December 14, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you. We see the wheels continue to turn in the right direction and we await disclosure and the big moment. The people who have agreed to do this are still on board and waiting for the appropriate moment to do so. Now we wait here for it to come. It is with joy we anticipate this event and are curious as to how it will be received. We forget sometimes that those who read here are not the general public as we have become used to each of you by now and gather somewhat your reaction to our words.

In the meantime we will talk of togetherness and conformity. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Togetherness during meditation increases the intent and power of what is being done or asked and it is good that you combine yourselves in this manner. Conformity on the other hand can be disastrous. People are just different with different personalities and talents. There should be no conformity. Yet we see, especially in the young, a desire to be as others in all ways. It seems to be connected with being accepted. Why is not being different celebrated for all have much to bring to life and diversity in expression is what Creator had in mind. Different expressions of Himself to experience life for Him. A different view of everything to bring back to Creator. Can we not be happy in our togetherness and yet all be different? For some time now the different person and their way of looking at things is almost an outcast in society. They just don’t fit in. Fortunately most of them don’t care if they fit in or not. They find their diversity a blessing and do just fine living their lives freely and on their own terms. They miss nothing by not being part of a group or being accepted. The different ways of looking at things or perception is a blessing and brings back to Creator the joy he so desired in making us so diverse. Can you imagine a world where there was only one way of seeing things. Listen to the diversity in life and see the world through the eyes of others for each of you have a gift to give to Creator and try not to expect everyone to be the same. There is a lot to be said for allowing others to view things in their own way without shunning them because they are different. Be at peace with the way we grow and see your world. It will make things much easier for everyone.

Now I would like to speak of earth development. There are changes going on this day of rectifying balance and making the needed changes necessary for advancement. You may feel them yourself with a subtle shift in direction and this is what is called for. These changes have to be made and are necessary to bring about the move into the next dimension. It may leave you with the feeling of being off balance from time to time and this is to be expected. Gaia, herself has just about completed her shift into 5D and she wants her children to follow. Her energy left on purpose in your dimension is for you to follow. She is quite protective of you and is happy to show you the way and to be with you with part of her energy. Connect with her and allow her this joy of being with you when you take your steps into advancement. There are many ready to do this and gladly make this transition. Of course “many” is a relative term and it does not mean most of the inhabitants of earth. For so long we had hopes of many meaning just this, most of the people on earth but that did not develop. People will be given opportunity to go at their own pace and do not have to be in the first wave to move to 5D. Gaia has chosen to do this first and beckons you to follow her. The choice, as always, is up to you. These changes earth is making will continue and you most likely will feel them in some way. They are happening now.

We need to discuss above all reason the deliverance of freedom. When I say above all reason I mean as yet most of you do not understand the degree to which you have been imprisoned. It will be a shock to you when the truth comes out as to how you have been manipulated and kept from expressing yourself in ways you would desire. You have been held back step by step over the years and did not realize what was happening to you. We expect a variety of responses including anger at what has happened. The anger will not only be for those who have done this to you but anger for yourselves because you did not resist in this movement. You will wonder why you did not do something or why you did not see what was going on. When you are set free you will truly understand how confined you really were. We hope this depth of confinement will never be allowed again. Pay attention to how this was accomplished so that you will see that it never happens again. Your freedom awaits for you. Use it wisely.

I would like to talk of troubled waters you have yet to go through. Many are trying to give of light and peaceful energy into your existing situation and this is helping tremendously. There are still some steps to get through presently and that is uncovering and bringing out of the attempts to deprive you of your freedoms. This has to be done and it will cause a certain amount of discord to put it mildly. We are not certain how deep this discord will go but you can imagine what emotions it will cause when it is known the truth in the years of deception perpetrated upon you regarding your political system and the way things have been brought about. The manipulation increased with each year until citizen involvement was nonexistent. Your Presidents have been chosen for you in advance until this last one and behind the door dealings brought little of what the voters really wanted for their country to happen. You can imagine the reaction this truth being revealed will bring about. This is why we caution you to protest without violence and to stay away from large crowds with violence on their minds. It is seen as normal to be angry because of what was done to you and what was attempted but violence is not the way to go. Channel your emotions into non-violent ways of expression. We hope this will be possible.

Options are available at this time for you to consider in forging ahead with your growth. There is a group that is determined to advance with love and understanding as they obtain new learning and information and not only that they are doing all they can to bring and encourage others to come along with them. These are the leaders and the front line of movement. This is the best option for all of you at this time. Have courage with your light, your love and your learning. Your concern for your fellow man is growing and even if you are unaware of doing that during the day, so many of you are busy working on just this thing at night. Your efforts are fruitful and you are bringing along with you others who have not yet seen the way clear to strike out on their own and go forward. Good for you. This was your agreement and you have worked on this particular challenge now for some time. It is paying off.

We come to a close now with many changes on our minds. A time of trying to keep our balance physically and mentally to what is happening. Time will seem to speed up for you and things may come at a faster pace than you expect. After all this time you have been waiting we expect that an outward appearance of change will be most welcome to you. Keep that thought. I go now and leave these thoughts for you to consider. I go in peace and leave you in awe and wonder at what is to come. Be at peace the best you can.

I am Prosper

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