December 1, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you this morning and tell you that the missing people have been found. They were unable to communicate for a period of time and found themselves in a dangerous position and remained silent. It may have saved their lives, although we here were anxious for them not knowing their status. Let me just say they were on our side and key people we were keeping track of. Thank goodness all is well and we are relieved. The cogs of progress continue to turn now. I cannot go into further detail. Thank you for your understanding.

I find that you are preparing well for what is to come. You are remaining cohesive in a collective consciousness with all others of like mind and this is most joyous for us to see. The absolute most effective way of doing your work is to join with others for a more powerful energy to work with. The light is replacing the dark in ever increasing increments and the continued work you are doing is having strong results in transversing this period of uncertainty from your point of view. Underneath all the uncertainty it is looking good and gets you to the final conclusion of the dark being totally out of any control they once had. We still have the physical earth changes to go through and they can be numerous and intense in nature. We wait and see for some things are not exactly known. We continue to monitor earth readings and stress points and there will be change for there has to be to relieve the tension and pressures building up. It is all over the world that energies need to be balanced and they will be.

Unknown at this time is the strength it will release to do this and how far reaching the shaking will spread out in all the places making adjustments. There is a threat of tsunamis in several places and water damage is devastating also. These are the unknowns. Volcanoes are also being monitored and it is uncertain how much energy will have to be released through this manner and how many will be releasing that energy. At present several are in a state of unrest and presenting concerns. It is nature’s way of getting things balanced.

Now may we speak of heresy. So much has taken place that is of a devious and ungodly nature that it is hard to relate it all. It has been going on for so long now and has become normal activity for those of the dark that they thought nothing of continuing in their ways to obtain what they desired. Your involvement in all this was to be their pawns in their games of control and works of darkness. The governments of many countries were infiltrated with dark actors at first and they brought in others and the end result was total control, which is what they wanted. They had their contacts and they knew their money could buy their security and if not then they just eliminated all who stood in their way. It took many years but they had time and their plan was long term and it was almost completed in its entirety. Intervention was a necessity to keep this from happening. The heresy I speak of was on going and had been for a long time. It was noticed by many and those who spoke up were no longer around or in a position to oppose anymore. Like swatting a fly those in control eliminated all and what was in their way. That has to be faced by them and the knowledge faced by you. It has to be brought out into the open so that you can complete your understanding of what has transpired and how it came about. It is desired by Creator that you will never again allow this to happen to you in any form. In order for you to be in understanding of protecting yourself in this way you must first understand your history and how this manifested in the first place. It will be painful but you must assume the responsibility of your part in all this so that you will protect yourself from this in the future.

I know that many of you do not see your part in allowing this to happen but it remains that you did not take action when you could have and there are many reasons for this. You must become more aware and the good part is that the dark will never again be allowed to become so entrenched in their ways to this point again. It will be prevented. In the mean time you will be educated concerning your part in everything that has happened and you will see that you can prevent being used in any way for a devious purpose ever again. This is one of our goals in your education. There is a lot ahead for us both in this education part and we are prepared to do this and have been but circumstances have prevented us from beginning like we had planned. Again we come to the delay of disclosure in the past and it must be done. Better to prepare you for our coming that to outright appear in force in your skies but there is only so much we can control in your being told of our presence. A long standing disagreement to be sure with your government.

Now I would like to speak of parenting. There is a trend now for more involved parenting and this is good. Children are cared for differently now and not set aside as they once were for both parents to have jobs and take on so much responsibility. You saw this as necessary to pay your bills for a certain standard of living and this has not been the most advantageous ways of raising children. It makes it more difficult to instill the meaningful things into your children that you would wish and has caused problems in the past. We see that trend turning now toward more involvement in parenting and this includes the ideas and meaningful things a parent can bring to their children. It is joyful to involve yourself in your children’s lives and the new economic platform rolling out will give you not only more economic security but more time to spend with growing children and you will see the difference. This is not a one way street for there is much to be learned from children also. They have a way of seeing things with only the emotions of curiosity and joy when learning new things. Watching them can be a lesson in itself. Of course the total package contains a lot of crying and unhappiness on their part but this also is part of their learning and requires much patience and understanding on the part of the parents. One of the most involving and detailed jobs ever is that of parenting and not for all to experience. Most are not really ready for what is to come. Surprise! You are a parent and then it begins. There is much we have to say on this subject for your job is challenging to say the least.

We close now with joy over finding our people and we want you to know that each of you is looked upon with as much concern. All are known to Father and his eyes miss no one. There is much love given to each of you and we continue our service and work with each of you in mind concerning the Father’s will.

I go now in peace and hope that you will also.

I am Prosper

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