December 6, 2020

Let us begin. It is with sorrow that I come to you and tell you that many will not make it to ascension. Our numbers show that many have not agreed to let these ascension energies into their lives so they can grow and experience the higher vibrations. It is their choice of course but they have chosen to remain asleep. We think it is fear based and this would explain a lot if this is the case. Some recently have awakened to the new energies and are facing many new feelings of love in ways they never imagined before. At first they were cautious and they put the feelings off for quite some time but finally gave in and they pushed it almost to the last minute but we rejoice over any and all who come to the light no matter when. This is the purpose of continued trying with the waves of energy we will call the beginning energies is to bring new feelings into each consciousness and then to make a way for other energies to come in. It has been a calculated process and each person decides how much to accept and allow for themselves. Nothing is forced. The creative energies of light are brought forward to accept and are gentle to the soul and they build upon each other if allowed.

Unfortunately when someone is not ready in that they do reject what is offered when the vibrations increase with each wave there is more of a conflict, we will call it, between what is offered and the state of the individual. This can cause quite an uncomfortable feeling in the immersion of the new energies and the rejecting of them. The discomfort is usually directly correlated with the amount of vibrational distance between the rejected energies and the vibration of the individual. You can imagine what the darkest of the dark go through now with the higher vibrations coming in. A definite dissonance and there is no place to hide from the new energies. The right to accept or reject is still there within grasp. Let me say here that the rejection of the energies leading up to greater energies offered takes a lot of energy from those who do reject. There is a drain on their own existing energies to do this. It is difficult to explain but we will just call it a drain on their energies. It is not pleasant for them. Some make the connection as to what is causing their discomfort and many do not. It causes some to exhibit harsh behavior and to act out in response and this is what is going on with so many now around the world. Not walking in the path of Light is not an easy life and you can bet that the false gods they worshiped will not follow through with their promises to make you happy for evermore or unto your last days. It will be too late to find out that they will let you down and could never follow through with their promises. False advertising for sure.

Now may we talk of coming to the Light. Let us say you have accepted the new energies and the new feelings of opportunity for letting love into your life are accepted. When these new energies bring you the higher vibrations this opens up your senses in all ways gradually with each wave you accept and you are able to understand with more depth the reasons behind all things. It brings about more understanding of the meanings behind creation and the love principle and this usually leads to more questions that you will have. The care that has gone into each wave of energy coming to earth you would probably not understand but it has been a loving opportunity that has been given to you these past decades in the form of the energy waves. Accepting each one, or in some cases accepting part is a matter of where you are vibrationally and is different for each person. Growth is an individual thing and that is why we are asked not to judge one another for we are all in a different place along our path. Some take longer to accept than others, just as some take many more lives to learn than others. Growing can be difficult but residing in the Love and Light of the Father is most rewarding and in your modern world it is something that cannot be advertised. Can you imagine an ad for accepting the higher vibrations coming in at this time? Words just would not do the job.

The soul communicates with its own language to the heart, the mind and the body and is a love and creative light language. That is one reason it is so difficult to explain. The more Light entering the body the more capacity to understand the meaning of our reason for being here. It unlocks so many doors for you. It is a creative energy that multiplies the good things in life and this is done not only for you but also offers opportunities for those around you. I am speaking in simplistic terms here but you get the idea. Love and Light can be described in many different ways and it can become complicated when trying to describe the creation process from thought to light to the energy that creates things into matter. This is yet for another time.

I would like to touch on hearing of the word. There is a synchronicity of occurrences that will bring information to an individual to answer his or her questions. When asked of the universe or from other higher beings for answers there is a way that the answer is given. It may be from a friend, a book an experience or given in the night while asleep but long held questions eventually come to the answer in some way. So many times the answer has been there all along and the individual was not able to make the connection to receive it as the answer. Jesus was a master of using His words to give of meaning and His energy and presence brought forth more than just His words. There was His Light and love that in addition to His words gave understanding to all those who could hear Him. Not only that but sometimes He did not have to speak for his loving presence to bring about drastic changes in someone. Ever notice the difference in speakers in your understanding of what they are trying to explain. There is a certain power in words that can be delivered with the concept or meaning that is in addition to the speaking of the word. This is what Jesus had and why so many were moved at the sound of His voice and the delivery of his teachings. The hearing of the word, or shall we say truth, is more than an auditory experience. Given by an enlightened teacher the mere words can come with more than vibratory tonation when entering the body. Choose your source of teaching not only for content of word and truth but for what comes with it. Ever notice with some channeled messages now there is an understanding or a feeling of great love that comes with it? Many of the messages coming in now from teachers from far away have a great message of Light and love along with their words. As always choose your messages and messengers carefully as to truth.

Even though there are individual paths and different interpretations of life you have come together in your understanding of like causes and your group consciousness for bringing you to your new earth has gained momentum and you are using your agreed upon energies to their fullest in an all together movement. This has great creative power and you continue to learn how to do this. We are most pleased when seeing this.

I leave you now with new understanding and new thoughts. I go in peace and hope that you do also.

I am Prosper

2 thoughts on “December 6, 2020

  1. When you say “many will not make it to ascension,” what does that mean exactly? People speak of it, but no one says what we are to expect. Will people suddenly disappear because of some sort of a timeline split? Will many people die suddenly? Will there be upheaval or a smooth transition? Do all children automatically ascend? What about animals? It’s enough stress to be told that we are to go through some huge change, DNA and all, but all of the messages (from everyone, not just you) are so vague.

    Please elaborate so we can properly prepare.


    1. We give you vague information for a reason. It is not to deceive you but to keep you from further worry about certain details. It takes a certain amount of knowledge to understand how things work and most do not have that yet concerning elements of vibration and dimensions. Yes, animals will ascend if they are ready just like humans will ascend if they are ready. The same goes for children. There will be no mass dying but the two time lines will split. People can depart or ascend but leave energetic thought patterns or remnants of themselves in the lower vibrations and it will not appear as if they have gone. Those ascending will be aware they have ascended but there will be no difficult stress from having done so. The separation from those who did not ascend will not be a huge stress like you would imagine. I hope this helps somewhat. I will ask that you be met with further information while you sleep. Thank you for your question. There is much more to this process that I cannot go into at this time. Certain allowances have to be made as circumstances change and specifics are not possible at this time. All is done with love for both those ascending and those that do not. Prosper


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