December 20, 2020

Let us begin. It is with some joy that I come to you. We see that much is being done and for all the right reasons. Things are moving along and progress is being made. It has been such a long time in coming and there were so many setbacks that it is gratifying to be able to view this process. The dark are being removed, albeit, slowly but removed none the less. You should start to feel the difference soon as when they are removed a lot of dark energy goes along with them and the light will fill in the gaps left from their absence. When there is a vacuum left from some removal of energy something else will fill it in and there is plenty of waiting Light to take these places. Unfortunately sometimes when there are no preparations made for this something else will fill in the vacuum that is not desirable. We have Light now and this is one reason we have encouraged you so strongly to anchor the Light and remain diligent about it is so that this very thing will happen when the dark are removed. Their influence, however unwanted, was strong at one time and their energy was still viable to some extent and this was taken with them. If Light is not available something else will come in and in the past it was filled with another dark influence. They are no longer in control and are slowly being carted off. That is not a very kind description of what is happening but close to being very true to what is happening. As I say you should start to feel a sense of lighter weight around the earth and a sense of more Light. It is what was planned.

Along with the removal of the dark is the removal of their influence and their hold. Remember these beings, for the most part were the minions of their original leaders who left awhile back. Without direction this was a big blow to those who were left but they continued to cause havoc and remained without ever giving in and turning toward the Light. They held true to their decisions to the end. A few did repent but very few. The problem is that they were not even highly developed to see the real picture for them if they continued in their dark ways. It is all they knew and as sad as this was they remained and are now at the very end of their time here on earth. As I have asked before do pray for them. If there was ever anyone who needed compassion and Light it is them in their decision of finality. The leaders that led them into this way of life, even though they agreed to it, will be held responsible for their part in all this and for the most part this has already happened.

So you see you not only influence those around you but there is a trickle down effect that happens with good and bad deeds and speech. Energy has a way of moving on in some way and this also goes for what is happening on earth at this time. We have mentioned several times that what happens here will alter so many other lives and planets and we know this is difficult for you to understand but it was so vitally important that the conflict between dark and Light came to the conclusion that it did. We will be explaining this in detail soon and you will understand more about what we are saying here. We were all held in rapt attention, even knowing how it would all end.

I go now to have a sort of a reset in outlook as we have come to a point of accomplishment that ends a chapter and we open a new one. It calls for a different approach and is more of a re-organization of thoughts and focus from downright war like attitude to recovery and making plans. I might add this is a pleasant move and we are most happy to be making it. The new chapter contains a small clean up detail at the beginning where things are put in their right place and the debris is swept to the side and picked up by the pick up crew. This crew or team is most efficient in their calling and it needs to be that way because so many of the dark are hiding thinking they will not be seen or found and this is not possible. You cannot hide from God and his long arm of the law. We give thanks for these individuals who dedicate their actions to carrying out the declarations and instructions of God for theirs is a formidable job, especially when the dark choose to fight back. This has been a long struggle to bringing some of the earlier ones into submission for their weapons were lethal and some on our side lost their lives.

Now may I speak of more opportunities being created now since the way is becoming more clear. There is forming a stronger connection between you and your teachers and there will be more instructions given in subtle ways and a few not so subtle. Our motto here is “if you don’t succeed try try again” and we do. We are pretty constant with our intent to you and it will be more readily received by you now and in your future. We are thankful for this as in the past it has been difficult to get through to you at times. The connection was there but the strength of the message was weak and you did not always hear. Sometimes you heard but did not want to listen. Sometimes you just said no and that was your right. It still applies now but we are hoping that with the greater influence of the energies you will receive our suggestions with a more open mind and see the wisdom in what we give to you. Much of our job will be in pointing out these opportunities to you and getting you to understand you do have the strength and talent to take them on. You have for the most part undervalued yourselves in all ways and are just now coming into your strength and understanding of how you can use this power of Light to create and solve the problems earth has. Some of you are so willing and just need direction and we can help you with this also.

Now I come to an important part of this message to tell you of impending energy flow that is close. It will be received with strength and so much so that most all will know something is going on. Take it in as much as you can and use it to the best of your abilities in all ways of your being. It carries so much truth and understanding in it for you and is what you can use. Some will not react well and it is best just to get out of their way. Focus on allowing this energy to give you all that it has and all that you can use.

I close now with these thoughts for you to think on. I go in joy and would hope that now you will also.

I am Prosper

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