November 28, 2020

Let us begin. It is with deep thought that I come to you this morning. I am reviewing all monitoring and evaluating of conditions and thought from a collective standpoint and see that you are so tired of being restricted for this long a time. This influences greatly your reaction to more or continued restrictions and it is not setting well with you. There is a growing rebellion within that is gaining strength and this will play in any further suggestions by government officials of further stay at home policies. There is another factor also in play and that is one of information being given. A lot of you are researching for yourselves the terminology used and the practices of reporting to make up your own minds concerning the Covid dangers. You are seeing that some of the figures given in reporting were not valid in their reporting and in actuality many were not from Covid as reported. This gives the wrong impression when reporting.

All this is laying groundwork for the type of reactions you will have and also their intensity. What is to happen when the government officials want you to respond one way and you, with a mind of your own choose to respond in another? There are many unknowns here but your government is not aware of how many of you are not sheep to be driven wherever desired. Many of you think for yourselves and form your own opinions about what is transpiring concerning not only Covid but the election controversy. We wait to see how this unfolds. Our desire is that it all happens without harm to anyone. Confrontation cannot always be avoided and this is good when trying to ferret out the truth of things but we would hope that massive, intense aggression can be avoided in all ways. The energy is building on both fronts and unfortunately they are combining in emotion regarding opposition.

Now may we talk of talent. We know that you are gifted and talented people and we ask that you continue to bring forth your abilities and talents in honest work. This is the time for all to be involved in what is happening for the betterment of mankind. The path to freedom and prosperity is before you and there are many things to be done. Collective thought is of importance here and at present it could be more cohesive and not so divided. The thought of freedom for some time now has been very prominent and cohesive and has given much energy to an outcome. We would like to see your talents come forth in a more mentally collective purpose toward peace and recovery or a re-orienting of purpose and progress. Your thoughts at present are somewhat diverse in thinking for what should be done and they should be more pointed and focused in the same direction. Some advocate violence for freedom while others want freedom from restrictions by outright putting aside of government policy and mandates. Others want rebellion to what they see as a stalling of election results and are ready to assert themselves in a most aggressive way. There are several fronts and talents are somewhat misused in trying to bring about what is desired and the end result is the forward movement of your country in peace, freedom and a sense of security for everyone. The good part in all this is that you not so much want to go back to the way things were but you want a new freedom and a new security. The new energies that have come in and are coming in have formed in your minds and hearts and have created a mental desire which is now compatible with the new vibration and dimension. All that is not viable in this new dimension is being cast aside or left in the past and this means your thoughts of what you want now is so much different than what you desired in the past. Use your talents to bring about what is desired for your future. Do not sit on the side line and wish for it to happen without the action and works to go with it. Roll up your sleeves and ask where your talents are needed and what you can do to bring about that which you desire for you and the American people and the country you live in. How would you like it to be different than what it has been. There are so many vacant places to be filled and so many opportunities to work in.

Let us speak of Gaia for a moment. She has been busy going about her work of renewing everything and providing a new dimension for her children living upon her. She still has much balancing of energies to accomplish and has worked hard in the past to bring them about with as little disruption for human life as possible. That is no longer possible and some big changes or balancing of energies will soon be evident. Her agenda is full of these occurrences of balancing and will come about in several ways. You have already seen weather anomalies and records being broken in several areas and this is her work to get the changes made regarding releasing of negative energy so it can be replaced eventually with what is needed for the new earth. This takes some doing on her part and all things could go better with your understanding and consideration of events that need to take place on her part. Do not blame her in any way for what needs to happen in these adjustments. You are the ones who have either allowed the discord to happen or have perpetrated the discord in the first place. Whatever the percentages are of both groups it did happen and went on for some time and dark energy grouped together and continued to form in areas and now must be released for a better outcome. So much has to be transformed or transmuted and first it has to be released from its long attachment to certain areas and the logical place for a lot of it to be released is the weather, plate tectonics and underground pressures in the form of volcanoes. Nature is a most magnificent study and holds many secrets of creation in physical form. Flow of energy is what we are speaking of here and these are Gaia’s thoughts at this time. Help her to recover these energies in a positive form with your help and thoughts of well being for her and do not blame her for anything on her part for what happens. She is following Source instructions after denying many changes because she did not want to bring harm to you. She is very protective of her children and views all you as such. It is imperative now that certain changes have to be made and adjustments will come and they will not always be comfortable in nature. We hope you are prepared.

There will be shifting and this is inclusive in dimensions, mental thought and of the physical earth plane. It is a lot to take in all at one time and we have tried to prepare you as much as possible for these events. You will be tested on these changes and we hope you have prepared with grounding yourselves and remaining connected with higher instructions coming to you when you ask for direction. This is your task and you are here for this purpose of showing the way and being the example of proper mental approach to what is and what will happen. You have been in a receptive mind set to the new energies and codes required for re-orienting and reconstruction of form and space. A lot is going on at this time in the energies you cannot see regarding the oceans, land and atmosphere. There is nothing that has not been touched by the new energies and Divine directives of Source. These changes are all going on at the same time and this is felt by the body and perceived by the mind in some way. No wonder you feel off balance at times and wonder what is going on with your body. You are dealing with this in different ways and those reading here are doing a good job with adjusting. So many are not doing well at all. It is so difficult for them to make any adjustments because of blockages from holding onto the past and not letting go of certain energies that are negative in nature. Hate, resentment, revenge and such like have to be discarded and left in the past for a smooth transition into the new dimension and new energies. It is imperative and that is just the way it works. We have spoken on this several times of leaving things in the past or dropping them all together. You can still work on this and improve things considerably but you have almost run out of time for things are approaching rapidly.

I leave you now with these concerns and a bulletin of sorts for earth changes in your sights. So much on your plates right now and you are doing a good deal toward balancing it all. Our goal is to totally give you all information you need to transition these events with as much peace and stability as possible. Keep connected with your inner guidance.

I go in peace and hope that you will transit in the best possible way.

I am Prosper

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