November 24, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you this morning. I am witnessing a global reset concerning monetary events and this will result in a better world for everyone economically. Of course this takes time but the hurdles that have been erected in the past were numerous and had to be dealt with. We have see that they were solved in one way or another and progress was made albeit a little at a time leading us to this point.

Let us talk about this reset. There was designed a long term plan some time ago and it was launched in all good faith and has been fraught with difficulties galore. The principle was to re-value the monetary system in all countries and the end result was that people would share the wealth of the world, which is considerable. It was not seen as logical that only a few had control and that it was hoarded. Releasing this money world wide was a more equitable solution and this was initiated. We here have seen gradual progress and recently more difficulties were resolved making this reset one of success in its implementation. Few steps remain and it can come about for the betterment of all people.

The problem was of those giving up control of it all and they fought until the very last to hang onto all they could. This is not what was intended. There is no reason for so many to live in need of the most common things such as food, shelter and clothing. There is also a large need for health care and clean water. This should not be when there is more than enough money to bring about comforts for all on a global scale. Earth has provided all things to live comfortably in so many areas and no one should have to go hungry or not have a place for shelter. This took a long time to organize and bring about in its structure but the time and thought was put in and the outlook for it to come about is now at our doorstep. You can rejoice over this one for it is coming to your area and here is the question of time again. We hope within a few months. This has large ramifications for all and a better way of life. Money is like energy and flows and is not to be hoarded. So many are in need and there is a solution coming.

Now may we speak of accountability. There is a movement underway at this time for those responsible for vast and far reaching unconscionable deeds to be picked up and brought to a place of holding for legal proceedings. It is taking place but is not publicized at present. There is a process that needs to take place and you will hear of it in due time but for the present it is mostly quiet. The long plan brought about by such hard work by many is bringing the law to the perpetrators and they have no escape. It is time for them to face their actions and this will be done legally and officially. Soon you will hear of it and it will be in the numbers that will almost be unbelievable. The wheels of justice have been turning all this time behind the scenes, gaining information and now they are ready to present their findings to the courts. As we have said there is no escape. Bits and pieces of information are leaking out and finding their way to the public through a few sources but most is being kept from the public at this time. Let it continue to take form in its entirety.

Now may we talk of perseverance in the minds and hearts of all workers. In the face of great odds not giving up is a big deal. It takes strong faith in purpose and strength to continue when it is difficult to see the desired outcome and a willingness to believe in things not seen at the time. You have had that faith and desire to continue when moments of doubt arose. You continued believing there was a Divine plan and the outcome was known by a greater mind than you had and you carried on with your work in whatever way that was and it certainly paid off. Many times I have wished for you to be able to see what we see from our view point. The undeniable progress that was and is being made by your efforts are measurable. Some day you will know just how much your work has brought about the results that were desired to bring you to this outcome. That is why on some days of dread for you we come across with light heartedness and joy that you are just unable to see at the moment. There are few things that are instantaneous with results from hard work. It takes time for them to become evident and in some cases years. It is difficult for us to hold in good news and results of your work even if you cannot see it yet. We do not mean to make light of your difficult times with our happiness, which may seem at times inappropriate. Your fortitude and perseverance have made a world of difference and the key word is “world”.

Now may we talk of vanity and this is a rather large subject in much of the facade that is coming out of the Hollywood and movie industry. Not much is based in reality and most of it on image and comes down to what will bring in the most money for companies, corporations and the individuals involved. It’s all about looks and sellable ideas and promoting people. We often wonder why you buy into this idea that has been promoted that looks are so equated with what is important. Of course there is talent and honest hard work resulting in quality entertainment and information in documentaries and this is important for artistic authenticity. We are talking of putting so much value in an individual putting all their value in looks and presentation of self and body image. Image makers go to great lengths to manipulate circumstances and people for the greatest amount of acceptance by the public that will spend their hard earned dollars on most anything associated with a movie, or an individual who is labeled as a star. The world does not revolve around these people.

This problem of being vain is not only in movies but lives strongly in many lives where so much value is placed in looks and what is presented to the public. When you wake up in the morning and worry all day about what other people think of your looks and clothing and what car you drive there is a definite need for re-evaluation of values and what is important in life. Where did you get the idea that the total of what other people think about you is the guideline to go by? You are accountable to yourself and to God and not others regarding your appearance according to style and fashion. Take a look at this and see where it has led you to place your importance and the priorities of your day. Will someone you value as important be seeing you today and will they have the proper impression you want concerning how you look. Who are you trying to please and why? Do not make gods out of people or the public as a whole. Your thought of “is your look trending” should not be the focus of your day. Live your life for yourself and not others approval.

I have given you these things to consider. I bring you these suggestions and thoughts for your observation hoping that you will see the wisdom in the words. I go in peace now and hope that you will also. Do not be afraid to change your mind and opinion if it is warranted.

I am Prosper

One thought on “November 24, 2020

  1. I obligation divulge, as a lot as I enjoyed reading what you had to turn, I couldnt improve but lose moment after a while. Its as if you had a wonderful grip on the angle puzzle, but you forgot to cover your readers. It may be you should cogitate on yon this from up to more than one angle. Or possibly you shouldnt generalise so considerably. Its change one’s mind if you about nearly what others may take to say in place of of principled prevailing for a gut answer to the subject. Contemplate hither adjusting your own believed prepare and giving others who may look over this the good of the doubt.


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