your heart’s thoughts and needs. We hear them all. You are loved more that you know and there are some things that cannot be done at this time but our ears are tuned to your deepest prayers. Do not give in to fear or doubt. All will not be lovely with roses and a free buffet. We are going into a difficult time as if what you already experienced has not been. Stand fast and be grounded for you are never alone and we are with you in all ways. What is happening is under the plan of God.

I leave you now with these thoughts to consider. I go in peace and hope that you will also. Hold on.

I am Prosper

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