December 10, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you this morning. We see that the wheels are turning and this time in the right direction to get us to where we want to go. It is our intention to begin teaching after disclosure and we are hoping for a good response from the disclosure with a strong desire on your part for more information concerning these ALIENS from outer space. It sounds strange to us that where we live and work is termed “outer space”. We just think of it as home but you may call it whatever you like. We are still here and ready to give you information.

I would like to talk now of appropriateness of mental communication. It has been years that we have been monitoring your thoughts and we have had quite an education in this department. Goodness at the thoughts that come and go into your minds. We predict that in your near future you will communicate mentally with us and with others. It is already being done as with this scribe and many others taking messages. You do not realize it but you are doing it already in your close connections such as with children and parents. Mothers have been reading their childrens’ mind for some time now. There is a protocol for correctness or a socially acceptable manner in which you conduct yourself mentally when communicating this way. At present it is a far cry from how you are thinking now. It may take some time for you to master this concept as it will be new to most of you. Some of you have done it before you came to earth and may find it easier to return to. Just know that when mentally communicating to someone that everything is out there for the other to receive when that channel with the other person is open. There is an appropriate manner of conduct in doing this and you will learn. I know it sounds unfamiliar to you but we have been doing it for so long now that your way of vocalizing your words is strange to us. Few of you would feel free to have your thoughts out in the open and there are ways of closing the door, so to speak, on your thoughts so they will be private. This also you will learn.

I am sure you see this as an invasion of your privacy. Reading your mind has been necessary in some cases to gain information for the proper actions to help you and to know in what areas you were having the most trouble. We needed to know how you were understanding what information we were giving in our messages. Some of you gave permission for us to read your mind a long time ago and this has been most helpful in our service to you. So, I guess this is sort of a confession to you in our activities concerning the intervention of helping earth and her inhabitants to get out from under this imprisonment that you have been living under for so long. We learned right off that what you were saying verbally was not what you were thinking. You have been under such a way of life that you hide your true feelings so successfully from others and it is seldom that the true person you are rarely comes out, or is shown. We were quite amazed at this and found that most of you thought you would not be accepted as you truly are. We found it sad that you felt you did not want to be rejected so strongly that you lived your lives hiding your true self and just played the part of who you thought others would accept. We hope that will change in the future and this is closely connected with mental communication. It is much easier for these two things to go hand in hand and we realize we are so comfortable with this way of communicating that we may be describing it as easier than you find it to be.

We have heard over and over that you wish you could communicate with us. You can and this is why I am telling you of the socially acceptable manner in which you can do this. There is no distance hindering thoughts and you do not need any type of phone or apparatus to do this. We are as close as your thoughts and I tell you that mental thought, when a good connection is made, is faster than the speed of light. This also means you need to be sure of your words and meaning before you think them. It is that fast. We ask you to try this with us and see what happens. We hear so many that speak to us and do not realize we are indeed listening to each of you. We are here and try to respond to your words and thoughts but few can hear us. It takes practice and do try to do this mental communicating, not only with us but with others and especially those you are close to. We can vocalize our thoughts as you do but few of us are adept at doing this and prefer not to. We understand if you prefer not to use mental communication and it is your choice. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you did!

Now let me speak of interference in your lives. There are those who will interpret our attempt to help you and your planet as interference or something more sinister and will not want us to come to your planet. Many of you will not trust us to do anything and had rather we just go home where we came from. Please, let us say again that we are sent under the direct authority of Creator God to assist you and we have been doing so for decades now and we have done nothing to harm any of you. We would not be allowed to. There have been others, not under the Light and love of the Father that have come to your earth and have done things to aid themselves at the cost of your well being. We are talking about those who came to your planet long ago and stayed and also those who visited in your skies. Certain activities were conducted where people were taken and then returned but they were few. Most of these were to gain DNA to help keep other people on other planets from coming to a harmful end. The most damage was done by those who came to your planet and stayed. Many came in good faith and did help your people long ago. There is a grand history waiting for you in the educational part of our intentions that you will find most interesting.

Your lives have certainly been interfered with both in a positive way by many aliens from different places and in a negative way from others. We are here to help correct what we can and explain what we can so that you will understand why certain things happened that bring you to your now. We are here to serve and our manner is in no way harmful to you. You have the freedom to accept or reject our words. We would hope that you would at least listen to what is offered and think it through first.

Now let us speak of rejection. There are so many places where you should have rejected things in your past. Your laws became more restrictive and to conduct a business you were covered in paperwork just to be allowed to work. We hope you have your eyes wide open now and can see where certain rules and laws will take you and we hope that you will have more determination to reject them if not in your best interest. We also hope that you will not reject us for trying to help you. We come in love and good faith and we know that we have many things that will make your lives better.

I leave you now with these ideas and suggestions and hope that you will consider them. I go in peace and hope that you look favorably upon our attempt to help you in all ways we can. Allow us to try to do this.

I am Prosper

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