November 13, 2020

Let us begin. I am in joy this morning and plan to stay that way while watching this old way of life crumble before my eyes. We gave the dark all the second chances that we could and now it is time to follow through with what they are facing. We challenge you to follow through with your desires and blue prints for your new world as you would like and this is most certainly a joyous time and activity.

Now that we have discussed the favorable part of your future we will turn to what is going on now. It is most disturbing and has our full attention. What is seen here is not good will by any means and that is what is needed after patience. The vote count is what is called for and is not uncommon. A normal procedure and this takes time. Encourage peaceful actions as we do and things will go much better. Unfortunately that is not what we are seeing that is happening. Aggressive and antagonistic thoughts and behavior are coming forth to complicate everything and it continues. If you do this then I will do this and none of it is setting a good example for anyone, especially children. Is it so difficult to maintain good behavior and communication? It would seem so. Some of you seem to specialize in bad behavior. It has become a way of life for you. Break this habit of speaking ill about others. It will not only set well with you but with others.

May we talk of targets. There are those who speak truth on political issues and this sets themselves up as targets for truth is not being received well at this time. Differences of opinion are being pulled from social media and blogs and especially if they contain truth. The fight is on for control of not only your actions but your thoughts also. I have never seen such a power play for control of a group of people outside of incarceration. You just think you are free but you are slowly being pushed into non speaking parts of society by the last efforts of those who want to control everything. You are beginning to fight back for your freedom in thought and action and this is building to a grand finale. It will come to a head shortly and hopefully be short lived with the proper outcome. We continue to do what we can from our vantage point but this is an issue that has to be settled and dealt with. We see this as not an issue of political parties nor is it a battle of light and dark but one of worldly freedom of all people to express the next level of advancement into ascension. It is experiencing Light and the individual desire to enter the collective of God direction and Divine thinking and knows no group. These steps are in line with ascension and have been coming for some time. The opposition restricting this in any way possible is causing the conflict and the overt confrontation is the result. It is inevitable.

This experience is happening on so many different levels and not only on a political level in the US. It is world wide and we see it in all countries and escapes no one. The individual must be free to express in speech and actions as long as it is within the parameters of God’s laws. This is a breaking out of that desire of each one of you and you know this on a soul level. A culmination of seeing things as they really are and you are about to get more information that will make this desire even stronger. Not only will you be told of what is really going on and what people are really doing but this will bring about the desires within you to want to build upon a freedom you have not yet known. This will take time but you will be headed in the right direction in a big way once these restrictions have been removed and your vision is clear.

It is joyous for us to see this happening but first the struggle before the freedom. Differences of opinion can be heated and this time is no exception. Prepare yourselves for this conflict as it is coming. We do not like to offer conflict news but as of now we see this on your horizon. This is why your light work is needed. Give this your time as you have been for you are not novices anymore. These restrictions being placed on you will not work. The God part of you, that part that is of the Father is and always has been free to express in Godly ways. Express these ways and see what freedom it brings for others also. You are part of a group action now and not just individuals. We are amazed at the powerful displays of love you produce and the results that brings about.

I leave you now with these encouraged actions which so actively bring along with you others who as yet have not seen what is going on. Think on these things. I go in peace and hope that you will also.

I am Prosper

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