December 13, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you this morning. You are displaying an attitude of being ready for disclosure and we believe that this time it will be done. It has taken a long time but we think all the ducks are in a row, as you say. Hopefully it will be soon as your hearts and minds are ready and this has not always been the case. There will be some that no time is ready for them and we will work with them to soften the blow for their fear is high. We have prepared you as much as we can without coming out ourselves and delivering this information and that was not the way desired for it to come. We will wait and see what happens.

Now let us talk of priorities. There is so much on your front line right now to have to deal with. It is important that you take care of the first things first. We suggest you continue your time with Source and gain all you can from this activity. It will stabilize you and connect you with your grounding in faith and confidence in what is taking place. You will be ready. I love to see the joy and happiness growing in you when you spend time with Source for this joy and happiness freely flows in that state of mind and attitude. You become so much more whole beings in joy and laughter. I wish I could gift all of you with this type of activity for it pleases us to see you laughing.

The next thing on your list of priorities is designing and creating what you want in the new and improved Gaia to come. Start thinking about this now for it is on your front porch and you are about to open the door. A world custom made for the collective consciousness that has longed for this day to come. Think of what needs to be done and what environment you want and what circumstances you want to raise your children in. Do you want localized government given back to the state and city or do you want more government from a National standpoint? What is best for all souls involved? You are the creators of what is to come and it will take some time, almost like a clay sculpture, molding and forming into the model of desired living and governing.

What is next on the list of priorities? Think of your monetary system. We strongly advocate getting rid of it altogether and we know there is a knee jerk reaction to this suggestion when we mention it. It would solve so many of your problems. You see it as not being equitable with everyone in that some will not work and will just take from the system and that may happen for awhile but it will come about in short time that most all will be on board with it and those few who do not will not make any difference for the rest. You would be surprised at how well this will work for you in the long run and how free you will be from so many things like paperwork and income tax and more paperwork. Your trees will thank you. Please do not overlook this possibility available to you. It is a door you will never regret opening.

We wish the best for you and would like for you to prioritize health and health related activities. We are ready to assist you and your medical people with information that will catapult all of you into a stronger, more healthy society and this will happen a little quicker than most changes if all are on board. We do not force anything on you but will give you what information you will need for healing and for living a life that does not involve sickness like it does now. How wonderful would that be. It is an all encompassing change starting with your food sources and how it can change to develop food that is more containing of the life giving energy you need. Next is your air quality and what you are breathing in every day and what needs to be done about that. Then we would take on your water and how you can regain the clean life giving water you need to compliment the body and its functions. There is a lot to be done and much needs to be changed to bring about the earth that you see in your meditations. One day soon someone or many someones will come to you and say, Let us Begin, and it will take off from there.

The future holds much promise for you and continue to give the best case scenario to that time line and it will give you what you have given energy to and it will come to materialize in front of you. Many have started already to improve things and have felt the need and this will continue. You do not have to wait on anything to begin. It does take work on your part and we see this as happening and it will be done.

Now may I speak of your elders. What is to become of them. Where will they go and how will they be taken care of. Many of your older citizens have come close to the end of their body’s limits and are tired and ready to give up this life. It has been a long journey for them and they have been courageous trail blazers for all of you. We see them as making a choice already for their life plan and they will cease to continue for the time being. They have already decided to change addresses and leave the body behind for other places. There they will heal any wounds and be counseled for any future plans concerning their learning and travel on their journey to perfection. Nothing ends for them but this body they were given for this life. Their mind and all their lessons learned continues in whatever form is decided by them. Do not concern yourselves for the elderly. Each and every one of you will be placed where you need to go for your soul’s best interest. You will continue.

I need to talk of energy here. Nothing concerning energy is the same as it was 5 years ago. All has changed and you are adjusting to it. You cannot tell, for the most part that it is different but your body and your inner knowing can. The prevailing energies are of a higher vibration and so is your body. The body you have now is not the one you had 5 years ago. It is developing into a more crystalline body and that is hard for me to describe to you. It is doing what it needs to do to continue within the new energies coming in and those that will continue to come in. It may give you a few aches and pains now and then in its adjustment but it is otherwise doing a magnificent job. The God given body is remarkable in its function and we are amazed ourselves at its abilities to change into what is needed. All things function at a vibrational frequency and all that is compatible with the higher energies will remain and all that cannot thrive within the new energies will fade out. I am speaking here of all things, such as certain viruses and illnesses and also plants and other living things. Each one must have the right vibrational circumstances to continue their life and if the higher energies do not meet their requirements they will cease to be. They will remain in the lower vibrations where they can live. My scribe is hopeful that mosquitoes will not make it. We will see.

I hope that all will progress smoothly for you but there is indication that circumstances remain for conflict concerning division in politics and this needs to play out to reveal many hidden things. All hidden things have to be brought out into the light to be dealt with and to be known by the populace. It is how all is healed and all needs to be healed before everyone can move on. The dark energies must be healed or transmuted so as not to take them into the future with you. They cannot go there. This is what is happening now and it will continue for awhile yet. This is the desired process and try to understand it is a necessity that this happens. Continue to pour love and light into what is. You are every bit the help that you so strongly asked for in the beginning and even more than that. Yes, we assist you in many ways but you are doing so much good now on your own.

I leave you with these thoughts to think on. I go in peace and hope that you will continue to perceive in truth and peace.

I am Prosper

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