November 18, 2020

November 18, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you this morning and relay to you that things are going well in spite of what you are seeing. The truth comes closer to being revealed with each day now and unfortunately it is not being received well by almost everyone. Those for Trump are not happy about being deceived with voter fraud and of course the others are not happy about the accusations and do not believe them. This is causing a lot of friction within both parties and is like a possible combustible energy source. There was a question posed if all truth about the election could be revealed without the violence and aggression and yes, that is possible and is preferable but not likely as we are seeing it now. Unfortunately there are circumstances prevailing that lead to a difficult end. You most likely will have attempts to turn the tide from information that is being brought out to favor everyone’s wishes and that just cannot be done. It is impossible to please everyone in this instance of political wants. In this case it will have to be played out to its conclusion.

Now may we look at introspection of events and prevailing attitudes which are present. All is leading to the Will of the Father in this and usually when this amount of hidden things are brought forward there is an end result of emotional out playing of some sort or other. This is normal to process surprising information and in this case it will certainly be surprising for most everyone. The different emotions will make a unique mix and it is almost impossible to say how this combination will end. It is looking like there will be a an attempt at some type of control by your government to keep things from becoming unlawful but even that will be a challenge. Feelings are that high at present and hard to predict other than to say it doesn’t look good from here.

Events leading to this time have been full of manipulations from several factions, all using others to try and bring things to their own advantage and here again you cannot please everyone. So many different agendas wanting their way and using what means are available to them and most involving monetary gain on someone’s part. Most groups of this type can be bought and much time has been spent trying to find out what will entice the other group or individuals to do their bidding. Money, cars, houses, jewelry and physical pleasure all used at one time or another to buy the deception wanted to further the ends of what was needed to control the circumstances. It has been a life long endeavor of many that were playing into the hands of the dark for domination of all and everyone. It did not happen and now it will be no more.

All intervention on our part has to be considered, weighing things against events prevailing and then it has to be approved by a certain group before changes can be made and this is the only way there can be anything against freedom of choice. In the case of atomic warfare the stopping of progress toward possible war had to be approved before anything was carried out. There is only one way that intervention does not have to be approved and that is the wishes of Source and directives in that case are carried out to the letter at the time specified. That is the way things are set up. Events from long times past made it necessary for other planets to be represented and wishes in the form of meetings usually involving votes are now required for actions that involve actions that affect other planets such as atomic war would on your planet. Anything that has long reaching consequences gives others the right to speak on the subject. What you do here on earth does not stay here. It is difficult for us to explain so that you understand how this works but know that you are connected with all that is and especially those living close to you. It has happened before that undesirable events took place with devastating results and a lesson was learned. So procedure was set up to prevent this and to give others a voice in the matter. Do not think what you do here is energetically benign to all others. In a place where all is connected it is impossible.

Now may we speak of everlasting. Let me be clear in that there is no place where all things are not connected for we are all part of the One or the Whole and are from beginning to everlasting. Difficult in its premise to understand but that is our understanding of what is. And to be more confusing for you what is, IS. As far as we can tell it always has been and we believe it always will be. So, therefore the problem comes in when you think you are separate from your Creator in any way for form. This thinking is when the Light is prevented from becoming in your life and correlates directly with your feeling of separateness. Now this information is becoming known to you and this has changed things considerably from what we can see and we hope that you are making that connection to not only being connected with the ALL THAT IS but you are beginning to realize that you are no different from All That Is. At one time you were cognizant of this before coming to 3D and living the challenges you were confronted with to learn what you once knew. It has been an interesting journey. This brings up many questions I am sure and this is part of your journey forward and there are many answers waiting for you.

In understanding difficult concepts there are elements that must be known for it all to fit together and make sense. This is part of our education process for you in that the elements needed will be given so that the learning will not be so confusing and learning will take place. Please do not expect it to happen over night. It will take time and this process of learning is a never ending process. The main items on the list of things to be given to you are your history of what has been brought about from long past to the present time where you are now realizing how much you have been in bondage and manipulated. This is partly to give you the understanding of awareness so that this never happens to you again in any form. This information is a priority and you have earned the learning of it.

I go now with these facts for you to consider and process in your thinking. I go in peace and hope that you will also.

I am Prosper

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