November 20, 2020

Let us begin. It is with disgust that I come to you this morning. We are amazed at the resistance that we are encountering with your government. Continued attempts to agreements of disclosure have failed and there is so much evidence we are here now. How can they think you are that unaware of what is going on in your skies. It is so discouraging to deal with those in authority who continue to block every step we attempt to make to enlighten you with truth. The veil is thin at best and in places is completely gone. We are communicating with so many of you in real time now and the numbers are increasing. It is hard to think with all the communication that has gone between us that road blocks are still being put up and we are denied. What to do! I know what I would like to do but then I must set a good example and be responsible for my actions and we have directives and rules to follow. I am more than disappointed at this overall outcome of our attempts.

We have continued all this time to try to come to some agreement with your government for even a minimum of disclosure and lowered our standards for truth so that maybe they would agree to something in the right direction but they refuse and this is getting old. We cannot just take over or go ahead at this point for we do not have the authorization yet to do so and this has to come from high up. Our options are limited so we go back and report that once again we have failed to gain ground toward disclosure. It is a constant effort and attempt on our part to get this done. We keep thinking it will be so embarrassing for those in charge if they do not tell all of you something because it is becoming so increasingly evident that we do exist. Everyone will want to know why your government did not reveal the truth of what has been going on for so long. What are they waiting for? I am in a state and I should be over it by now. It is not one of my better moments.

I can only look at past motivation and think that you are being taken for fools. Overwhelming evidence of our place in your skies is increasing and with phones that can take pictures and be posted to the different internet sites you would think the advancement in understanding of individuals would prompt the people in key positions to admit to something. Are they not concerned what the voters will think on election day if they try to keep you uninformed for much longer? We have been down this road so many times now and each time we think we are making headway someone will back track on an agreement and even to the point of going back on signed contracts. It does not make sense that there would be something to gain at all from this behavior. There have been people eliminated in the past for giving out information and I guess this would go a long way to put pressure on anyone considering giving out anything, especially if your family was threatened. I must put this away for the moment.

Let us speak of dependability and I am thinking of what you have accomplished in your agreements before coming to earth. There were not only verbal agreements but signed contracts and the challenge in the past was getting you to come to an awakened state where you were cognizant of enough that you saw the wisdom in following the path that was suggested. The suggestions not only came from your inner knowing of the circumstances but from us also. Reminders of agreements to perform certain duties and mostly bringing of Light and Love into your realm and reality. This was the majority of the plan. Some did become aware of this and some did not and have not as yet. We thought we were sending enough people into this challenge that these reminders would be sufficient to wake most of them to action but a surprising number were either late in coming around or did not wake up at all. Those that have been aware of their commitment have performed magnificently and have surprised us in their determination and dedication to this cause and continue to this day to listen to what is needed for them to do. This degree of dependability is of the highest calling in most of you and the results continue to be of the highest caliber. It has taken a lot of work and collaborated effort both from you on earth and us in your skies to make our way to this point of accomplishment. It takes real incentive to continue when met with road block after road block and delay after delay but you have proven yourselves time after time. As we have said what has taken place here goes down in the history recordings.

Now may we speak of recognition of these reminders and urgings. Why did some become aware and some did not. That is a question that will be studied later on for some time. We use this information for future reference and all information is important. Was it pressure from family and friends, or maybe outright denial on the part of the individual receiving these indicators to wake up and go into action? We are seeing may reasons for this denial and most were afraid of being ostracized in some way by their accepted groups. Admittedly it was a bold step to go against popular belief and many of those who did wake up accomplished their work of Light and Love in private, never admitting their beliefs or actions to anyone or maybe to only one or two. Thanks to their efforts somehow it got done and we have come this far into what I like to call recovery. I long for the day when you can openly live your beliefs and speak of what you know and not worry about back lash of any kind. There are many who have suffered from their honesty and delivery of truth and some have lost their lives because of it. They are all sad times when this is the result of trying to fulfill your contract and trying to educate the public and get them to see what has been going on and what is still going on. The numbers continue to increase but that time is coming to an end. Things are changing. The recognition of intent and follow through has been enough to bring us to this point and state of affairs but it took a lot of hard work on your part to do so. We were glad to see each and every one of you wake up and set about the work needed and it was a challenge. A victory and it was and is shared by us all here when this happens. You are not in this alone and we share these times with you.

I would like to talk of investment in your future. No longer can you be neutral and delay intent one way or the other. Inaction is no longer acceptable, not that it ever has been looked upon with anything other than disappointment. Unfortunately things were delayed so much that time was of the essence and your investment in your future was paramount in need. There is before you a rather large roster of things to be done and commitments to be made for those things on the list. This is a group effort on everyone’s part and we encourage you to consider what part you plan to be active in bringing about the desired results. Make a decision and if you have no idea what your part is ask of Father what part he desires you to play in the correcting time and recovery of earth. Listen intently to what is suggested for you to do and it will be the same Divine energy that encouraged and directed you to wake up and get going in the past. There is great intelligence and long vision in matters of these directions and encouragements. Do not let them go unanswered and refuse to invest in your future and your part in all that is. Be aware of what is being told to you.

Let me just say that this is an unusual time and you on planet earth are setting a lot of firsts here with all that is happening. We wait and see what the next day will bring and hope that the time will come soon that our part in all that has happened will be revealed along with your part. We know that time will come and hope that it will be soon. It has been a long time in coming. At times like these when we are met with disappointment we must put that behind us and continue with our instructions and not give up.

I go now and leave you with the great intent that you have shown in the past. Think on these things. I go in peace and hope you will help others make the choice to do this also.

I am Prosper

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