November 19, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you this morning. We here are still seeing the positive actions of a renewal for planet earth, even though you do not have a clear view of that yet. There remains much for you to go through still before you get to the physical evidence of this renewal.

Let us talk of transport or the transition means of getting there from here. The energies that will be brought forward contain the elements of change and those same energies will take the parts that are needed for a new world and release the other negative parts that are no longer needed. The discarded parts of the energy will be transformed or transmuted into positive elements of makeup that will be used in other ways. The retained parts of energy will form different needed circumstances of positive energy for you to work with in creating the kind and type of earth that you envision and want to live in. These energies will coalesce into physical manifestations of your thoughts and prayers from your desire and be made for you to see. You will in fact be a partial creator of what is to come. So, it is paramount that you maintain the precursor of thoughts in exact sort of a blueprint that you want for your environment and surroundings but mostly your way of life. The type of leaders you want for the governance of your country, the type of atmosphere politically you desire for you and your children and the overall atmosphere of living you envision for the forthcoming times. Keep these things in mind for these go toward the energies that will make up the physicalness of what is to come. The thought into reality.

This thought into reality is not just for your government but is true for all things now that you are in the creator business of forming a new earth. You will not have complete autonomy but will be overseen by a large group of highly trained individuals who have done this type of work before and they will spearhead the process of re-building and re-forming and creating of things in all areas of what is needed. This is a large organized and planned process and much is left up to you. As I have stated before this planet was your gift to care for and that has not changed over time. The responsibility is still yours.

We are carrying you forward in your thinking, you will notice, into what can be described as after the turmoil part of the revealing process, however that takes form and plays out. We want you to think ahead even though your mind is consumed at present with current affairs and the air is thick with what is going on concerning your vote counting. Also look ahead and keep in mind there will come a time when all this will be over and the task before you will have counted on you considering your options and not just being confronted with it brand new. Let your thoughts start to consider these things of your future and take form into what the collective wants and needs for the promised time of peace. It is necessary for this to be done now in spite of what is going on. Do not spend your time immersed in argumentative dialogue with others over what ifs and what should be. Better to pour love and light into what is best for all souls involved and not add to the fray of uncertainty and negativity going on at this time. The undercarriage of what is going on will come forward and be revealed in due time and better to have asked for what is best for all when that happens. There are those who will play out their parts in the matter. The light workers and light bearers need to play out their parts also. It is a joint and collective affair on all parts and energy is given into this transition for that purpose. As directed by the Father it is playing out and transpiring as He directs. So it is under His control and your giving of your service to this is also under His control and hopefully you are asking every day what your part in all this is.

Now may we speak of lethargy and couch sitting. If you could take time for meditation and prayer and turn off your TVs for awhile to devote to giving of your mind to positive things it would make a huge difference. We know you are tired and worn out from what you have to accomplish every day and some days it is monumental. This time you spend watching so much TV is non productive other than it takes your mind off of your problems and gives you a rest. Meditation and prayer will do the same thing but is highly productive and should be a regular daily activity. God does not charge cable fees nor is there a problem with reception or waiting on a repair person to come when there is a problem. He is always available for you to tune in to and is much more powerful that any signal you will ever get from your service provider. Re-train yourselves back to the ONE of all things and tune in and block out all else for awhile each day and you will make a world of difference and I do mean a WORLD of difference. At times we here wish we could come down and knock on your door and explain this face to face in order to get your attention. There is so much available potential here that you possess and it is not being used in a constructive manner. So let us say that some of your couch sitting will be used for connecting with the God within instead of your TV viewing.

Let us touch on projected outcomes of what is going on. When this vote count or ballot recount is brought forth and discrepancies pointed out there will be a difference of opinions to put it mildly and even more so than exists now. How intensely this will be received is a variable but could lead to extreme anger and aggression. At this point we do not see much giving in of either side and this is conflict with a capital C. Our hope is that no lives are lost or no one is injured in this conflict. We continue to see you pouring Light into this energetic discord of choosing sides and opposing others and this is what is needed and please continue to do so. Your time spent in this effort is measurable by us and I wish there was a way to show you what this means in your reality. You will not change the process or the need for the inevitable outcome of what is needed to happen but you will and do change the intensity of lower vibrational influence that is emanating from the thoughts of others and this is greatly needed. The addition of light and love gives strength to the Divine purpose in this process of doing away with the control that has been. This that is happening now is so Divinely orchestrated in outcome. It will be no other way.

I would like to speak on purpose of life. If you do not feel directed in your purpose at this time then it may be necessary to ask each day what your part is in service and which direction you should be pursuing. Each day ask how you should be directed and what action you should take and what love and peace you should bring to all that is. You are Divinely blessed and God directed in your actions and it is up to you to listen to what is given to you to be in service. It could be that you will be directed to be the loving mother or father to your children or you may be the Divinely led chef that prepares food with love in your heart for those that partake of that food. You are needed or you would not be here at this time to give of your part of God’s plan. All that is is Divinely perfect in its original content and has only been distorted by man. If you were not here then your world would not be all that it could be. Do not underestimate your necessity of being here and the urgings of Divine action on your part. Continue to ask what your part is today and each day and let that direction come through. Do all things through the love that is freely available to you and know how important your presence is. No one is not counted.

I leave you now with much on your mind to consider and contemplate. A new world is waiting for you and you need to be ready to command your part. I go in peace and hope that you will pray for peace in all things coming.

I am Prosper

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