November 22, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you. Yesterday was one of consternation and disappointment and I was not at my best in giving of messages. It can be most discouraging dealing with certain heads of your government. Today I am full of hope and continue with my focus of delivering truth to you in whatever way I can. The future does look bright even though there are road blocks in certain areas it is such that the truth is coming out in spite of all the ways it is controlled and kept from you. Now that a lot of the veil has been dissolved or lifted so to speak it is easier to get through to a lot of you with information. This freedom cannot be controlled or discouraged from anyone but it can be influenced to some degree by mental manipulation on the part of the dark. It distorts the base on which you take in new information and colors it from somewhat to total distortion. Another front that we are trying to do away with is that of mental influence by the dark.

Now that communication is becoming more free and in much greater quantity and volume between us and you, it is flowing with information that will not only inform but give you ground work to understand not only your future information but that which has happened to you and around you in your past. While you are asleep much work is done in your thinking of putting things together and working them out and some of the information we give is geared specifically for this purpose of being used at night while you sleep. For lack of a better description it is somewhat encoded with triggers that unlock certain meanings within words to be used at night with other encoded words we have given and it all works together like little puzzle pieces coming together. This process is very protected and respected by us and is used with Divine wisdom given for this purpose. But then all processes are Divinely given to be used for you and we adhere to the laws and rules concerning them all. Again this deliverance of earth into freedom has been such a large concept and so many have spent countless time in devising plans for your eventual understanding and coming out of control. It is still an on going process and one that we are happy to be involved in.

On to other things. May we talk now of manipulation not only of the dark but of those who are associated with or are in close connection with the dark. These people are mostly of the light but they are unaware of being used and would be aghast at even this suggestion. The dark in some cases are not fools but experienced and cunning workers and planners who are quite practiced with subtle suggestion to influence those of the light. We are saddened to see someone used in this way for they, having good intentions, would never agree openly or any other way to being used by the dark for any purpose. They are played and brought along slowly until the influence upon them is total and they have become under the spell and control of an influence they detest. There are more overt sudden ways the dark takes over the mind of someone but this is the most insidious and secret way that they come into the life of good people who would choose to live a more enlightened life if the truth were known.

You may ask how you can know if you have been slowly influenced by the dark and how you would go about guarding against this. We find that daily desire and focused thought to asking for truth and learning to listen to your inner voice when confronting new information gives you a good indication when any thoughts are devious or untrue whether they are specifically targeted at you or not. It may just be generally given out for anyone to hear or read but once you are open and inviting of information and do not question for verifiable truth it can build on another untruth and then you become vulnerable to the long road of going down the wrong path to being used. This has been particularly difficult for us to penetrate in warning you of how you can be changed from total control of your own life to being controlled by another and I am not just speaking of the dark here. This happens in school where children are year after year given information that is not blatantly false but is tainted in meaning and goes against the laws that God has set forth. For one thing your history has many false concepts or occurrences that have been colored with a deceiving brush and in most cases this is done by accident in perception of those recording such events. Another reason is that historians are not given total information pertaining to certain events and they come to the wrong conclusions.

Back to my subject of being used by the dark. I sometimes tend to venture off because there is so much I would like for you to know. Ask daily that you will understand and know truth from falsehood. Ask for guidance from withing your body and your higher learning and also for guidance from outside yourself when confronted with new information. Let us not even go into your news media at this time. I am mostly talking of the things you read on the internet and things you hear from friends or other sources. It can be given in such loving circumstances and just because someone is your family or loved one does not mean they are totally truth informed. This is a personal responsibility you have to choose or refuse what is given to you in all circumstances of life. Practice this discerning of information as to its truth. Let the light into your thoughts and see if it stands up or if it withers like a dry plant under the sun. Lies and those who deceive give you an undesirable feeling in your body, and truth, even though disturbing in its authenticity of facts, will not. This takes time, I know but is worth the effort it takes to be a valued process in the long run. You may also ask that any belief that you have be brought out into the open and revealed to you in its true light if it is not truth. This goes for people in your life also. Ask that they be shown for their motives and what their true agenda is if any. Keep trying and asking and it will be shown to you in some way. It may not be the way you envision but it will be shown sooner or later.

Now I would like to speak of informality of beings. There has been a tendency in the past to put some of us on a pedestal and treat us like Kings or Queens. Although they are well deserving of all respect due to them because of their work in the past they had much rather be known by you as a trusted friend and have you think they are easily accessible at any time. Let us say they would like to be termed, “user friendly” as you speak of your computer programs. Do not put so much distance between yourself and them. We have all been on the path to perfection or the return to Source and must learn the lessons before us. Avail yourselves of the possible friendship that is available and call upon these friends at any time with problems or questions that you might have. It will probably be a while yet before you understand just how learned these being are and how much respect and love they do deserve but take down the fences and walls and open that door to a much lower form of status where we are concerned. We come to you with open arms and hearts to be approached with questions of understanding and we invite you to take us off the pedestal or podium and give us a place at your table with friendship. We have had many experiences like you have had and are having and we can tell you of our experiences with the wisdom that we gained from hardship and we always hope that this information will be of help to you in some way. Invite us into your life on the same footing you walk on and see us eye to eye in your understanding of truth.

I come to that of love again and it is of such importance that I say there is only love and we here always hope that this topic is unfolding to you and in front of you and within you. It is a creative source of all good things. Let it not only comfort you in that you know you are loved by us and Creator but let it live within you and let if flow from Source through you to be shared and incorporated in others and in all you do. All else is secondary. In fact it is most definitely shared with all others by contact if it is flowing in and through you. An unconscious action of energy and its tendencies that it is given by you to all else. Its behavior, source and evidence has been studied for long generations and its energy is magnificently multiplied when allowed to be free and given thoughtfully to others. The most wonderful thing about love is the experience of it. It far exceeds the talking of it or the study of it.

And so I leave you now with the experiencing of love in its many aspects and behaviors to be enthralled and amazed by its power and scope in your life. See where it leads you and experience it in its fullness daily in all things you do. I go now in peace and in love and would hope that you would also.

I am Prosper

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