December 12, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you this morning. We did meet for a discussion concerning more help with certain areas which will get on with the action toward disclosure. Sometimes things just need a little nudge in the right direction. Most all were in agreement that this was the case and it would seem that all think now is the time for disclosure. Where there were opposing thoughts was in how to go about it. There was no lack of discussion on this part. It was decided that the moves in that department will remain unspoken for now but will be implemented immediately and hopefully for results. We have ceased to put everything on the table for all to know for security reasons considering who we are dealing with. This means we cannot be as open with our intentions as we would like to be but that is the way we have to go now. It was our plan to give details of all we could but that is not wise now.

Other countries have already spoken of aliens to their people and I am surprised that the US did not want to be first in this announcement but they wanted to continue their cover up as long as possible. I/we are expecting a type of announcement that will not cause them to have to explain why they have not already given this information to their citizens. It will be as if they are just coming to this conclusion and even though not true it is better than nothing. They don’t want to have to explain why they have hidden so much for so long. We look for them to possibly use the thought that it was in the best interest of the people that they did not disclose this information.

The information will come from several people, we think, and it will be done as a group announcement. It is difficult to be sure because plans can change at the last moment. Thoughts of the individuals involved constantly change from, yes, I want to be on the fore front of this announcement, to no way do I want to be part of this. Time will tell. We have thought many times that we would have to be the ones that will give this information but I don’t think anyone wants us to do this for we will tell the truth and that is what they want to avoid. I believe this is a large incentive for them doing this is so they can be in control of what is told.

Now may we speak of infrastructure as it pertains to your US. Your bridges and some dams are in need of repair and outright replacement. If earthquake activity comes close it will further damage what is in the area and weaken structures even more. These old and damaged structures need to be replaced already and are becoming a real hazard. We are in the process of trying to convince your government to face this but as yet it is not to be done as soon as we think necessary. The money seems to be going elsewhere and is not appropriated as quickly as need be. Repairs do remain on the schedule and some are in the process but this is a slow process and more needs to be done.

Of course this is only one of many repairs that needs to be taken and that is where you come in. The needs for nudging your representatives are an open avenue for action on your part. Many of your means for getting water to all of your citizens are old and outdated. Water conduits or pipes underground are crumbling and collapsing in your older cities and this taints the water and makes it undesirable for drinking. In many cases there are too many people having to depend upon equipment made for a smaller populace and newer equipment is needed for larger numbers or either more equipment for segmented parts of a city. It is often easier for us to determine these problems with the sensors and readings we can obtain than it is for you to determine this. Again we are here to help in many ways. This is basic infrastructure.

I would like to talk of transmissions of information to you. We have so far been limited to only certain avenues because of disagreements concerning your government. We would still like be seen on your ABC, NBC and CBS networks with our speakers with a multitude of topics for your learning and education. The means to do this has been agreed upon and then taken back several times now. We are continuing to work on this even though we do not speak of it. It remains a big deal for us and it is what we would like to happen. Especially now that certain accusations have been made against the news delivery it seems there is a protective priority being given to a no interference mind set by the owners of these stations. It is sort of a defense front but it is crumbling and maybe one day soon mass teachings will happen. It is our continued wish that this will happen and we do not give up. Education is still necessary and this has been mandated by Father so it will be done one way or the other.

May we speak of speculation of what is to come. There are so many theories out there concerning what we will do next, what others will do next and what will happen next regarding earth changes. Some of this is likely but trying to pin down group reactions and responses to what occurs is impossible for the most part. People are somewhat unpredictable and for this reason we are in a position of waiting and seeing to give us the information we need for our next step. It really doesn’t matter what happens there is always someone who knew it would! It is better for us not to make certain plans until we find out how you receive the circumstances you are experiencing at the moment. The next steps have to be predicated upon this information. So, my point in all this is don’t buy solidly into speculation for some of it has not been determined yet and can’t be until certain facts are known. Give your thoughts and energy into the peaceful result of all that is going on and see it progressing without fear and distain in the process. Don’t add to the hate and division that is going on now or add to the false speculation of what might happen. It is good to read likelihoods or probabilities in certain instances for security reasons but do not confuse these times with random speculation of unrealistic future events.

You might ask how do we tell the difference between these two. Time lines are given energy and it is just as easy to bring about energy for a favorable time line as it is to give negative energy to an undesirable one. See that your energy is placed well into the time line with the most desirable outcome you would like and you cannot go wrong. Caution is desired with negative energy rising in greater proportions and we try to tell you of likely events but try to give of positive thought and energy to the future for that which you would like to happen, not what you are afraid might happen. We hope we have described this to your understanding.

It is with a great desire on our part that we come to a time in your history where we get to disclose ourselves if no one will and we also get to come forward with teaching to explain so many questions you have had. We are not the ones delaying this or putting restrictions on this happening. It is time and we continue to work with prevailing conditions and elements of energy currents for this to happen. We do not and will not give up.

I go now and it is with high hopes for disclosure of some sort to be given or announced by someone in your government. I go in peace and would hope you go in a most deserving attitude of receiving this information. Be in peace.

I am Prosper

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