December 22, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you. We see things are really changing and the energies are quite strong at present. Yesterday in your time was a busy day with lots of activity and you are stepping into the new age with gusto. You should be feeling a lot of things from this change in all aspects of your life, both physical and mental. You are becoming more aware of what is going on and this may be a bit confusing for you and seem like you have walked into a grand central station of events. It is just the increased activity that goes on all the time now and you have just been unaware of it. You will learn how to put all things in their place and learn how to categorize them according to their importance to you. Your abilities are coming forward and they will be added slowly so you can adapt to them. These are not something new but something you are coming back into the knowledge of, for you once used them all the time. Try to adjust to them without concern for they were taken away from you and are now being returned.

The sun is giving out more energy and will continue to do so in greater amounts. Take in all you can. If it becomes too much, ask for help and we will try to tone it down a bit for you. No point in upsetting you in this process. Most of you are doing well in this respect and having patience with those who are not doing well, which is the majority of the people. Resistance makes it worse and that is exactly what is happening with others. They do not understand what is taking place. We do our best in not letting this time of transition and increased energies overpower you. To say this is a time of adjustment is an understatement.

May we speak of acquiescence. The knowledge of what is going on at this time gives you the wisdom and opportunity to give permission for the energies to be of help to you in the best possible ways. Verbally or mentally say you accept the beneficial energies and information offered and you will process them to the best of your abilities, if this is your wish. This agreement is a sort of command to your body to accept the ones you not only need at this time but the energies and information you can process without discomfort. Your higher control knows what you can take in and what you cannot. The verbal or mental acquiescence is an added help in this process and speeds things up in harmony and process. You don’t want to pass anything by that you need to take advantage of. The body takes all of its commands and ques from you all the time anyway and this is a positive one. Some of the negative commands are fear, resentment, revenge and so on. Your body will respond to these mental signals and respond accordingly. It will rise to the occasion to the point of fighting back if that is what you are thinking. You are putting your body on alert. Sometimes the body chemistry of being on alert is not good for you if continued to long. Be careful what commands you give.

I would like to talk of rain, flood and excessive weather. Be aware that there will be some excessive weather coming and because of so many acres being cleared by wildfire it is possible for excessive rain to be a coming problem. The trees play an important part in keeping rains soaking into the ground and preventing flooding. With them gone and the other plants having been burned off this gives rise to possible mud slides and flooding. Be aware of this possibility for several coming months. Then there will be the snow melt in the Spring. Pay attention to this.

We are awaiting disclosure. This is a game changer and we are prepared to do this in our own way if it is not done by someone there. We have stepped up our visual maneuvers in your skies or our uncloaked status so that we can be observed by as many as possible. Our coming there was not successful at the time and other avenues have been considered. We are trying to remove every opportunity for you to be disappointed once again over our plans or attempts to make ourselves known to the masses. It has to come though and we continue to proceed with this option, only now it is a necessity. Things change and plans change as we see fit to take the best option to provide the outcome we need. It has been this way all along. It has been like, “make a plan, change it”. Make a plan, change it and we understand your dislike of anything that resembles this. We have to adapt as conditions are created by people in the process of changing. There is no other way. We hear you say, “well just do it” and it cannot always be done this way and we understand your desire for moving forward. It is complicated.

May I speak of desperation on the part of the dark. They are having a very bad time right now and are doing everything in their power to cause problems for everyone and everything. They have ceased to reason intelligently or logically and are just reacting in any way they can to cause as much damage as possible and do not care anymore if they are caught. Very few are still trying to hide. The dark are coming out into the open so as to create more havoc so be careful when you are out in public now. Be cautious and always surround yourself with Light of protection. This time of theirs is winding up and not going well in the process. They are still being removed and are aware that others are being removed.

I am being called and must be on my way now. I go in preparation for more important events to happen and am in joy that things are proceeding. I hope you will go in joy and peace also. Be alert.

I am Prosper

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