December 15, 2020

Let us begin. I come to you with joy in that we are still on schedule for disclosure. Surely this time it will happen. We hope so. It has been so long scheduled and so many times stopped. One way or another we will have truth coming to you about us. This is a promise from me to you. Our time is up and we are against some happenings that cannot wait. I see that your anticipation of everything is growing and your readiness for what is to come grows with each day now. Unfortunately this only applies to those who already believe. So many are unprepared for the eventuality of moving on into a higher realm of existing.

Let us move on to other things. I come to educate you and that is what I will do. We have things ready for the giving of information by experienced speakers and by crackie that is what we will do also. You see I have been listening to you for some time now and your terms just jump out once in awhile. You have prayed for truth and I have heard so many times “all I want is the truth”. Keep this in mind when we tell you your history for some of it will be hard to believe. You have such a long diverse history and it has taken many twists and turns. Your planet is so desirable and has been not only enjoyed by many civilizations but fought over by many also. It is located advantageously in your solar system but also in the vast heavens and it also has many desirable elements that other planets want. It was given to you to enjoy and take care of and many have tried to control it and you. We will give you its history and yours. There is not much in your past that is dull. Most all is exciting.

Speaking of exciting you are living in a most exciting time right now. Not much is ordinary about what is going on at this moment. You have a President trying to prove the election was not within the laws concerning the ballots and along with that you are experiencing earth changes and ascension symptoms because of moving into a higher dimension. Most countries are having severe problems with the Covid virus and enforced mandates designed to keep it from spreading and people are not happy with what is being required. It is a delicate time with high emotions in all respects.

People pushed to their limits will lash out trying to find food for their loved ones because so many places of business are closed and then there are others just fed up with having to wear the masks and stay at home. The volatility is there for something to happen and it is only because you light workers have worked so hard on this element of bringing peace that it has not erupted into negative action more than it has. Please continue your light work and meditation and try to hang on. We are not quite there yet and have some events of disclosing some concealed activities to bring forward. We are not sure how these will be received and this is an unknown. Remain in your faith and proceed to the end of this that has to take place.

Now I would like to speak of healing and this is a subject that has many meanings. There is the healing of the body and there is so much that can be brought about to aid in this area of your medical service. This is one of the first things on our list. Then there is healing of the mind. This is a little more difficult for so many have been hurt and damaged for so long that this will take more time to rectify. It will be done with love as with all healing but your ability to heal mentally is not a determined amount of time and it will take however long it takes for this to happen. Your mental stability after all the things that will come out is unsure at this time and we wait and see how everyone reacts to what will take place. We are here to help you through this time and so do not hesitate to call on us. You are not alone but then you never have been. The mind is a complicated thing and will go to great lengths to protect itself so the person may continue to thrive. There are many reactions available for your mind to pick from. We wait and see.

Healing also will come to your planet earth. This will probably take the longest time as there are many fronts that have to be dealt with and repaired. We are here for the long haul, as you say and will give of our knowing in these concerns for earth to return to her pristine beauty for all to enjoy. There is so much to do but there are so many ready now to give of their energy and talents to see that this is done and we are delighted to see this happening. If you could just look back on the mind set of the past 50 years you would see a most magnificent change for the better in the growing and gaining of ideas that have brought you to this moment. There were many ups and downs giving us concern along the way but you have made it this far and we are so happy and you should be happy for this reason also. It is time now for disclosure so let the healing plans proceed.

We think sometimes in terms of this week or this month and there is nothing wrong with this approach to life. We must think in terms of decades and have a far reaching vision of things so that we can not only know what to expect but how to bring about what is needed and most certainly how to help you and give you the information you need to keep on the right track. Our words have come from looking forward and picking out the most appropriate time line for you to follow and we have many years of experience doing just this thing. We do hope you have faith in us and our words to guide you for that is the quickest way you will proceed is to go within for your guidance and you will find that we are of God and of the Light and bring love in everything we say and do. Our actions are directed by God and they are in your soul’s best interest to not only get out of the mess you are in but to move forward to the best possible life you can have. We endeavor to bring this information, designed to do just this, to you every day and will continue to do so in your future. If we could only reach so many more with our plans for you and our desire to see you happy and fulfilled in your lives. It is our every thought. Look forward with us and we will show you the big picture for you and how to achieve it. We cherish each moment of your journey and we walk with you, even if you are unaware of what we do. Do not brush us aside and give our words consideration. You are loved more than you know.

I will close now as there is much going on concerning the changes your planet is making at this time and I am needed elsewhere. Go in peace as I do and stay in your faith.

I am Prosper

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