December 7, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I bring to you the information of disclosure, once again there has been an agreement of sorts in that some information will be announced. We will see if it goes through. There have been so many disappointments in the past I am reluctant to get my/your hopes up over this. We can only hope that this individual concerned will honor his word on the matter. I am not sure exactly how much will be given out and feel it will probably not be that much. It is on a personal level very deflating not to be acknowledged in any way and this has been going on forever it seems. When? The agreement was for before Christmas.

Now that that thin information has been given to you we can proceed. It is necessary that several things be done and soon. We can count on more getting done with intervention of Mother Father God giving orders for the completion of energies to be processed. Certain things have been ordered or mandated to happen and they will but most all depends upon the reaction of the public as to the intensity of further advancements. We hope this year end will bring us to large steps being made regarding information coming out about a few large topics at least. As has happened in the past it seems that some things have been pushed to the end of acceptable limits for things to happen and the information concerning our existence in your skies and the dark deeds of unenlightened groups are no exception for this trend to continue. We await the information and it could be that much of the truth concerning both these topics will be left to us. We can get this done if given half a chance. The desire is there on our part but at present the barriers remain. This will not continue for at some point we will be in control of education and information given out. Right now it is still up to your government but not for long. Our education is a must in the overall plan of things.

Now may we talk of continuity of advancement. There is a flow of time, energy and progress in this transition time of earth and we follow this flow of progress and our time is almost here. The energies forming our intervention on your time line is solid and we are present with this part in the continuity of events. Our plan has been worked out for some time now but individuals are being contacted at present and connections are being made between those on earth who are to be involved with taking the facts from us and delivering them to you are in progress. Earth individuals involved are being informed as to their part in all this and that is going well. There has been much dialogue going on concerning the volunteering of conduits or channels and this has taken place at night while they are asleep. Nothing is forced on them and they have freely given consent or expressed desire to be part of this educational process. They have met the source of certain information and dedicated communication channels or avenues for this giving of information either have been or are being solidified. There is going to be a difference between original introductory announcement type information and the planned program of history of earth and other information to be given. It is necessary that we put our good foot forward on initial introduction for this to go well. There is still the plan of our people being seen and giving out information and most all depends upon the reception this huge announcement makes to the world.

The advancement in other areas is going well, even though you cannot see it at present. The continuity is smooth for the accomplishments in government and the legal aspects of bringing certain ones to justice. The speed at which this is happening is for the most part quicker than normal for other legal matters and this is good as it is what is needed at this time. The roll out of bringing light to hidden matters is on schedule and is one of the necessary parts for things to continue. It will be done. As usual we had hoped to have more ground covered by now and our presence announced long ago and this would have helped matters but we will not be daunted or kept from our purpose and mission to earth. We continue with everything.

Now may we speak of artificial life and how it is playing a part more and more in your lives. It took off rather slowly in the past but is big business, so to speak, now and you would be surprised at how much it is involved in everything. There is so much involvement now in your computer software and the intelligence grows with each improvement in programming of software. You are being invaded, charted, watched and spied on constantly. We have done a lot so far as to not let this get out of hand regarding AI taking off and gaining in individualized intelligence. This has been a possibility in the past and it was stopped from happening because who knows what would have happened when the AI continued to learn and then at some point make huge decisions on its own. There was a danger there that was possible and it was stopped, not destroyed. So there still exist a large amount of artificial intelligence in play at this time and we are keeping an eye on this so it does not get out of hand. Unfortunately the information being gathered about each of you is being used mostly to get you to let go of your dollars in purchases but have no doubt that other information is being stored somewhere to be used later for other things when the idea comes about. The obtaining and storage of information about YOU is a big deal in that is has monetary value and can be sold or bartered and the information about you continues to grow as you live your lives and make your choices about everything. At first it was individuals working for companies doing this gathering but now most, if not all is being done by software generated programs that think for themselves and get the job done without what we would call a regular human. Some may find this shocking and it is but this has been going on now for several years. At present we are controlling the advancement of this artificial progression. It needs watching.

Our mission continues and we dedicate ourselves to your time through this change in most all things in your life. A lot has been expected of you and it has been difficult at some times and even now the energies exact an accommodation from you in mind and body. You, who are the people of Light are doing well and others are trying their best. Some are not adapting at all and are having a rough time. Our scribe is correct in thinking that we care about each and every one and had hopes of so many more opening up to the love coming in and accepting the energies and codes for awakening. We set the bar high in this matter and strive to move everyone we can to come to the realization of change for the better and to investigate it for themselves. We do not give up on anyone.

I leave you now with this information and please know that the wheels are turning and in fact they are turning a little bit fast now than they have been in the past. I go in peace now and hope that you remain in the Light and surround yourself with the Love of Creator and remain in ALL THAT IS.

I am Prosper

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