November 27, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you because you are in the Light and staying there. We are so happy here to see your practice of this remaining steadfast in your daily activities. It is good for you but will be so necessary for things to come and also to help others through this transition. You are the vanguard of change coming and people will notice your demeanor and grounding in spite of and in the midst of all the chaos. It will not take long for those around to come to you and ask why you are so calm. You will stand out so be prepared. The lives you have lived upon this earth have given you the experience you need for this time and some of you are specifically trained just for this time. It is our hope that you will shine so brightly that just by being around you will help some get through the difficult parts. We see the energy coming and it is quite solid now and the plans are made more each day with this time line that is prominent. We will say we feel the winds of change in the air. Most likely all of you do to. What is important is that this change is Divinely driven and mandated and is not to be seen as harsh but as the culmination of what has gone on in the past that is growing into what is foreseen for your future and it is all under control, no matter how it appears from the outside. Look within your hearts and you will find this also.

We need to talk about provisions. We have suggested that you prepare several times now and we hope you have taken this to heart. Some areas will be free from needing this but so many areas will definitely be in need of water and food that have been stored. Much may be interrupted and these things you need for your every day life will be necessary. We do not have a county by county prediction on what is to come for we are subject to not knowing details of earth changes and how people will react to announcements also. It is better to buy things and prepare and not need them than to need them and not have them. Also you may need to share what you have with others. This idea of preparing is worth repeating again. The probability of needing supplies is high. We have spoken.

You reading, I’m sure are wondering what will happen. We have spoken of two major areas and they are earth changes regarding earthquakes and volcanoes and political unrest. These are quite enough to give anyone moments of consideration. Never before in the recent past has your country had a double whammy and these two things are looming at the same time. We cannot say in what order things will happen only that a major tendency for them to happen is quite evident. I hope that you will give these ideas the credibility and consideration they deserve and go about your day accordingly.

Now may we talk of transparency in your government. There is none. It has been so long since you have seen transparency that you may have forgotten what it looks like. The back room deals and whispered words are the rule of the day and this is how things are done for the most part. It is difficult for those who would be honest to try and bring about the needed governance required when they are blocked and cut off. We here have had to quite telling what we plan and prepare to do for that very reason. You have been denied information that would inform you because it is intercepted or regularly viewed by the dark deceivers and countered. It is amazing how we have gone from not existing at one time to having avid readers of our words so the dark will know what we are up to. I guess we became recognized at some point and they use our information against us. So, we have had to withhold what we do not want them to know and ask that you go within or to your sources which are trusted to find out what you can. This reminds me of battle when confronting the enemy and we have countered their efforts. Of course there is always giving of the desired wrong information so they will be deceived but then you would also be given the wrong information and therefore again we ask you to go within for your truth. These times are complicated and transparency becomes as clear as a muddy creek. We have become practiced at deceiving the dark and their actions. Our purpose is clear and theirs is not backed by anything that resembles good. We continue in good faith and they do not.

Now may we talk of hope. There is a difference in hope, faith and trust. We hope that you are deep in faith that we are to be trusted. Our record speaks for itself and you have worked hard to find your source of faith that sustains you through what ever you have had to go through in the past. This source is paramount in importance and we hope it is the Source of all that is and you will be led to right thoughts and actions. Hope is a wish for something. Faith is knowing that certain things are true. Trust is believing you can depend on someone or a group to act in a certain way. If you do not already please find where your faith and trust are placed. We need you to consider our instructions for what you are about to experience so that you will be as well informed as we can possibly see to.

I go now with joy that you are taking our words to heart and planning accordingly. I only wish that more would take our words as credible and seek the answers that bring them to trust in us. Be prepared and listen to your inner voice of Source.

I go in peace and hope that you will also.

I am Prosper

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