December 11, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I tell you that disclosure is again on the list and on table. It is the next in line of things to get done. Your President thinks it is high time for this to happen but he may not be the one to do it. I am surprised that he would allow anyone else to do this for I would think he would save this announcement for himself and he may yet. We will see.

We must speak of readiness for what is to come. Unfortunately we have only generalities and not many specifics. We know there is unrest brewing and the energies show this. Minds are working on what can be done to put Trump in the background so Biden can be shoved into the position of President in January. It has been in the thoughts of some for some time now and is nothing new for a small number of people. Their audacity knows no bounds and they just want things done their way so they can continue to stay in power. Let it be known that they are no longer calling the shots and things will not turn out like they hope. Someone else is calling the shots now. So, we know there will be some type of attempt to furthering their wishes to put Biden into play and use him for their purposes. At this time we do not know what that attempt will be but the energy being shown tells us there is something brewing.

The other thing I wanted to mention of things to come is the outing of people involved in human trafficking and child abduction. Many more children go missing each year than you would imagine and that will come to an end. People are still being used as slaves and worse and money is changing hands when they are sold. The other unit of barter is drugs and this is also being used as a payoff for what is desired. This battle of drugs is a constant thing and when many sources are destroyed or eliminated many more go into business elsewhere and that problem continues. Let us be clear that this will also go away and be no more. Many things will change when the big energy wave hits the earth and we are speaking of this month of December. You might think this is such a good thing that you would not have to prepare for it in any way but the emphasis placed on the large energy coming to earth will change things considerably and we cannot be certain of how it will open the hearts of the masses.

You will have a different way of looking at things as will most all others. Your view will be through a more kindly love aspect and this makes everything look differently. Be prepared for change not only in yourselves but in all others and some are so closed and carry such dark energies with and around them that this energy will not bring out any good in them. The conflict between the Godly energies coming and the condition of some individuals will not go well and we would like for you to be prepared for this. This has been their choice all along and they refuse to give up now. They will be placed where they belong and some remaining in 3D will finish out their learning while those who are ready will move on to higher dimensions in awareness and prepare for ascension. It will all be handled as it should be but be aware that the month of December will bring some big changes for everyone.

We move on now to that of money and the lack of it. So much has been forced on you and a lot of it has been recently. You are living under a hardship of greater proportion because of the virus and so many are living with not enough food. This will stop and this should have been the case many months ago but again road blocks were put in the way. We cannot say when the monetary energies will be in play down to each individual but do not give up on this issue for it is alive and closer than ever before. We know you are getting tired of hearing that and just want it to happen and we do also. Try to understand this is such a big switch over that it takes so much time to get it done and there have been so many that have tried not to give up controlling their money hoarding ways. To say it has been difficult is an understatement. This plan is still in play and will happen. Whenever it does happen we know it will not be soon enough for you as so many are in real need at present. Other countries have a great need also and many are starving for want of food and water. There are so many huge things that are being addressed concerning earth at this time. The energies for correction are growing for change and for relief of these issues.

How do we live in the meantime? Hearts will be opened and we are hoping there will be relief concerning food and water from surprising sources to fill the void within the hardest hit areas. There is a problem with food production at present and in the next year more will disappear from your grocery store shelves if something is not done to overcome this. Weather and wildfires have been part of the problem with several crops and it will become evident on the shelves shortly, if not already. Food banks are losing some of their monetary support and we would like to see this support restored with your government. This is another area that many are working in from our side and have been. That is the need for food. We do see people sharing with others but this is a larger problem at present and something more needs to be done. Be on the side of continued support of food banks and help for those who lost their jobs and have no other resources. This has been a particularly difficult year for everyone. More needs to be done. Things will get better but there is a big need now.

I would like to talk of transition. You are all in the middle of it and you see what is before you but cannot see where it is leading. We can see and our words of hopefulness in what is to come don’t seem to be of much help to you. We encourage you to continue your light work and remaining in faith of what has been promised and do not dwell on lack but on fulfillment of what has been promised. Give of your energy to the time lines of prosperity, peace and recovery. This is very important. The energy that is given to these aspects of your future are powerful and help create the energies into matter and into manifestations of what you are visualizing and praying for. Do not give up on this work.

I have to be off now on an important meeting of many minds and will close. I go with thoughts of God’s plan on my mind. Go in peace and also with God’s plan on your mind.

I am Prosper

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