December 18, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you. You are about to receive a huge blessing in the way of light and love. It will come with surprise and some force and give you the chance to take from it all that you can and will. Take advantage of this opportunity and do not be afraid. It will be a new way of receiving Light, energy, and informational changes. Let it be your blessing. You have been hearing of a sudden flash with energy and it is sent from far away through God’s intention and will go to your sun and then come to you. Your sun will play a big part in this and will change the energy somewhat so that it will be compatible for you to take in. It is imperative that this be done, or otherwise you could not take advantage of it in the way you need. Use caution because of the reaction of others who do not know what has happened. Some will think it is a weapon used upon their country but this is world wide. There is no need for fear. I will speak more on this later.

Our future interaction with you will intensify, if given half a chance. Most will welcome us and the manner in which the disclosure is given will have a lot to do with how we are received. We anticipated that our disclosure would be used to portray an attack upon your planet and there may be an attempt yet, but we feel we have taken care of this for the most part and put a stop to that avenue of deception. Hopefully this will not happen but there are those who will see our attempts to contact you as harmful anyway. Time will prove that we are not only friendly but have a desire and willingness to help you in any manner we can. There needs to be some acceptance on your part and this is where you come in. It is desired that you tell of your experience with us, if possible so that those around you will know there is a history that is non threatening. Our purpose and aim is to help you and it always has been. Now we await on disclosure to come.

Let me speak of interconnectedness here. I am talking about the connection you have with us in your past. Many will feel a knowing from those you have known before and communication will come easier for you. Many of you left other planets to come here and help with earth’s plight and will be returning home when this is over. Others of you will choose to remain or to come back but the connections with your home will be tugging at your heart when you hear information from those you have known before. You have been separated for some time physically but not mentally for your trusted ones from home have been in contact with you mostly at night while you sleep. Some of them are keeping in touch with you during the day. You are interconnected in this way. This will help you when the time comes to remember what you need to remember from your past and who you really are and why you are here. It will come smoothly and gently and you will feel like the news is settling gently into your mind. It will have a ring of truth about it. It will be your time of remembering and we have spoken of this for some time now. This information will go along with the world that you came into and for what reason. Your previous agreement to be here and what you were to accomplish when the opportunity arose. You will start to see the big picture and no matter what you think you do not know it now. All is going according to plan and try to accept it all without fear or trepidation. This time has been coming for some time now and it is finally here. Of course, our speaking of time for things to happen is not exactly like your meaning of time to happen but it is upcoming anyway. Let me just say here that the time for revealing a lot of things is very near for all of you.

I continue to plan for your education on a greater scale and we are ready to proceed. Agreements need to be made on your part and specifics determined for times and places but the curriculum is set and the lesson plans in place. Do not fear that you will miss something for it will be repeated for later listening if you happen to be busy at the initial time of the giving of lessons. Nothing will be lost. We look forward to your receiving the information and to your reaction of such. It will be interesting to see a whole world come into information of what has really been happening and why.

Now may I speak of glory and hosannas and hallelujahs. This time is almost here also and you will not need me to tell you when this is for you will know in your heart when it happens. A time of great love will descend upon you from Creator and you will feel it surround you and enter your being and it will be welcomed. A time you will never forget and you will always remember where you were when it happened and what you were doing. It will be the beginning of the promised earth and the joy this will bring. We look forward to you experiencing this and knowing that you are no longer controlled by your devious dark ones. A greater liberation into the Light of the Father and this will be the glory of it all. You have a lot to look forward to in your future and it is all coming to you and no one will be left out. There are those who have already made the decision that they do not want to advance and this is their choice. You are not forced to do what you do not want to do. It is up to you. Those who do want to step into the promised earth will rejoice. It will be a most magnificent time.

I would like to say a few words about medicine. You have all been led down a very destructive path concerning your health and the treatment you receive for your ailments. It is most discouraging for us to see what medicines are being prescribed to you and how the side effects are almost greater than what you are being treated for. There is so much that can be done immediately if you will give us the chance to give of this information concerning your health and what should be done in the medical field. Much has already been done to help you with the energies that have been given in the past and your health should be better now than it was if you allowed the healing to come into your bodies and take place. Again it has been up to you. This is one of the first things that will be offered to you is the healing opportunities. There is much more waiting for you in other fields that will give improvement.

We have to repeat again this is a process and will take a little time for those to accept our suggestions and for them to be implemented. There are variables in this giving of improvement and we see that the speed to which this happens depends upon those in charge of the greater health and medical arena. Just because we have many years of experience and much knowledge on any subject does not mean it will automatically be accepted by your people at once. We would like for that to be the case. Our suggestions will prove themselves if given a chance. We will continue to show you what can be done. You are coming upon a most auspicious time in you history where things, and I mean all things, changed for the better. Welcome it and enjoy it and be happy for this time to come about.

I go now with all these things for you to think on. It is coming. I go in peace and hope that you go in glorious expectation.

I am Prosper

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