December 2, 2020

Let us begin. I come to you this morning with hope that disclosure will soon follow. It is long past overdue and I am ready to get this show on the road. We have key people that want to cooperate and are in a position to deliver that information, even though it may by modified in the beginning, and we are ready for them to step forward and make an announcement. We have been disappointed so many times in the past that we are reluctant to plan anything solid in this respect. We are waiting.

I see that you are coming together more and more with your enlightenment and many of you are doing your own research for information and devoting time to meditation. The numbers are rising and this is good. The energies are conducive for this to happen and many are taking advantage of them for their desire is for the love of Father to enter their being for progress along their soul path. It does our hearts good to see this happen and your heavenly Father keeps track of all his children and knows when one hears his voice for the first time. You are here because you are important to all things and all that is could not be all it could be without you. Don’t ever think you don’t matter or don’t count as our scribe once did. Our scribe thought no one would notice if she suddenly disappeared and ceased to be. Such folly! Fortunately these circumstances have changed and she has grown considerably.

Now for talk of eventualities. You have been promised a time of peace upon earth and it shall come. Also the work needed to correct the many things on earth that need cleaning up. You have worked toward a time of ascension and you continue to work and I think this is a wrong concept to use this word, “work”. It is not something distasteful or dreaded but a joy to become closer to Source with prayer and meditation and thoughts of joy. Even the thought of meditation is misleading for some never go through what is thought of as meditation and still become closer to ascension. They acknowledge the Source of all things in nature and all life and spend time abiding there and become closer to ascension in this way. This too is a pleasure and is certainly not work. To be mindful of and abiding in Creator energy or creation and nature is such a joyful experience that it beckons you to remain or to return at every opportunity. Your goal is to remain in contact with and to be residing in the One at all times. This is your joy.

Another eventuality are the conditions of earth that you will experience. Again it is a concept of being that you will experience that is difficult to express and explain for it is something that was never present on earth. Those of you sent here to bring light and love experienced it before you came and that is one reason it was a big thing for you to want to come. Such a departure from what you were experiencing at the time of your decision. This atmosphere and environment of love and not having it go away will come to earth in the higher vibrations and it is the way of life in the 5th dimension. You have dreamed of it and longed for it for some time now and still you do not comprehend the difference it will make. We, here all look forward to seeing you experience this.

Another eventuality is going on now with the adjudication of those who must face the reality of what they have done and what the possible penalties are for having gone against the laws that were set forth by God. There is no getting past this. You cannot hide or pay anyone off to circumvent this eventuality. All face the courts of higher justice in this case and it may take awhile for everyone to be processed but it will happen. Not a happy picture for sure. All is equitable and fair and meted out in proper sequence and appropriateness. It is the way things are done. The court rooms you see on your TV and in your movies in no way comes close to the procedure that is set up in the real system of justice. There is no show or expensive suits or false accusations or testimony given. Just review of what was done and sentence. This is done through those who take on this responsibility of receiving the intentions of the Father and bringing them to the soul in question. All is through God.

This bring up the question I have seen on your minds concerning information of those playing a part of the dark and you ask how God knows who is responsible for doing bad things and who is playing a part of being on the dark side. It is complicated for you and one of the things that is complicated is the terminology used to explain this. All have had a choice as to their decisions and what they have done. Each will be held accountable for their actions but there were some who were in a position to show the contrast between dark and light in a more obvious way that played into the bringing about of showing what the dark was all about. Don’t be confused that anyone is getting by with dark deeds by playing a part. All are brought forward at some point and their actions are seen in the light of God and all will be judged accordingly. The thought that someone can disobey the laws of God and get by with it is not true. All actions have consequences. In a way all are playing a part. Do not let this labeling get in the way for all are judged.

Now may we move on to joy and the process of rejoicing. There should be a part of your daily experiencing where you find joy and time for rejoicing. Surely there are things in your life that you can experience that bring you joy. If not there soon will be. It may not be soon enough for you but it is coming and that is an eventuality. Life is going to get so much better for so many of you. Laughter will be such a common occurrence for you in this new world. Those of you who make it to the next dimension will experience this and know that what was promised has indeed come true. There is no big deception in what has been said about peace and love for it is the way of moving up in dimensions. You will strongly be motivated to continue in your growth. It continues to get better.

Now I will leave you with these thoughts of joy and laughter and experiencing of a new earth. Such thoughts should keep you motivated for some time. It is real. I go in peace now and would hope that you would also.

I am Prosper

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