December 19, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy and pleasure that I come to you at this time. I am looking at your world and I see a planet that is in the midst of a beautiful change and ascension. You have progressed magnificently and you are now reaping the rewards of your exhausting work to free yourselves and to get ahead. We hear are in awe at what we see from Gaia. It is beautiful to see this planet and her inhabitants come together as she insisted and make this journey together. For her there was no other way. You are going through the proper moves and adjustments that you need to and advancing admirably. We have not taken our eyes off of you for a few hours now and I wish you could see the energies generated from this transition. I, myself have only seen this a few times but never with a planet and its people at the same time. Gaia was right in her insistence that she wanted her children to come with her. Again, we are in awe. It is definitely being recorded and will go down in the history books and be seen by millions. Yes, there are actually some who could not be here to witness this for themselves and will have to see it by a recorded video. So many are here in person and I think all of them are watching.

Yes, you are going through the ascension process and it is picking up speed as it goes along. What a joyful end to a terrible conflict. We are guessing that you are feeling the changes for yourselves and experiencing some abilities not experienced before. Some are having a review of certain incidents or feelings from your past lives as they travel through your mind. There will be more thoughts to come that might be strange or unexplained. Just go with the flow and try not to resist. Changing vibrational frequencies is an experience almost all of you wanted to go through and now you are. It will take different amounts of time for you individually but you are all together, the ones that are moving up. Some are leading and some are following. Gaia is most pleased.

Now may I speak of certainties that are coming. Your environment will change. The way you feel inside and your mindset will change. The things around you will start to look a little more alive and a little more colorful and you will adjust to seeing it that way and it will become normal for you. The prevailing energies of course will change and there will be a feeling of more lightheartedness and available love and light. I am speaking a little ahead of myself here and this will take some time. I don’t mean years or months but some time yet. It is what will happen. The certainties are good ones. Your time line does not include the heavy emotions that were so prevalent in the 3D you just left. Accept what you have worked so hard to accomplish. There are still some steps remaining to solidify and get out of the way but they will come and you are on your way to the end result. It is good.

I would like to explain some reasons for why it has taken so long for progress to be made in the area of revealing the dark side. For one thing the dark became so good at disguising what they were trying to accomplish and at making it seem OK. You were led down a certain path and fed certain information that explained away concerns that would lead you to objection of a verbal or physical kind. Fear was used for the most part in getting things done. The dark cloaked themselves in justified arguments and they came from a respectable looking past and position and this made it easier for you to believe what they were promoting at the time. There was a group that worked together with the same result in mind, even though most had a different reason for doing so. Some heavily involved in monetary gain, some heavily involved in gaining position and status and many less involved in developing a drug distribution channel for the end result of money. One of the biggest hidden dark movements has been the slave trade and use of human beings for their continued extraction of what they needed to keep going. Another not so hidden movement was the news that was being modified and given each day with their false dose of misinformation. This was the constant barrage you faced and it was having the result that was wanted and needed for them to continue remaining unseen for what they really were.

Your were conditioned and fed little bits and pieces of false information so that you slowly accepted a new way of life that was more controlling with each new year and you did not object enough to make changes or to see the reasons behind the changes. It was planned well and you trusted certain people and their words and positions. An insidious plan that grew and this was when it was decided that intervention was necessary. Steps were taken and there began a shake up that has continued to this day and to the freedom from this way of deceit by trusting people. You will review what was done and wonder why you did not see what was happening. The experience will stay with you and you will use it to see that you do not fall under such attempts at total control again. We hope that you will slowly forget the pain and suffering that was experienced and remember only the learning from what was done to you. It has been a long chapter in earth’s history.

I would like to speak of splendor and the shining of the new light that will grow in excellence in the new vibrations. Yes, there will be more light and you will adjust to it. There will not only be more visual splendor but also splendor of the heart and mind. The whole enchilada, as you say. It was promised and you will have it. I could talk all day and you would still just need to experience it for yourselves. I leave you to it for it was a long time coming and you have worked hard to get this far. All the time you spent in prayer and meditation and trying to learn what approach worked and what didn’t has all paid off for you and this means it has paid off for so many that you do not know of yet. It was a big objective you were facing that was needed and it will all be explained to you at the right time and this brings us to the education part. We are still waiting for the disclosure or announcement. It is still coming and has not been removed. At this point there is no wrong time for disclosure.

There is a switch over about to take place in the information given and the speakers giving it. The transition will be smooth and it will begin within a short time and things will proceed. What you are going through now is the turmoil preceding what can be accomplished without the strong hold that was in place. Just think of what can be accomplished without the influence of the dark at every turn. Take charge of your new emerging world and run with it. Plan, design and create what you envision and want from this beautiful planet that was so insistent upon her children going with her into the new.

I leave you now with visions of what has been talked about for decades now. You will see for yourselves. I go in peace and surely you will also.

I am Prosper

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