November 14, 2020

Let us begin. It is concerning to us that you have entered a portion of your transition that is involved with possible violence. We are continuing to see a lot of negative energy floating around that is making its way into reality and it is disturbing to us. We understand that this time has to bring forth the corruption and deception that has been hidden but we continue to warn you that violence is not the answer to your differences of opinion. In this process you are forced to learn other ways of continuing without destruction. You cannot change another’s opinion with this type of action and deep down you know this. There are always going to be those who do not think like you do but it is unthinkable to hurt and destroy over differences to solve the problem. Your system of electing a President in the past has worked for you without this thinking and you did accept this. Now we look at what has changed to bring this about.

Being quarantined in your homes and having to wear masks has disturbed the part of your thinking that was agreeable to society. You are wanting to rebel at this mandatory behavior and not sure where to place this protest or blame. You have increased your emotions regarding your political views toward certain topics and are willing to take drastic measures to avoid the undesirable candidate you oppose. Much of the frustration in life is released for some type of acting out and you feel you are not only doing this for yourself and your family but for others as well. You are telling yourself you are acting out for the better good. This is not the way. In the past you have never been able to come to a friendly or agreeable conclusion with others by harm or destruction.

We resolve differences by compromise and negotiation. It has worked well in the past. Both political parties think the other side has fraudulently manipulated the vote and this is a transgression that is not acceptable to either side. The recount should be allowed so that a more accurate count is obtained.

Now may we talk of incompetence. Unfortunately there are those who are still in office in various capacities that are no longer clear thinking or able to do the research on subjects of governance. They have passed their prime and should retire and be replaced. This number is growing and life positions have never been the best way. Some are well meaning and do have your country at the top of their list but others are marking time and hanging onto the title or position. They not only refuse to do the work to make a good showing in judgment but are making decisions that hinder or harm your country and its citizens. The tax payers deserve much better than the quality of thinking that is deciding law and procedure. Work to change the practice and bring in people who are capable of performing at a level that at least can research and analyze the problems and are mindful of what the people want that they represent.

We see a searching of ideas in your collective that has your country’s best interest at heart for all concerned and you are trying to figure out the best way for office holders not only to be chosen but to serve. Should there be term limits, should they be appointed or elected. Should there be a test given before someone runs for office and these are the questions on the table at present. All these ideas deserve consideration and hopefully you will come to the best decisions for all the questions that arise. This is a time of change for all those things that need changing.

We now believe that you will complete this time of transition with many changes on your mind and this is what is needed. The time of disclosure of many truths is upon you and this will influence your decisions for yourselves and your country. You need this information to make better informed decisions and the information is coming. Things are in order for this to happen and the energy of disclosure is falling into place. The truth you need will come from several sources and it is up to you to use it wisely.

We continue to encourage you to use your abilities of bringing love to the earth wisely and abundantly for the need is still great. I bring you now to a close of this message and prepare you for some detailed revealing of much needed information and truth. I go now in peace and strongly encourage everyone to continue their journey in peace also.

I am Prosper

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