December 16, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you this morning. Let me take a few moments to consider how things are moving along. It looks as if all is in order for disclosure but we do not count it done until it happens. Often we prepare for things and they are blocked and we hope this is not a continuation of that practice. You will get your disclosure, we hope in full, but we will take what we can get. It is past time for it to happen and other things are depending on it. So let us get this show on the road.

My inclination is to continue with these messages and they have been most advantageous for many but time marches on and the energy changes and we must move on to correspond with what is happening. I will be moving on from here but there will be others coming to give of their information for you so you will not be left out of anything. I have enjoyed this time with all of you and have gotten to know you by this connection and you are a hardy group in your determination to do the right thing. I congratulate you in your efforts and bless you in your grand attempts to bring Light to earth and to bring others into the Light and carry them along. You have done well in this area.

We will see how things play out and if on schedule this time. I would say God willing but He has been willing all along. It is the people who have held us up. I digress. My continued service will be needed elsewhere shortly and I will go into the greater educational period of earth. There were times when I wondered when this day would ever come and now it is here. We are doing a bit of celebrating here as we needed to take time to revel in the joy this moment brings. It is a good time for us all. I am overwhelmed by your approach to all that is going on compared with the general, uninformed public, which is not going to take things nearly as well. This is sad as we had hoped to inform more of what was coming but it did not happen. We tried.

Now let us talk of insincerity. So many put on a face for the public to deceive and there are other various reasons. Rarely do we find a person who is putting out front his or her real feeling about what their intentions are. We are speaking of politics here. We are coming into a time where this will cease to be and this prevailing practice will disappear into the night from which it was born. Many more things will disappear also for they cannot survive into the higher vibrations. It is not so much that they will not be allowed as it will be that they cannot survive. Only in the lower dimensions can that sort of thing live and thrive as it has in your 3D earth that was. Notice I said “that was”. I speak this with a smile on my face and joy in my heart. It has been a long time coming and we here are almost giddy with all that is happening for you. Allow us to enjoy this moment, please.

The insincerity of so many led the United States off the desired path and down a dirt road where fraud and corruption grew and encompassed everything dear to the world. These people, full of deceit, will not be permitted to practice in the new world. They will go wherever it is appropriate for them to be and they will see what is in store for them. They will all be given a chance to come toward the Light and that will be up to them. The new leaders of the world will be of better character and expression and will have greater character for the laws of God and the earth itself with all her inhabitants. Give this some time to work out and come about. It will not be instant “perfect earth”. The trains will not all run on schedule at first. Hopefully it will take a much shorter time to come about than it took to get us to this point in your growth. Heaven forbid it takes that long for the new Gaia to come into her grand element of expression. We look forward to helping you in your coming out party. It is not only a happy time but a God ordained event with all the respect and ceremony that it is due. You won’t want to miss it.

Now may I speak of heroes and I mean the ones on your earth and also the unseen. There are so many who have gone above and beyond their expected word and duty to bring about the long and drawn out progress that has brought you to where you are now. You have yet to realize how many have come from far away places to either incarnate on your soil or to be in your skies for help in every facet of need. They leave their homes and families and do what is needed and they have not given up once on any concern confronting them. It was a time of needing help and they gave of their energy and had a strong desire to be of service to you in this earth effort. There is a time coming when you will be aware of everyone and every energy that has been gifted to this cause.

Now we speak of those heroes on earth in the physical who have given so much and some without knowing what the big picture was. They saw a need and jumped in to do what they could and some gave of their lives to bring about what was needed. So many of your first responders, as you call them, have the same attitude within them. They see a need and jump in to do what they can and many have given their lives for what was needed also. As many as there are that you know about, there are even more that you will never know about that have worked tirelessly every day to tip the scales in favor of the Light and overcoming the dark that had a strangle hold on earth. It has been a collaborated effort of so many. We see them from our vantage point and have been surprised at just how many it has taken to out think outsmart and overcome the strong element and plans of the dark. This is one reason we are so happy.

I am not trying to say we have turned a corner and all will be wonderful from now on but you have come this far and things are looking good for the outcome that has been wanted for so long. There are still some things that will come about for you to see and work out how they fit in this process. The dark deeds will be brought out in the open. You cannot hide things forever be they good or bad. Remember we are still here to serve you in your journey and we are still working to help you through all of it.

Let me say here that I have enjoyed every moment of giving these messages to you. You have received them well and taken them into your mind and heart for a better understanding of everything. I do not give up this message time lightly but I have to move on now for my part in the greater education concerning a bigger picture. Thank you for your understanding and your prayers of thanksgiving for the information and help our group has given. There are many here working with me that have gotten to know you on a personal level and their service to you was so lovingly and freely given.

I go now and prepare for my roll in the education that will follow. I go in happiness and peace and hope that you will also.

I am Prosper

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