November 15, 2020

Let us begin. It is with great anticipation that I come to you this morning in your time. We here see that your light work is growing and you have certainly made a huge difference in everything and this is all over the world. You have learned how to link up and join together as a group mentally and this magnifies the result. You are already connected to all that is but a mental dedication and intention is needed and this is what you have done. We are more than pleased that you turn to this means of working with your light and not only that but you have maintained your resolve to continue each day with your dedication.

There is no stopping some of the things that are to come but the effort that you put out is evidence of your deep desire to see the dark is done away with and the people are totally free. This fortitude is what you are now known for and word of your accomplishments continues to spread. Please do not think that all will be lovely from here on out. We dare not dampen your spirits on this but there is a lot more to come before the lovely part.

Please let us speak now of love. We have touched on this before but pick this time before great change to once again touch on the power of love. As in your efforts to bring light into your now time is alive and working to dispel the darker side of life, the love you bring will also grow in leaps and bounds the light that is present and the emotion that is present in every heart and mind. We see more kind deeds in action and mindful thoughts of kindness being acted out even to strangers. This love principle carries so much creative potential with it into every element of earth and this includes the animals and plant life. There is something to be said for plants and crops that grow in an environment of love as opposed to hate and dark thoughts. The crops grow with more vital energy in them and this transfers to the people when they are consumed.

We wish you could see the energy itself and how it is alive and evident all around you and in all things. We think you would more readily understand how all is affected by everything else generating energy. You are becoming more aware of this all the time. This is even evident in products like furniture and appliances that are made in an atmosphere of positive thought. Have you ever had an object that you thought was cursed? It just may not be cursed but may have been made in an atmosphere of dark thoughts and low vibrations. Be cautious when bringing in to your homes second hand furniture or items from unknown sources. Cleanse them and their vibrations with loving light and your desire for their service to you and your family. It will make a difference. Items are not actually cursed but they can be victims of dark thoughts just as you can and the thoughts may cling to that item. All is energy and vibration. Tesla was right when he said understanding the universe was in the energy, frequency and vibration.

You are experienced enough now that you can walk into a room and feel the mood that prevails. This goes so far as to affect the food that is cooked and that you consume. Have you ever eaten a meal that was prepared by someone that was angry? I do not recommend it. We are trying to entice you with the thoughts of a new world where everyone is thriving in an environment of love and this makes all the difference in everything.

Now let us speak of hierarchy. There is a sort of chain of command in all life. We start with the lowest and go to the highest. Someone or something has command of all that below them and this usually has to do with experience and accomplishment. Your government is very deceiving in this concept of who is at the top. Your President in some cases is almost a figurehead and has no control. You now have an acting President who is actually having more control than most in the past. Such pressure is put on your office holders that they hardly get a chance to bring about the change they want or desire. Manipulation is the name of the game and is carried out in grand style on a daily basis. We see it constantly and usually is accompanied in some form by monetary gain for someone. How is this anywhere near serving the people they represent. This hierarchy of people governing your country is supposed to be working together for the good of all the citizens toward a better way of living and of life and not lining anyone’s pockets with money or other beneficial things. This is what you are working together to change and you have had to dig rather deep to root out the corrupt part and start over. This is what is happening now and it is not over. It is almost a complete turnover and setting the plan straight is taking some doing and will continue along with your efforts to get it right. We have dedicated ourselves to helping you in all ways possible but so much is left up to you for this is your gifted planet to work with and upon.

I leave you now with these thoughts to consider and to use constructively in your bringing about the new and revised earth. You will never regret the work you have and will put in to making this come about.

I go now in peace and hope that you will continue to do also.

I am Prosper

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