November 16, 2020

Let us begin. In our efforts to guide you along your path we give you certain elements of truth that you need to build upon other facts. It comes as not surprise to us that you are far behind in your needs regarding education. You have progressed grandly in your social skills and news of pop stars and Hollywood celebrities but not in the teachings that would advance you along your soul path. You have been led in the wrong direction and enticed by shiny things and glitter and this has led you nowhere. There have been many leaps in medicine and technology but your learning has been mostly one sided. It is time for that to be corrected.

Starting soon your teachers will be in a position to broadcast the building blocks of a solid foundation and all else will be added. There are entities of rather long standing with experience of hundreds of years and mounds of information to impart to you when you are ready. We will not just throw out information to you without a proper setting or beginning. The truth of your controlled years and controllers will be given so that you may understand just how you came to be where you are and it will be uncomfortable to say the least to know that you let this happen. It has been a difficult time for you all things considered. You will wonder why you did not understand what was happening to you and why you didn’t do something to stop it. You were confronted from all sides with suggestions and emphasis on issues that coerced you into a set pattern of thinking and all the while you were busy sinking deeper and deeper into the daily grind of making a living. It is becoming a thing of the past and will soon fade into what was.

Now let us speak of importance of the next steps in your making and creating of this new earth. The great energies that will be given to all will have a way of opening up the heart and mind and make it more accepting of the love and light that is available. This will bring about your concentration on the importance of thought and its implications for change. You will become cognizant of how much choice you now have in the way of changing your thoughts and bringing about a much clearer frame to put all thoughts in. You will start from a standpoint of love and service to others and from that all other thoughts will be based and your eyes and mind will open to the meaning of so many of the messages we have given to you regarding the desired premise of Divine living. Being in the will of God will be seen more clearly by you and you will choose to live in desire of living this way and there will have to be no more suggestions given to you. You will wake up each morning asking how you should live your life that day in the Light and Will of the Father. Life energy will flow through you and you will spend your time in joy. This is what we have been trying to show you regarding your new earth. These are the next steps you will take in the beginning and that will be your starting point.

From there you will spend much more time than you are now in learning and receiving the educational lessons we will offer or you will choose your own searching of truth and learning what you will from available truth offered. Either way you will have a much deeper desire for learning than you do now and it will not go away. Your days will be divided between work or service, learning and play or your chosen pass time. Yes, there should always be time for enjoyment or how else will you have a balanced life. So long all you have known is the labor of a long day either in work for money or at home with child rearing and domestic duties. There was no balance. You stayed tired, sleep deprived and unhappy with lots of health issues. These things will also move into your past and begin to fade. The next steps are important and set the focus on becoming in the right atmosphere for growth.

Now may we speak of heartbreak. There are so many instances of deep sadness in your lives that we wonder at times how you have managed to continue. It has been all you have known and you forged ahead. These times of emotional energy of sadness imprinted your mind and your body and it will take some doing to have all this cleared from your total being. The learning of lessons will hopefully remain with you for future reference but the major depth of sadness will need to fade so that you cannot recall these times with such clarity. They were learning experiences and were offered for that reason and many of them you will clearly see and will give thanks for eventually. Stepping stones are not always easy to take but they remain stepping stones to a higher way. Sadness and heartbreak have such strong vibrational overtones and they are remembered so easily that it takes sometimes a lot of work to understand the circumstances presented themselves for a reason in your life. Use these difficult moments as times that need to be investigated as to what was learned and why. Do not ban them from ever thinking about them again. They are teachers and given the opportunity they glean much meaning for you from the incident or specific time in your life. Take advantage of this.

Now we speak of knowing and this is in reference to the soul information brought forth with each life. There are certain things not forgotten that you have available to you for soul experience and can be used from life to life and are there for remembering. Bring these into your opportunities and see them as accessible for help and understanding. Each person has different information learned from different lives and can be used for help when needed if you learn how to bring them forth for review. First you must see or know that that information is available to you and that this is possible. The time has come where this knowing will be shown to you where as before you were not ready for the understanding. Some of the information did come through from one life to another without you consciously realizing what had happened. We will help you bring about this access to learned lessons and experiences of interest for your help in this current life. There are so many avenues available now with the giving of the changes you have and will receive and this is one reason you will be living in a whole different world. It is not a gift for all but for those who have followed the guidelines given for living in the will of the Father will you continue to advance.

I leave you now with these things to ponder and study. There is so much for you to learn and you have come a long way and have jumped over many hurdles to be here. I go in peace now and how that you will also.

I am Prosper

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