December 17, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you this morning in your time. We here see that things are progressing as they should. There is much going on and this will continue for awhile. When the dark remnants get upset there is so much activity in all things for they were so entrenched in everything and we have upset their “everything”. We see them trying to find a way to figure out how they can come out of this whole or in one piece and they are not choosing the right doors to walk through. Time after time opportunities have been given to them for the right choice and there is only one. All is One and they are outside of this and as hard as they try they cannot make everything fit into their desire for world control. They keep looking for an escape door and there is not one. They were told over and over it would come to this and now their choices are non-existent. Pray for them for they are in need of prayer. The options for them do not look good at all. It is sad.

Now may I speak of joy and I mean the joy you feel from the ONE and residing in the ONE and in the Light. It comes with the territory. Your best day on earth will not come close to the consistent joy and love being connected with all that is and it is there for you to experience at any time. Do not hesitate to take advantage of this feeling. We attempt to put it into words but cannot. It just has to be experienced. These times you are going through now will be challenging and you will need the stability of your faith and you will need the Light and love to guide you in everything. Some will not experience the turbulence as much as others. Those who remain in the Light are experiencing a higher level and a lot of darker activities do not or cannot reside there. Remember this, the higher frequencies pull you up from the activities that are happening in the lower dimensions. We are not saying that everything will be perfect but being in the consciousness of the higher dimensions will give you more stability and presence in the love and light that is available to you. You will need this. Do not forget to ask for joy in your life. Everyone has a tendency to forget this is available. There is no price, it is freely given. Place yourself in His hands.

May we talk of presence of mind. There are so many distractions one can come in contact with during the waking hours. There is a constant barrage of difficult things to deal with every moment. Try to carve out some time for peace and quiet if at all possible and feed the soul. Be present in that quiet place. There are others ways of connecting and some do it with music, while other do it with art. Find out what connects you with that presence of mind that gives you the peace you need. If you are not careful the days will go by and you will not have taken time for yourself in the most basic of ways and that is to connect with your Creator and the One who resides within you. It is not far away. Go within and partake of the feelings that come with that connection. If music or art is your key to presence of mind with the One then try to find time to use them in your seeking connection. Don’t let the time get by you without feeding your soul.

We have cautioned you about the energies being present at this time dividing the country and this is happening all over your world. The more people are confined and controlled the more they are resisting. In the US politics are dividing people up into two big groups and their views are strongly held and we don’t see them softening any time soon. It would appear that some things will just have to play out to their conclusion. A resolution is not forthcoming at this time. It is still necessary to be cautious when speaking and also around large groups that are strongly motivated to violent action. This has not dissipated yet and remains. We hope the higher energies, which are bringing more into the Light will lessen the hostility that is existing within the political systems. It remains just how much this will change things. Many do not have a mind set of forgiveness and they continue down the same road they have made for themselves. We hope for the best reactions from everyone.

I endeavor to give of the information that is needed for your advancement. You have taken in so much information within the past few years and have used it wisely and have grown. Continue with this activity of learning and don’t give this up. Much more is coming in your future days. We here are dedicated to your education and will have much more to offer. Try to seek out the time for listening and for study and thinking of what we give. Do not be discouraged if it seems slow to you. That just means you are considering and it may take time for everything to fit together. This learning does not end and so many think when they leave their education from school they are through with learning. Nothing could be further from the truth. All of us continue to grow and learn. The opportunities will keep presenting themselves for learning until the lesson is seen and understood.

There is a much more peaceful outlook from those that have taken in the higher vibrations than ever before. More kindness for everyone in the hearts of those who have not opposed the God given waves of energy and taken them in. Continue this effort and first love yourself and the Creator expression you are. See the connection of all things and this includes nature and the universe and beyond. Partake of the joy and happiness whenever you can.

I go now and leave you with a much better understanding than you have ever had. I go in peace and hope that you will also.

I am Prosper

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