November 21, 2020

Let us begin. Our goal is to present ourselves ready for the changes that are before us. We have been forewarned of what might come but no one knows exactly what is in store. We plan and prepare as best we can but the unknown is still the unknown because of human nature and the varieties of human nature and response. Let us be thankful for diversity but in this case a more unity of reaction would be a help. This “thing” before us is looming and forming into the details of how it will happen but the overall concept of what will happen is known. It is a switch over from total implied control of every human being to total freedom of every human being and that is saying a lot. Let us look at what “might” happen.

The beginning started with channeled messages and psychic messages given concerning the state of affairs. The difference this time is that more of them are coming out and being published or posted on the internet. The reception of the people is different and they are in a more receptive state of being now with all the new energies or waves coming in. The message is the same and the people are basically the same but the circumstances are different. The truth will come out and the key to this happening could have been one of several different things but the turnover for a look behind the real reasons for what was asked of you is now coming out where before it remained hidden. The examination of the election process and the activities concerning any discrepancies on the ballots is as good a key to unlock that private door where everything is a secret. Whatever could have been used to open this door would have started an in depth investigation into the beginning of understanding which would eventually have led to corruption and fraud in many areas.

The next step in what might happen is the real unknown. How will it be received by the majority of people in the US. More are searching for hidden meanings behind events in global activities and are uncovering more and more and it is branching out into all kinds of information. Most all countries are involved in this process of agendas and master plans being brought out into the open where they can be viewed by everyone. The world economy has already been affected by the virus with crippled businesses and unemployment. The added information of the attempt at mandatory control in the guise of health related issues will not be received well and here we have the straw that breaks the camel’s back. There will most likely be a retaliation of some sort with all countries pushing back from the people who have been deceived and this can take many forms from defiant actions on a personal scale to total civil war in each country. The government will be seen as the enemy when in reality it is the hidden and unseen few at the top that are the real culprits. Some of these individuals have never really been out in the open and you would not know them if you saw them on the street. They spend most of their time and energy in maintaining their deceptions and in planning the continuation of their schemes of total control of every situation from money to what is taught in school. They have become that powerful in their agenda and this has been backed by decades of hideous outright evil. This is a look at what “might” happen. From here we do not know other than to say the outcome for the top controllers is not good and also the end result of this revelation of truth will be in the hands of Divine Will. The process of how this is accomplished step by step are the variables.

Now let us look into the power and the glory of synchronicity. Do not underestimate the power of our Creator and the source of all things to bring about the desired end to all of this. The meshing together of events leading up to what is happening now is the amazing part of things and some of them you may never find out. Most will be told eventually. The glory part of all this is the end result and the intervention of Divine will in seeing the children of earth brought out of bondage for all these years and set free upon Gaia as was originally intended in the beginning. Woe unto those who have repeatedly stood in the way of Divine Plan and those who have played a part in the corruption and deception all these years. They will be taken care of one way or another depending on their transgressions. It will be awhile in coming to you the majesty of how this comes about from dark to light upon the earth. You know how hard and long you have worked for this to happen and still there is not the cooperation desired by many on your earth. They continue to stand in the way. The Master Plan of liberating the children of God was implemented and you are witness to the unfolding of that plan. A first row seat in the workings and hands of the Higher Power that is unfailing and final in its form and function toward what is wanted. In its finest detail it is a perfect execution of events leading to the end result. Of course it is difficult for us to view what will happen as a perfect execution of events. There will be a lot of pain and agony for many in this process and it will seem to take a long time but just think how long this cover up has been sucking the life right out of everyone on earth. So many will be removed and taken out. Some who are ready to leave and others who will come before judgment and the courts. This whole process is a perfect storm of sorts and will sweep across the earth like a landslide. This will unfold rapidly at some point once it gets started and all the dominoes will fall bringing about another hidden agenda and another. All of it will see the light.

Now may we talk of targets on the horizon. There comes a time in the maturation of deception when those responsible are no longer as careful in their attempts to cover up what they have done and they will become sloppy. This will be part of their undoing and this point will make it easier to point out their part in all that has transpired. Their fingerprints and foot prints will be identified by evidence of involvement and there will be no place to hide. One participant eager to gain all the leniency they can will tell all they know and have been witness to and then another and another and it will be connect the dots and the picture will become clear. Those whose job it is to collect evidence will be gifted in abundance with all kinds of connecting and verifiable evidence that can and will be used lawfully to bring everyone to the court system. They know what they are doing for they have been judiciously working on an air tight and somewhat triangulated case with many actors for some time now. Talking about complicated but interwoven this is it. These people or perpetrators have been and are the targets we are speaking of. I give you a look at what is to come in our view of things. The energy for this is and has been building for some time now and is being played out and this is one reason so many wanted to be here at this time is for the big finale. It has started.

I close now with these views of what is to come and this gives you more to think about. I go in peace and hope that you will continue to pray and meditate regarding peace being paramount within the process of all this.

I am Prosper

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