December 21, 2020

Let us begin. It is with hope that I come to you this morning. I hope that the announcement of disclosure finds everyone ready for this news. There will be disclosure and soon. I will see to it. We cannot go longer without it. We favor it coming from someone on earth you know in your country but we are prepared to see that it happens, regardless. Time’s a wasting!

Now let us speak of joy and laughter, which I do not hear much from earth and its inhabitants. We all need to seek the level of thinking that allows us levity and joy and this is the mindset that gives us higher vibrations. Surprisingly this is a state of being this is one of your best places to be. You have suppressed it for so long because of having to deal with the various demands of earth. It is time to move out of that demand into one of freedom and that freedom allows you to seek things that give you joy. Look for them but first allow yourself to be joyful without feeling guilty or thinking you are being frivolous. You are not wasting time and you don’t need to be doing something else instead. This is good for you in all ways. We understand for we have been serious a long time with you and experienced your depth in having to pay attention to the important things just to keep up. Now we suggest to let go enough that you give yourself permission to be in joy. This comes with staying or remaining in the ONE. It is almost impossible not to be in some state of joy. Along with that find the things in life that make you happy and do not let a day go by without experiencing joy and laughter and by all means share it with others.

May I speak of ineptitude. You have so many that just do not measure up for what they are trying to pretend they can do. I am speaking here of your paid people associated with governing your country and representing your citizens. There are some bound for deceit and know it because they confirm it each day. I am speaking of those who mean well but do not give the things at hand the thought or background information that is needed to make informed decisions on anything. They hold the position, take the money and vote blindly day after day. For some it is too much because of their age and for others it is lack of determination to continue their education in investigative techniques involving the subject being decided. The person in that position has to be determined to learn all they can about the ramifications of going either way on a subject and how it will affect the people of your country. This is being responsible. You have many that need to be replaced for one of several reasons and many have more that one reason to be replaced. In the days to come you will have that opportunity to replace them. You will have smarter eyes to see what is not being done. Assume the responsibility of choosing new leaders and place them in positions requiring governing with impunity and a desire to serve, and this takes work. See that this is done.

At this time I would like to thank all the work that has gone on by the Light workers who did not give up. It was cumulative and did much more good than you were able to see at the time. We know you understand where you are now but we are not sure you understand how you got here. Yes, it was you that put in the hours and the prayers and the meditation and Light work that helped, not only you, but others to get this far. It is like the saying about not being able to see the forest for the trees. You were so closely involved in the sludge and drudge of the dark influence you could not see the change from the group that was tackling this challenge. You really needed our perspective to get the overall view of things and that is why when I come to you I am almost always in a state of joy.

We have the best view of things here and I do not exaggerate when I tell you of the good you are doing and the changes you have made. One of the greatest things is that you learned how to join your forces by seeking each other out in unity and this was a big boost. To mentally choose to work with the whole in force was one of the biggest blows to the dark that happened. It brought them to their knees, literally in most cases and this was the beginning of their end, so much so that even they could see it. You came, you saw and you overcame. We do take credit for some instruction here as you needed encouragement as to the next steps to take. We feel that you do not fully understand the enormity of the challenge, the work you have done, and the affect you have had over a period of time. Another reason I come to you in joy is that I do realize this and one day you will also. It will amaze you. Most people realize it when they achieve something but in this case we are not sure you do. It will come.

I would like to talk of honesty and what it means to your body. There is a reaction to all feelings that you have and it is felt in the body. Dishonesty is a big one and it does negative things and it is like your body is saying, hold on here, we know that is not true. It causes a vibrational ripple, which is sort of like a backlash to be given out and this is not the best thing for your body to experience, much less your mind. With honesty you do not have to worry about such things. You can imagine what a life time of dishonesty can do to the harmony in a body, which comes from the negative impulses of the mind when deceiving. Not much is ever said about the effects of dishonesty on the body. People will talk of what it does to the person as a whole but the body needs to remain in harmony to function properly and when there is consistent dishonesty you begin to make yourself vulnerable to discordant and negative states of being and this makes you vulnerable to dis-ease and feeling less than well. It becomes a big problem when continued and then affects the whole system. There are many other reasons for being honest but this is one that stays at home with you and you cannot get around it if you continue this life style of deceiving. We just wanted to mention this so you will know.

I will go now and get on with plans of disclosure for time is short. We are hoping this will not add to the discord and maybe even get everyone’s mind on other positive things. We can always hope. I leave now with these thoughts for you to consider. I go in expectation of disclosure and would hope that you do also.

I am Prosper

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