November 23, 2020

Let us begin. I am with you always is a phrase you remember from your Bible and it is true. Not because God comes down and is with you but because God is within you. There is no way you are separate from God because he is indwelling in you. Your challenge here on earth was the thought that you were far from God and He was always on the outside of you. Somehow your task was to find out that separation was a lie and God was never on the outside but always within you and you have always been part of God. A fractal part of the whole. It has always been this way from our beginning to now. This is what dark is. A misconception which does not allow light to be present in abundance within. Your journey has been given many clues that God is within and you have worked hard to come back to the knowing of God within.

Now let me explain how this is so. At our beginning we are indwelled with a spark of God. We reach within to be with and explore that God within us. Somewhere along the way of the challenge of earth we were taken back to God only exists on the outside of us and I don’t mean back to knowing the thought that God is on the outside of us but back as in the opposite of knowing. We believed a lie and our struggle has been to overcome that lie and to go within. There has been nothing quite like the earth experience. There will never be another time where the dark will be allowed to take over control so completely. Your struggle was great and there had to be help given but some of you found truth along the way and you took off from there and continued down your path of enlightenment. For some it has taken many lives and many learning experiences to get this far. We were directed to give much information for reading along the way and some very important people have been available for you to listen to. It has been a group effort. God is within and you are part of God. He is not a distant cousin.

Now may we speak of profanity in its purist form. The taking of God’s name in vain is something we are cautioned against. My thought on this is also that you are not to deny the God within you. You are not to remove Him so far from yourself that you feel you are autonomous and all complete in your own being without God and you profanely go about living your life thinking you are doing everything yourself. This is not possible. It is impossible for this to happen. So you go beyond thinking that somehow God is outside of you to thinking there is no God. Profane thinking and profane living and your challenge or learning is that of seeing your error in thinking and living and come back to the truth that God does exist and not only inside of you but that you are an exact example of the God principle. How could you not possibly be this. There are automated beings that are not of God but this is another story.

So you have had this multiple lifetime journey where you were to find out through trial and error and learning that God not only dwells within but you are a part of the God whole that IS. You have had many struggles with thinking you are not worthy to even think this thought and from there for many of you this has to be overcomed. It is not a matter of being worthy but of origin and concept of your creation. It is the concept that all is from the same Source and all that is is God and God origin. Allow this thought to be considered and dwell on it in your consideration.

I would like to talk of talents and you most certainly have them. They vary and are different from person to person and are to be used in the service of God with His direction. Begin each day with the question of how God can direct you in the use of your talents and how He can lead you through your day doing what God directs you to do. Use this God given life making use of the love and light channeled through you and given to you for the good of all souls involved. What if you think you have no talents? Talents are often thought of improperly. You do not have to be a world class swimmer in the Olympics or a well known artist. The directed God energy that is given to each of us fills all needs and this means you are God driven even if you are not well known and your picture is not instantly recognized by millions. Realize that whatever you do that is directed by God is needed or you would not be here. Your purpose is of God and there is no higher calling for you than to be directed and led by God in your life. Allow this to happen and it starts by knowing how important you are in all ways. There are so many ways to serve and this service can change for you during your lifetime and sometimes it may change many times if you are used in His service when the needs of souls involved change. Start your mornings in this way of asking how you can be in God directed service today. She what happens and how you feel about the work you do.

There is a key to service and that is one of allowing. So many think they do everything themselves and their accomplishments are theirs alone. I hear people say God did not give this to me because I worked for it and did it alone. All comes from God and this is your challenge in life to come to this realization of self and your allowing of this God energy to flow through you. This is the full power of Light that you allow to surge through your being, mind and body. You are not diminished in any way if you know all things come from God. It gives full meaning to everything you do. The ego stands in the way of many thoughts and sometimes it is difficult to consider that you need to step out of your own way to grasp the concepts of deeper thinking. All is not self. Develop this communication with the God within you and continue to do this every day. Yours is a God given life and opportunity to grow and advance along the road of return to Source. Take advantage of this and be happy about this gift.

Now we come to opportunity that is ignored or refused. This is happening much to often and we see it here clearly. There are so many times that people will not take advantage of opportunities because of many reasons. One is that they do not see them because they do not realize they are a solution to a problem. Life has made you reluctant to engage in the act of helping someone or fighting for a freedom or giving of your time in making the demands of life change in some way for all of you. Consider how you can be of help and maybe you are the one that can make the most difference toward a better life or conditions for everyone.

I will close now and leave you with these thoughts to consider. Be at peace with what is and consider your part in the continued transition time from bondage to freedom. You have the highest of Directors and choreographers in this play and you need to think on what part you will play.

I go now in peace and hope that you will also.

I am Prosper

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