December 9, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you. We see a solidifying of events concerning legal matters of the vote recount. It concerns me that these findings are not being taken seriously and I am considering now that even if proven definitely that they will go ignored or seen as unimportant. It is not too much to ask that the vote be held accurately and the votes counted correctly. Then it must be implemented for a legal determination for the voters. Why have a vote if the accuracy is not to be recognized. People of earth continue to puzzle me in their actions and attitudes. I digress.

I would like to mention here that all is still on schedule and happening under the auspices of Divine countenance. It looks chaotic at present and the energies are twirling and swirling like a whirling dervish but they will subside when the time comes and all will work out as planned concerning the final result. We keep saying this even though you cannot see it. I feel sometimes it is of no comfort to you for you believe your eyes. It is hard to hang onto that which is not seen and we understand this. You are so used to having the thing before you and then believing in it. We are asking that you believe it and then have the thing before you. A complete reversal for you but this reverse thinking (to you) is how you go about creating what you desire.

Now may I speak of how things will transpire and come about. The energy given to a particular time line gives it strength and dominance and places it in line to happen. As more energy is given to something the more solid it becomes until it will manifest into reality. Think of energy coming from thought, or desire, as having weight. See thoughts as solid heavy weights and as they accumulate they trip the scales on one side and cause all this weight to fall into the creative and solid way of being. All the weight that was thought is now into the realm of reality and matter. The weight does not go away, it only changes form. Most time lines do not reach the tipping weight to throw it into the reality of changing into matter. The thoughts remain in probability only and do not mature. In your own personal life your thoughts can be given so much energy that the weight trips the scales into reality and matter when other peoples’ thoughts do not. This is how some can have what they desire and some do not. The lack of energy from thought is not enough to bring into matter or reality what is desired. Remember that thought is the beginning of the process to bring into reality what is desired. Not random, generalized thought like, “I want things to be better” but specific thoughts like details with color and definition. This is as close as I can get for you at present.

I would like to speak on your reality and this is as diverse as there are people who discern reality. It is all in the perception of the beholder and how that perception has been formed in their past. There can be so many ways of looking at things and information through scientific trials and experiments show that there is no one reality. It is colored by the experiences of the person receiving sensory input as to how the senses perceive it. Mostly how certain things are given more importance than others when perceiving. Were you abandoned as a child? Then you might have more negative emotional responses to parents who give their child up for adoption. You get the idea. That is why there are so many differences of opinion. Certain actions are commonly agreed upon by most people as to moral issues and breaking of the laws. Other things can be seen in many different ways based on your teachings in the past and your learning of the principles of living in love. Coming from a place of love can not only give you a better understanding of why people think and act the way they do but love gives you the ability to forgive or allow someone to find their way through life with trial and error. All are on the road to learning and part of that process involves mistakes. Don’t get hung up on focusing on the mistakes of others and then remaining there. See them through the eyes of love and know they are in the process of learning and will continue to make mistakes until the lesson is learned. Allow them to learn. If their mistakes hurt you in the process try to forgive them if at all possible. Move on and continue to see through the eyes of love. This can often be difficult but this is a much better way than seeing through the eyes of bitterness, hate and revenge. Give these emotions up as they distort things considerably for you and color all things you perceive. This is doing it the hard way and it is difficult enough to travel through life as it is.

Now let us think on knowing versus just having a vague concept of an idea. You will hear many good ideas in your life time. You will go on to forget many good ideas and suggestions. The ones you take into yourself and focus on and use them in your trial and error concept are the ones that become the knowing. The ones you prove for yourself now have the background of faith in their concept and are placed in the “this is real” area of your brain. You will come back to refer to this knowing many times and it will be solid. The good ideas you hear or read about only become known to you when they have passed the test for you as proven. Then it becomes energetically linked to your being. It is rooted there. This is why it is so hard to change long held ideas because they have been proven to you and have taken root, so to speak in your knowing. The earth does not have the place of having all other heavenly bodies revolve around it. At one time this was given as truth because it was given “proof” by seeing it was so.

Do not be afraid to question what you believe. Do not be hesitant to change your mind about something held in belief for a long time. If other information comes into play consider how it fits in with what you know, if it does. Learn to see the possibilities involved with the what ifs when considering new concepts. I am not trying to get you to question everything you believe but I am saying to you that you are about to come into much new information and you will have to consider it wisely and see if it is due further study. How will it be proven by you in your understanding. Do not be afraid to disregard new information if it does not feel valid to you and your being sends you a negative response to it. Get familiar with this process if you are not already for when honed with experience it will serve you well for the rest of your days.

I need to mention that we are in the middle of a HUGE shift. There is being much asked of you as it relates to accommodating and adjusting to these changes. Be patient with yourself. Understand that people will react differently to them. You, along with others, may not feel well. You may be forgetful. You may have changes in eating and sleep patterns. Be kind to others during this time and be kind to yourself.

I go now with these things for you to review and ponder. I go in peace and hope you will also.

I am Prosper

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