November 17, 2020

Let us begin. It is here and now that things are beginning to gear up in the US. We see the energy has changed somewhat in color, light and intensity. Our readings show that deep feelings of large groups are coalescing into form and the thought behind it is not good. The pattern of past thought of using some type of power over another is still alive and this does not lead to peace. Instead there are thoughts sourcing from different places that lead to the same conclusion that some things need to be changed and the only way is violence. This should not be so. Some are motivated by thinking they are right and doing a service to all by any violence. Others just want to destroy because they think this will get them what they want. The elements of change are just as strong in peace and the result is preferred. This is something you have been slow to learn and that is the power of peace and the intent behind it.

Your processes of voting are slow to come about but things have been put into motion that cannot be stopped and will come forward. The inevitable conclusion does not have to contain any form of aggression or violence. Observe and consider before any less that desirable action. This is a good rule for most action. What are the consequences of violence and do they every bring about the desired result. Very rarely does violence lead to a better way of life. The turning over of all things to be exposed to the light is necessary but getting everyone to believe what they see is another matter. This train has left the station and is picking up speed.

Now may we speak of decisions made upon what information is given. In the course of life it is necessary to reason and discern from facts given. Is it deceptive in nature, does it contain some element of truth or is it an outright lie. Is the source well meaning in nature or does the source have a history of deception. All these things may need to be considered. Many times prayer and meditation are needed to bring more clarity to what is given. There is a reaction from the body and the solar plexus and it is a long standing voice when confronted by large decisions. Listen carefully for this and do not just react from an emotional point of view. Ask for truth to be given and determined. The fact remains that so much of what is given concerning politics has been clouded in deception that it is hard to determine now what is truth. Some things will speak for themselves and will be evident no matter who is giving the information.

Now may we talk of deceptions from your past. The control of the people has been predicated on subtle lies and used with slight of hand. You are busy looking in one place while something nefarious is going on in another. This method was perfected over many years and has been used largely over the past few years. Your instigators are good at this deviousness now and cause one thing worthy of news media attention in one place to get your attention while something else is going on in another area they want hidden or overlooked. Do not be fooled by this tactic. This is one reason bringing more light to your plane or level of life is necessary to bring about the revealing of all things hidden. So little is what it is purported to be. One is brought to the thought, “can I have been wrong all this time about this topic”. Not wanting to admit that you have not been vigilant about seeing what has been going on it is easier to believe the wrong thing. There comes a time when one has to admit that deception was not only used to bring about the desired result but that you did not see what was going on for the long length of time it was used. This is difficult to admit and brings one to a different perspective and belief in one’s self. Why did I not see this. This is where the truth is deflected by causing one to look elsewhere at the time. It has worked well. The problem with the deceivers is that they have become so obvious in their deception that they have failed to go to the lengths they once did to cover up their deception. It has risen to the top and has revealed itself.

Now I would like to speak of control. This issue of control has lost its power and after many years of use it is being weakened to the point of death by the insight of the people. So many now have come to truth and are speaking of it in public. The strength which was once lies and deception now is in the hand of truth and revelation. This is not a passing thing but is gaining power and will stand in completion soon. We have spoken of disclosure, revelation and truth coming forward and we see that this time line is so heavy with intention that it is inevitable. Once being given to the people with their skepticism will gain strength in understanding and garner the attention of most everyone. Whether everyone will give the truth the strength it deserves remains to be seen. Some will stand fast in their previous understanding and no matter what is given they will not move. Most will see deep into the meaning and source of the truth and will adjust accordingly. The time it takes for this to happen will differ with everyone. The mental process of this may take some time for many. It will come for most. Those who want to remain in their past learning will refuse to move forward in any way and will cling to the erroneous thoughts and beliefs that they have become accustomed to and lived by most of their lives. This will create a rift between the new thinkers and the old thinkers and this is where we would like to see the issue of control of the past disappear completely. Deceptions of long standing are difficult to change and usually take a complete generation to go by the wayside when the new generation has an opportunity to hear the truth from the beginning of their life. This whole process of becoming you are now in will take however long it takes but the God energy that continues to be given along with the wave of great strength that is coming will go a long way to open the minds and hearts for a better reception of all truth. The reason for this is the power of love and light to create the desired result in all ways for the new world you have been promised.

I leave you now with these things to consider and see that most are in a state of great mental change in their thinking and accepting of the truth that is being given. This will increase as time goes by and more things are uncovered. I go in peace and hope that you continue to remain in peace no matter how things unfold.

I am Prosper

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