November 26, 2020

Let us begin. It is our destiny together to go through this time and I implore you to hold on to your faith and your resolve to remain in love and light through whatever comes. We see from a better vantage point here and most of you reading are well grounded and will not be moved no matter what is revealed. The majority of people will reel at the announcements to be given and some of you will be there to give them an example of steadfastness. It is our service to help everyone in all ways we can and we will do just that but so many do not have the strength they will need to find their way through all of what is to come with any semblance of calm. There is only so much we can do when there is not a grounding or platform of truth to work from and also many will be in a state of such confusion and fear. You will have to use your judgment and inner instruction as guidance and this will do nicely. All the mental deviance, confusion, chaos and frustration will not touch you. You will know who is at the helm of this earth ship and how it is guided through the dark waters into the light.

How secure it feels to put you faith and trust in Source. When all is Light, laughter and good times things are lovely with you but the real test is when all is falling apart around you and the earth under your feet is shaking and making changes. You will then automatically seek your inner strength and voice of truth which has served you so well. Be at peace with all that is coming for you have turned within for your answers and found them. You will be tested in most areas and you will seek that same voice and knowing. You will set the examples to follow and be of comfort to all around you. Your courage will overcome what confronts you for you know what is to come after this time of change and revelation no matter how difficult it may seem. The new world arrives.

I would like to speak of Holiness. The word is well known but what can it mean with respect to what we can see and use in our lives. Does someone attain Holiness with study and good deeds? Is it something conferred upon someone else? Holiness is a state of being that is attained with reverence to the laws and word of God. It is being in mindfulness of the respect due the creation and all living things. Holiness is awareness of the Light in all creation and its creative source and channeling that Light in your life and awareness in every moment. Respect is such a small word but has great meaning when we speak of Holiness. Respect is understanding of the smallest things in an understanding of how things come about and how energy is used to create. All things come from Source and is to be respected and Holiness is the understanding of this concept and living it in every waking moment. It is lived, worn and exhibited in all that you do and with every breath. It is a way of seeing things that are and all that is not seen. Be Holy in your thoughts and in your life. Respect all that is and all of creation and the creation process. All is becoming. Be mindful of Source in all things and live life to the fullest in joy and laughter. It is a wonder full place to be.

I give you truth. What you do with it is up to you. You ask in your prayers and wishes to be helped and counseled and we are here for that purpose. The opportunities come in many ways all around you. We try to get you to see them and use them in your path for understanding. Try not to step over the truth that is presented. There will be many revelations that will surprise. Test them all for truth for many will doubt and give false information and reasons why the truth is a lie. Decide for yourself.

May we have an understanding of justice. Those choosing of the wrong path now for decades will in fact come to justice if they have not already. Justice is sure and can be swift when activated. Very few ever think the day of justice will come to them. They, after all have free will to do as they please and in what they feel will be hidden. It is certainly true that they have free will but never is anything well hidden. The record of all actions, including intent is accurate in its keeping all of this secure for review when the time comes. What a surprise to some when the light shines on their record. There is no fanfare, just truth in recording of all things and playing it back when the time of justice arrives. There is justice on your earth and justice within the workings of reckoning with God. We see this as an unusual time that both are working together now in a congruent way upon your planet and the synchronicity is amazing to witness. Usually there is a definite difference between the two but in this inspired and Divinely guided time on your earth both are working together hand in hand. The ways of source are amazing and we are here witnessing all that is concerning this process. We are impressed to say the least. Justice will prevail in this time of bringing truth into the light and bringing those responsible for dark actions into the energy and vibration of justice, both on earth and in Divine action. You do not now realize what you are witnessing but one day you will.

I come to the closing of this message with love and gratitude in my heart for your work and what you have accomplished. Remain in your faith that all is in the hands of God and He is directing all that is. He has taken over the direction and speed of this transition and you are loved.

I go now in peace while being amazed at the workings and presence of Divinely inspired actions. I would hope that you would also.

I am Prosper

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