December 8, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I contact you this morning. There are signs that disclosure will go ahead and this pleases us. Of course we will not know for sure until it happens. We hope for the best.

Let us talk of disclosure a little more. We have discussed this numerous occasions and it is high time for this to happen. The percentage of people believing in some type of life from other planets keeps getting larger and larger. It will still be a shock for most of you on earth to have it confirmed, even in a small way. Maybe it is best that all is not revealed at once. You are so far behind with this information and it is holding you back. It is not that important that a certain person reveal this information as it is what is revealed. Someone who is believable, of course, but we just want the information out there so we can move forward with education. It may be done in stages but the news media will make it a large point to cover. Your known history has revealed evidence of visitation from other planets and beings other than from your earth. Many of you now residing on earth are from other planets originally and this fact is overlooked. There were several reasons for this. One is the contribution of DNA to the gene pool and this was a great help at the time. Another reason was one of bringing light to your dimension. Another reason was one of curiosity to experience an earth life and they continued to reincarnate here and stayed, some forgetting their original plan just to experience.

Also visitation from other planets are for several reasons. Long ago they were for ownership of the planet and the valuable commodities that could be gained from earth. Another was to help the people already here and many visited for this purpose and much information was given for improvement. Things became complicated when several wanted ownership of earth and battles were fought. Dark forces came and stayed and hatched their plans for domination and were successful for a long period of time. You are still trying to overcome this element of control.

This is a simplified story but more will be given in detail later. Giving of information concerning history will help you to understand not only what happened but why. We know you have many questions.

Now may we speak of support groups and how to use them in your advancement. Traveling your journey alone is difficult. Most of you are surrounded by uninformed people and also disbelievers. They do not accept information concerning communication from extraterrestrials and look down on those who do believe or experience such. Support groups are of benefit to you not only to have others who are seeking the same information but this is a big part in how information is dispersed. There are many sources coming in now and many in a group of support makes it more likely that someone has received a message of importance. We understand the pitfalls of coming in contact with incorrect information and encourage you to go within for all verification of what you receive, whether in reading it or hearing it from a friend. The same rule of discernment always applies here. There is so much out there right now that is just not true but mostly it is a little off with other inaccurate information mixed in with the good. This makes it even more difficult for you to take the good or accurate part and leave the false. A lot of information is not given accurately by the receiver and they are unaware that anything is amiss. They give of the message in good faith.

We always do our best to see that our information is given in the best way possible at the time but perfection is hard to come by and we are not even taking into consideration those who deliberately deceive with their false and fake facts. Do be careful what you take as truth and verify within whenever you can.

Now we come to you with information of a different sort in that other teachers are standing by ready to give of their information in their field of knowledge and their dedication to your advancement is of the highest quality and also their experience. They serve in the highest calling following God’s request concerning all people of earth and we see this through the love they have for you and are ready to begin with this next step in your understanding. Switching over from one vibration of contact to another takes a little doing and we are in the process of doing that now. It is not quite as smooth as changing channels on your TV. We will see that this is done with a dedicated line, so to speak and this insures a bigger percent of accuracy in reception of information. We continue with our progress and your adventure into the new earth experience. A new source will be introduced to you soon and you will receive interesting education you have been needing.

I go now and we continue to make arrangements for all aspects of this information and new source to be given to you in your future. I go in peace and would hope that you would also. Enjoy the thoughts of a further education and information delivery.

I am Prosper

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