December 5, 2020

Let us begin It is with joy that I come to you this morning in your time for indications are that things are on schedule and happening accordingly. Announcements are getting ready to be unleashed and we are waiting to see how you respond to them. We are expecting disbelief from a large majority but further evidence will come also with other information and this will help to give validity to the statements.

We are uncertain of how the re-count of the votes will progress into changing things but believe that no matter what is found certain ones will not accept the outcome. There is a predisposed mindset in some that believe all else is false and they will not listen to facts. This is where the conflict comes in and it is unknown how this will play out in your conflict. How far will some go to cling to previous information of the first vote count no matter if deception is proven.

We also see that some are keeping up with world conditions and what is going on in other countries. There is a progression of attempting to control people again with the Covid fear tactics and it is not working as well this time as it did the last. People are fighting back and now that vaccination cards are to be required, the opposition is rising in the masses. These cards are to insure you take the vaccinations to insure your safety and that of others but it is an attempt to inject you with certain tracking devices, which are very small I might add, and further keep you controlled. This is against the laws of God to imprison another in this form of control. It is not freedom for the individual and it doesn’t matter what you call it. Much fewer are buying into these records keeping cards and they also include in this plan a notification of when you are to be re-vaccinated. How preposterous is this! Cannot you see what they are doing. Many of our remote teams have done much work in the past to nullify the harmful ingredients of vaccinations before they are given and this may be one avenue that is open to us at this time.

More opposition is growing to mandatory wearing of masks and stay at home mandates. In many cases wearing of masks is more harmful because they are not changed frequently and the exhaled germs collect on the masks and are inhaled into the lungs for further stress on the system. Be sure you keep your masks clean when using them. Change them often. Your world is moving into uncharted territory.

Now may we speak of uncharted territory. Huge changes are happening right before your eyes and these are energies and are very difficult for you to see, even though you are feeling them. The changes are being felt by your body and it is trying to accommodate the new energies as best it can. You may have one or more of the ascension symptoms to deal with and we are trying to help you with if you ask for our help. These can be quite uncomfortable as there are many things going on in the body at this time and it is doing an admirable job in trying to keep up with everything. Your minds also are adjusting to the energies that are asking you to open up to the light and love that is coming in and many of you are responding in a favorable manner. There are certain ones that through their own freedom of choice have made a decision to remain asleep and not respond to the light and codes that are coming in and this is their choice. They will continue their journey in their own way and time and this is their right to do so. This indeed is uncharted conditions for you and so many are watching to see how you will handle what is going on and how you will overcome all the challenges that you are facing. What you do here makes a difference for so many elsewhere. Again, some day you will know.

I would like to talk of moving forward and this is a turning point for so many things now and the necessity for dealing with them all is coming upon you. It may happen in quick progression and you may scarcely take one in before the need to deal with another comes forward. This is asking a lot but so much was put off because of refusal of those to go ahead with disclosure and the massive information that needed to be given that it has bunched a lot of things together now that will come out one after another in your time. This makes it more difficult to deal with but we confront what we are given and this is the way it has ended up in the giving of facts behind the scenes. Some of you may want to sit down while listening to all that will come out and be told. There is yet a lot to happen concerning the giving of facts and things perpetrated by those behind the scenes and in the dark of night. Again we tell you that nothing is hidden from the record keeping within you and nothing is lost or over looked. You will have to deal with all the announcement facts as best you can and go forward from there. The incoming energies should help with all of this but still it will be a lot for you to take in.

Now I come to reasoning out what you will be told. Use your own mind and experience and go within for your confirmation one way or another and do not be swayed by those who have not a clue as to what is going on or to what has been going on. Think for yourselves and move forward accordingly with your path in All That Is. We do help with all we can but so much is left up to you to accomplish during this time of adjustments. We continue to encourage you to go within for your answers and remain steadfast in your keeping with the laws of God and remain open to the Light and Love energies being given to you and your planet at this time. They are made just for this moment in your history and you should take advantage of them. They continue to pour in and all different depending on what is needed and they also are like stepping stones to your forward growth and travel along your path. Remain unmoved from your faith in what is to come, keeping in mind that all is still under the control of Father Mother God and it is going according to plan.

I leave you now with all these things and suggestion to ponder. I go in peace and would hope that you would also.

I am Prosper

One thought on “December 5, 2020

  1. To Prosper and Team, We thank you for your messages and these have gone a long way with the support that we have needed on a daily basis. We respect your time and effort to give of your wisdom and encouragement for us to continue in a positive manner along our journey during this life time that has been so uncharted. We are grateful.
    In loving respect,
    Your readers


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