December 3, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you this morning. We see a coalition of light workers all of one mind to bring peace and light to the world. A very large force in energy and largely responsible for gaining ground toward ascension. This was what was needed and we ask that you continue your efforts. It is happening that your movement of grounding the light and channeling the light is lifting many up other than yourselves. The difference in vibrations that the light brings opens avenues for others to partake of the codes and information brought with the light and helps them to open up to more vibrations that are available to them. It is as if you are providing the keys to open the doors for them to step in and see for themselves what changes can be made if they proceed. You give them an opportunity to proceed and that decision is up to them and many are accepting the energies. This was the plan and it is working. So many would not have made it on their own, they would never have unlocked that door by themselves and taken the action to accept the new energies for themselves.

Often we see individuals coming to a question of their own whether to seek higher powers in revelation and educational opportunities but this is one person at a time and is a much slower process than what is presenting itself now. The group collective of light workers are making it possible for whole groups of people to be given the opportunity to move as a whole into the new light and this is a concept that we attempted to explain to you several years ago. The work that we do from our standpoint is and has been helping greatly but it is from our standpoint and vibrations and is different in effectiveness than what you can accomplish from your standpoint because you are in the same plane on earth as those who need to be touched by this unlocking of opportunity. Therefore your thoughts and actions relate in a more complete energetic way with one another and reach out and touch others in a more pronounced way. It is like going next door to talk to a neighbor, whereas we would have to go the distance to affect someone with our energies from a different city or town. Simplistic but close. Your task was clearly defined but difficult to pull off in its execution and you are doing it. Continue to bring God’s children home as He has requested in the past. You open the door for them and it is up to them to walk through.

Now may we speak of home comings. Many of the light workers will be returning to their place of origin when they accepted this agreement to come to earth. Memories of who they were and are will return but not all at once. This would be asking too much of them and slowly is better. There must be an adjustment. Some will remain on earth but all have made an agreement to do so and none are being forced to do anything regarding their assignments. Some volunteered to work with Light and Love until ascension only and others volunteered to work during the correcting time of regaining earth’s original plan. There is still lots to do in this respect of rebuilding and cleaning up of what has been done that was not in accordance with law. Destruction has taken its toll and this correction will take awhile. Many are needed. Returning home will be as you might expect with celebration of friends, relatives and loved ones. Those waiting for their return have done their share of being concerned and trying to have patience. It will be a loving reunion of those returning. Slowly memories will return to those who have lived behind the curtain of lost memory and as that is happening certain memories of trials and pain of earth will fade away and only the learning of the lessons will remain. All who have been in the earth experience have been changed and in different respects because the experiences have all been different. Some have spent many lives on earth wanting all the experiences and learning they could have while others only a few. It was the soul plan and agreed upon by highly experienced and trained counselors for each soul. No life was by chance or accident. The soul had the offer and opportunity to orchestrate certain aspects of learning and made those decisions as they went along. Some learned quickly and others took more time. All the while some had a dual purpose of working with the light and fulfilling their commitments before entering the earth experience. Quite an undertaking when you stop to think about it. Learning while doing. As I have often stated, some day you will fully see and understand what you have accomplished and I feel certain it will surprise you.

Let us talk about this period of things becoming clear to you. As with any advancement into new energies of elevated content there is more available to see and understand. Your understanding gives you more sight into what is going on and this includes part of your remembering who you really are and your past. It is a natural process of this whole plan and will affect each one a little differently. The realities of who you are will not be heaped upon you like a ton of bricks but it has already started for some here still on earth and much is coming through that will become clearer as time goes by. The closed information in your awareness will begin opening and it will come forth like rain on dry land. It will bring forth the small memories into the full comprehension of what is and what was. Is there a down side? I think if there is it will only be one of surprise for reuniting with old friends and loved ones is a happy time. The depth of emotion will be different for each of you. It has been hoped for and longed for from this side of the curtain for some time now. The table has been set and the parties planned. Tears will fall on both sides and joy and happiness will prevail. That is what those who return have to look forward to.

It is time to speak of trepidation or the worry or concern of the time between now and the promise of new earth. What will happen. There are different time lines and there are many scenarios when looking into different minds on the subject. Our concern here is that you are fearful and we would hope that our words would comfort you concerning God being in charge and things being under his plan and control. The elements certainly exist of personal rights to the different reactions of what is to happen but all is in God’s hands down to the last soul involved. No one is left out of this happening where God is concerned. All His children are loved and accounted for in this. The needs of each soul are known and they will be shown complete care as to where they will end up and what opportunities await them. Each path is customized for them and has been determined by their choices from their freedom of choice. They have picked their path. The only thing forced on them is the accountability and responsibility of their actions and this is according to law. Loving opportunities were given to everyone. There is no need for fear. Fear will take away your ability to think in your fullest capacity and come to the best conclusions. Trust in God and stay focused on your thoughts and see that fear does not rob you of you connectedness with your inner knowing and with all that is regarding what will happen between now and ascension. This also will help so many others from your example. There is a calmness in the residing in the love of Father and all that is. Nothing is stronger or more important than this. It is your place of knowing that you are one with the I Am. This is what others will see in you.

I go now and give you these thoughts for you to ponder and consider. Remain steadfast in your achievements of knowing and in faithfulness. It will serve you well to do so. I go now in peace and hope you do also.

I am Prosper

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