December 4, 2020

Let us begin. I come to you this morning with sad news in that our conversations will come to an end. It has been a pleasure to come to you with information and you have been so kind to take it all in and give it a turn over in your mind. Things are moving in a good direction and my service is needed elsewhere and this has served its purpose. Thanks to my scribe who has been available for me consistently during this time and performed admirably. I have learned much from all of you during these chats and will miss my readers greatly. Time marches on and things change.

Now let us talk of progress and there has been great progress. My vantage point here is a very good one for measuring this and we see that you have grown by leaps and bounds in your journey. We like to think here that we have helped in some way to move you along and given you information that you have used in this process. It is time for more in depth education and this is a good thing. I like to think of our time here as a stepping stone for what is to come. You have abided with me and been kind in your reception of my messages and we/I hope they encouraged you to think. Now that things are progressing the messages must change to fit the times and surprises are the name of the game now. Progress is relative but you have risen to the occasions and so many others have benefited from your bravery to continue. Do not think slightly of this statement for yes, you have been brave by not knowing exactly what was coming and what you were dealing with. Your faith and belief in your inner knowing has seen you through the rough times and there have been many. You are stronger than you realize once you make up your mind about the cause and purpose.

Certain announcements are forthcoming and we know you are waiting for them with apt attention. They will be worth it. They will come about in the normal course of things and by ones that are in a position to do so. The wheels of justice for revealing things has rolled around and the announcements are up next in this journey of earth. They are part of this overall puzzle and they are necessary to make the bigger picture. You will have to go through the process of checking them out with your reasoning and deciding for yourselves concerning their validity. Many will try to disregard them completely and will want them disregarded for everyone, thinking they know best. Decide for yourself.

Now may we speak of being clever with deception. This would win a gold medal if it were an Olympic sport. Deception has been so rampant in its use that you hardly know where to go for truth other than within. This has been our repeated truth to you in all this that you go within for your affirmation of what you hear and see. The deception is coming to an end now and it will die a horrible death. It is time that this dragon is done away with and secrets behind the scenes will be brought forward. Those responsible will have the light of their deceptions brought out where all can see them for themselves. The time of disclosure is unfolding with deception in the news media and how things were manipulated. Not all are guilty but this is up to you to decide what sources are true and which are not. You will have help in this matter.

Let us go to the topic of quarantine. There is a plan to revitalize this mandate and have another round of keeping you in your homes. It is to control but not all aspects of being at home are negative in nature. There is a good reason for you to remain out of the mainstream masses during the coming times and that is one of safety. We here do not know exactly what will transpire but do try to stay out of the conflict that might arise and remove yourselves from any aggression that develops. We had rather you be safe in your homes than become involved in any conflict. I see aggression in mental attitude growing concerning the vote count and results. This is a definite conflict in ideas and choices and it will take some time to work out. During this time there has already been death threats concerning the recount. Just be careful. There are more energies coming that will help with process of peace and this will go a long way in helping everyone to accept the messages contained in the energies and this will change the overall collective consciousness in a positive manner. How much it will change toward peace is not known yet but we are hoping a great amount. As you see there are several things on your horizon in the way of changes and all will have great effect.

We would like to speak now of departure. I am going to another venue of service and hopefully will be successful in the education field as it is upcoming on a greater scale. We hope to give our teachings to all who listen and they are necessary for your understanding of many things concerning your earth and its history. As we have stated before one thing builds on another for a complete understanding so it will take some time to bring it all forward for you. Please be patient in our delivery and consider our words carefully and try not to disregard it right off without consideration.

I go now with thanks for your attention in reading my messages and I wish you abundant education in your future for there is much to learn. I go in peace and hope that you will also.

I am Prosper


I will continue here for awhile now until certain events take place that will bring us to our proposed greater education plan. Stay tuned. Prosper.

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