November 29, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you this morning. We are seeing manifest changes brought about behind the scenes and soon they will bring forth big results. The wheels of justice are turning and things are going as we had hoped in the right direction. The legal process is usually slow and this has been as predicted but so many are working on this for a much needed and wanted goal that a lot of the waiting time has been eliminated. It is almost like when Creator decides on something you just need to stand out of the way and watch it happen. A few things that we have been working on for decades now have received the needed energy and momentum and are coming about. It is amazing.

We marvel at the way things are fitting together. People are available and the legal paperwork is completed and filed on many issues. We have had to hold our hands in the past and re-try and re-group and have patience but now the flow of energy with this is in God’s hands and it is moving. It is gratifying to watch from our view. This has been so long in coming but the pieces are fitting together nicely now.

Let us speak of integrity. It is a term that is known but trust in someone or a company is not that prevalent in business these days on earth. Usually if you find a business person or company that is truthful and reliable you stick with them and word of mouth gains them more customers and the business grows. It is impossible to bring forth integrity in advertising for it is in the actions and the way the business is conducted over time. It has to be experienced and the proof is displayed for all to see. That is the real advertising. I am relating this to your government and the people who are holding the positions of authority. You need to look at their record and try to figure out what is real and what is hype. Sometimes deceit can be hidden for quite a while. We are coming upon a time when more will be known and things of a hidden nature will be shown to the public and you will be able to tell how the elected or appointed people go about involving integrity into their daily activities. Do they display and respect the reasons they are their and the people they represent. Are they reliable to bring about the things that are in the best interest of your country. There will be no more hiding behind closed doors. This is the goal and this is the purpose for which we are speaking now. There is a lot of advertising in the past concerning running for office. Money has bought many elections when flowing into a campaign. Try to see that this is not the way things will be handled in your future. The energies that are yet to come into your experience will do a lot and go a long way into giving you the opportunity for this to happen.

Now may we talk of opportunity. The doors are open and Source beckons to all for new ideas and ways of seeing your wishes and hopes for your future come about. There is a lot of energy and focus needed for the work it will take to direct and head your country in the right area for governance that is desired and within the laws set forth by God. We are here to give you a head start in taking advantage of that opportunity so that all of your work and effort will bring about that which is needed. So long have things been going in the wrong direction and it was near impossible to get things back on track. There was so much opposition against right action and right thinking was not allowed and was never encouraged. Things will change and they are in the process of removing all that does not exist in harmony with the new energies coming in. More of the right people will be encouraged to give of their talent and abilities in your government and we are hoping it will be more streamlined and not nearly as complicated as it is now. There are so many departments and committees and governing agencies that it is difficult to get things accomplished. The process and paperwork is astounding. We hope for your sake that much of this multiplicity of mazes existing will be done away with. We will work to see that the opportunities are freely marked for you to see and take advantage of. There are many that would serve you well and give of their true desire for a better country. So much of the incentive just for more money in their pockets will be gone.

We come to influence and there has been such a great influence brought about by the energies coming and also the help from others who are unseen but are dedicated to helping earth and the people get through this time of great change. You would be surprised at how many have agreed to share their experience with those of you who would listen and consider their words. Many are coming now to channel their messages to you and comfort you during these difficult times. This is such a dichotomy of energies now in play. So much turmoil and at the same time so much love coming in from others to help and the love is being received and magnified by you. The loving influence given by so many to you and your planet would astound you if seen in its entirety. Millions of entities giving of their love and insight and it is pouring into your experience at this time. Some are working from home, so to speak and this is far away from you but their energy is such that they can project their help and it remains strong and viable. More are stationed closer by and want to see for themselves how their work and help are being used once it is given. Then there are those who are going about their activities and are never recognized by you and they do it from the love and desire to be of help in any way they can. I know I have used this same sentiment before but some day you will know just how big a production this has been and is being now. The curtains will come to a close and the players will be presented. This does apply to those working in Divine action as well as the dark being brought out into the open. There are so many upon earth now that are under direct influence by Source and higher energies and they are busy about carrying out their directives without ever being known. Service works in any way it can to give to others or to a cause for the betterment of all souls involved. It is the way of God.

Now we bring this to a close and see that this time is also drawing to a close. Time for speaking of the final days is over and you are now in them. The decisions have been made and lines drawn in the final analysis of things and people. Serve out your remaining time in prayer and understanding in your inner guidance and stand steadfast in the love of your Father Creator. I go now in Peace and confidence that you have taken my words to heart and will use them in the fullest of understanding. I hope that you go in peace also.

I am Prosper

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