November 30, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you this morning in your time. We here are in a quandary about what is going on at present. The stage is set and the script has been written but the main players are not to be found. We are wondering what has happened to them and where they are. Certain ones were scheduled to be on the stage and playing their part today and they are not here. It makes us wonder. There is a search out but as yet they have not been found. This is perplexing as they had a big part to play and a long dialogue. I feel they will show up soon but their disappearance now puts questions on everything for theirs was a most important part.

Let us move on to other things. We need to speak of the importance of courage in times of difficulty. There are certain events looming in front of you/us for planet earth that will call for courage. We so closely monitor you that your pain/joy is ours also. One is the New Madrid and it has so much pressure showing that it has to do something soon. We do not understand how it has managed to remain without large movement for this long a time. This is not my specialty but those who study and monitor this say it is overdue for sudden change. The way the plates are confronting each other causes an inordinate amount of pressure to build up before shifting and even with this knowledge it has been expected for some time now. It increases in pressure and this means when it does give it will be rather large in scope and damage. When this happens it will cause much disruption, even if you are not in that area. The secondary affects of transportation over roads, water supply, flooding and disruption of services is what we are also concerned about. This is the courage we are speaking of and you will need it.

It will be easy to become involved in the emotional side of the event and the news. You are the ones needed for light and you need to remain in service to others when this happens. Try to remain grounded and connected to your inner guidance in the face of devastation of land mass and injury of others. It takes a steady mind and a determination to be of help with your invoking of light for healing when things like this happen. There will be a strain on rescue efforts and all must help in some way. Either by prayer or actively physical labor or bringing in of light and healing energies that will be offered for you to channel. You are the fore front of help in the unseen way. Be courageous in your being of help and do all you can in this respect.

Now let us speak of the month of December. It is looking like it will contain much activity in several respects. Announcements are still planned and ready and will be given. Hopefully the schedule will be adhered to and events will roll of as planned. It has been our burden in the past that so many planned things have been postponed or just died because someone did not follow through with what they had promised. This is not the case in this event as much is already solid with mandatory eventualities coming. We here see this and are thankful that this part is on schedule. In fact we sigh and give thanks. So much in the past has been heart sinking and disappointing but time has run out. We know you have heard this before but we persist in our view of things. Be prepared for this in December along with the fall out that will come after the announcements and revelations. Have courage in the month of December for it is gearing up to present as quite a month of diversity for you. And you thought you had seen a lot already. You will be pushed to the limit of your abilities to discern what is truth and just what everything means and how the facts of what is revealed means in every day life. You pioneers of new earth, we talk of the difficulties before the calm and December will be part of it.

Now we must bring at least a semblance of light and brighter things. Let me say that you have more than proven yourselves as rising to the occasion and being the help that all of you were waiting for. You have acted in a way that has brought all of you into higher vibrations and you have made it possible for others to come along with you on this journey. Yes, the waves of higher vibrations and of light were coming anyway but your grounding of energy and light work has made it possible for the road to be paved for much smoother going for those behind you following. It has been difficult for you, no doubt, to adjust and give of your time and effort to this cause for which your inner knowing has revealed to you that this is one of the reasons you are here at this time but the difficulties of those who do not know or have a clue of what is going on is much greater and could have been worse without your love.

You turned around and looked at others still functioning without knowledge of any of this and had compassion for them and spread your arms for your fellow man and this made it possible for many to unknowingly follow in your path toward the right direction. There are those who did not pick up on your invitation to follow and that is their decision but have no doubt for you have made a huge difference for so many others to face the bridge to new earth and feel their new energies beckoning them to the light. This also was your intent so many years ago when you first started out on this journey and we have spoken on others following you. You are indeed leaders whether outwardly or not, it is your works and dedication to this cause that you locked on to and through determination you proceeded into what long ago was the unknown and remained in step with your instructions and feelings to continue. It has paid off and still you continue to do your work but now have a bigger understanding of what is at stake. Most of you are more knowing in your faith and have a much closer relationship with your higher calling than you did years ago. You have grown in your work and abilities and we can see that from here. It is gratifying for us to be witness to this and we are impressed with your lives. If you were all together in one room the light would be blinding. Thank goodness you are spread out so your work and energy can be of God’s calling and not just a fanciful thought on our part up here. I digress.

So, it is with a smile on our faces that we now close and leave you with these observations and thoughts that you continue to amaze us with your abilities. Please continue for there is yet a lot to go through in this month of December. We send you our love and I go in peace and hope that you would also.

I am Prosper

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